CBC’s excellent 2009 Elmer Lach profile

March 2009 — A wonderful profile of Montreal Canadiens legend Elmer Lach, the 14-season Habs star, Hockey Hall of Famer and 1940s centreman of Rocket Richard and Toe Blake on the famed Punch Line. The feature was produced and reported by Lynne Robson and telecast on CBC’s The National and Montreal news in March 2009. Reference is made to the fact that Lach’s No. 16 hadn’t been retired by the Canadiens. On Dec. 4, 2009, on the team’s 100th anniversary before the game against the Boston Bruins, it was indeed retired, along with the No. 3 of Émile (Butch) Bouchard. (We’re hoping CBC has no objection to our posting their excellent look at Elmer on the occasion of his 93rd birthday.)

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