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  • Comment on About last night … (2013-05-04 10:32:38)
    Price finally played the way Price is supposed to play. The reality is that when he allows weak goals, it completely deflates the team and everyone plays worse after that. When he plays like last night he gives everyone confidence. That's hockey... you make a big save at one end and get a big goal at the other. It will be tough to get through Anderson, but the team played amazing last night and the physicality and toughness were the highest I've seen on this team in quite a number of years. I get a gut feeling that Price losing his teeth and walking them over so calmly to the trainer will be a turning moment in his career. If he plays like last night we can beat anyone.
  • Comment on Habs practise after Price named Molson Cup Player of the Year (2013-04-30 14:58:33)
    Amazing to claim Bouillon is better than Kaberle in almost every aspect of the game lol. Just amazing... Essentially the only aspect where one could argue he's better is that he's "tougher". Kaberle is 5 times the player Bouillon is the only thing he doesn't bring is physicality. Which is why he needs to be paired with a defensive d-man like Gorges or Tinordi. Bouillon has been an unremarkable player his entire career. Have you watched any games this year? I guess Bouillon's occasional useless "tough" check is worth the garbage time he's played on the PP achieving absolutely nothing. Bouillon couldn't make 10% of the plays Kaberle makes in his dreams.
  • Comment on Habs practise after Price named Molson Cup Player of the Year (2013-04-30 11:12:20)
    Kaberle should be playing, at LEAST instead of Bouillon. To think Bouillon is better than Kaberle is a joke. I'm not really sure what Kaberle has done wrong. Even this season in limited action he's +4. I think at the very least he should be playing on the 3rd line with Tinordi instead of Bouillon.
  • Comment on Tinordi in lineup, Weber out for Jets game (2013-04-25 10:21:06)
    Absolutely agree. Hopefully Markov and Bouillon can get the week off here, Markov has been atrocious defensively. I really think that going into the playoffs, we should pair 3 offensive guys with 3 defensive guys. I think Kaberle would excel with Gorges as his partner. Anyone can play with PK as he's by far our best D. Subban - Bouillon (or Tinordi if he shows he can stay) Markov - Diaz Kaberle - Gorges
  • Comment on Tinordi in lineup, Weber out for Jets game (2013-04-25 09:22:33)
    1- Price has certainly been playing pretty poorly but anyone saying the Habs should trade Price is a clown. 2- It boggles my mind that with the putrid defense the team is playing, Kaberle is still left as a scratch. The guy is nowhere near as bad as people make him out to be and it is a farce to think that guys like Weber, Drewiske and a couple others are better than he is. Kaberle should be playing on our 3rd D pairing and on the PP. I would actually rest Markov and Bouillon for the last 2 games and play Tinordi-Kaberle as the 3rd pairing, see what happens.
  • Comment on Habs given day off after win over Lightning (2013-04-19 10:44:46)
    Numero uno.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Lightning at Canadiens (2013-04-18 17:13:13)
    I've been listening to the Price haters vs. Price supporters all year round, and as usual, there's a little more vitriol than necessary from both sides. However, after 43 games, all of which I have watched, there's something about that goalie that doesn't click. I just can't put my finger on it. Does he have a lack of focus? Does he just not care? I've always supported Price and I think his skill set is top 5 in the NHL, but for some reason, I can never feel fully confident when he's in front of the cage. You just get that feeling that a lousy goal is just about to go in. When push comes to shove, the Habs have allowed the 5th fewest shots on net per game in the NHL, and I believe Price is 29th in save percentage... No matter which way you cut it, if that .907 figure was even somewhere in the league average at .920, the Habs would probably have a handful of extra wins and have locked up the division last week. I really hope he can turn it around for the playoffs.
  • Comment on Boyd replaces Gomez; Subban in for Weber (2010-12-10 16:03:09)

    It's fair to say that our top 4 D-men can't be sitting. Fewer minutes per game possibly, but sitting? No. It's somewhat of a struggle to determine which of the bottom 3 should play and in which combination. I haven't really seen Picard make any mistakes yet, and that's JM hockey at its finest. Weber brings more of an offensive punch, which we haven't yet seen and is also solid defensively. PK brings a high-risk, high-reward brand of hockey to the table, although it's not like his point totals so far have justified this style of play. I like that JM benched him. It's 3 games, everyone can stop crying. This is one of the best coaches in the NHL and he knows what he's doing. I'm sure that this will have a positive impact on PK's long term career. Let's see what happens tonight... As much as Gomez has been stinking this year, losing him for Boyd is a bad loss...

  • Comment on Kovy redux? (2010-12-07 23:00:20)

    Some of these posts are laughable. Kovalev is in the last yeart of his contract  The fact is that although Kovy often had a lackadaisical regular season attitude, he always showed up when it mattered. And that is what we need: a playoff performer to put us over the edge, not someone to carry us to the playoffs.Kovy was a huge bargain as he always performed like a player worth far more than his salary for the playoffs. We have 22m worth of players we can get. nobody will give up a 1st for kovy which means we could probably get him for a 2nd. and i guarantee you he would come here with pride wanting to win the cup. and hes FA after the season. you'd have to be a fool not to want him on this habs team.

  • Comment on Cold enough to freeze… (2011-02-19 13:38:23)


    Overview: When the trade deadline comes, any smart GM must determine whether or not sacrificing assets to make moves would turn the current team into a cup contender. Anything short of that, and you're wasting assets. Therefore, to people who are on here criticizing Gauthier for not making any moves, consider this: Are the Habs 1 or 2 pieces away from winning the cup? I personally don't think so, and therefore, I wouldn't trade a 1st rounder and a player such as Pacioretty or PK for a rental player like Kaberle. Not only that, but with TB, Boston, Philly all dramatically improved, the odds of 1-2 moves giving us a drastically better chance are now even lower. If this team is to go far in the playoffs, it will be due to JM's great defensive coaching system (I scoff at anyone who thinks he's not a good coach, they know very little about hockey), Price's goaltending, and opportunistic scoring. That being said, the Habs  have a clear need for a power forward, and either a powerplay quarterback defenseman or a bruising D-man to face Boston and Philly in the playoffs.

    Defense: Wisniewski, PK, Gill, Hamrlik, Gill, Spacek, Weber, Picard, Mara. What's missing here? A PP quaterback and a LOT of grit. When Hamrlik is your grittiest defenseman, you're in big trouble. I love Gill, but his use of his size is embarrassing. Wisniewski was a great pickup for a 2nd rounder. PK is going to be a star and is getting better by the game. Spacek is nothing special, but he plays well in the playoffs and provides a steady presence. Mara is an atrocious player, and although I completely think a 5th rounder was a waste to rent Mara, I guess he may have some sort of presence in the locker room. Brewer would've fit in very nicely here and only cost a 3rd rounder and a lower level prospect. Neil would be a nice addition as well.


    MaxPac - Plek - Gionta
    Kovalev - Gomez - Cammy
    Pouliot - DD - AK46
    Darche - Moen - Halpern

    If we can get Kovalev for a 3rd rounder or better, we should jump on that. Anyone who doesn't think Kovy is worth a 3rd is out of their mind. The guy loves Montreal and Montreal loves him back. The thing about Kovalevy is that he plays BIG when it matters. I don't care how he plays in Ottawa on a last place team. All that means is that I can acquire him for cheaper. Kovalev screwed himself over in his career as he could've made a lot more money if he had better regular seasons. The beauty about Kovalev is that you pay 4-5M for him but come playoff time he performs like a 7M player. I would take a chance on him in a second as he would completely anchor our second line. The only other player I'd take a shot on would be Arnott, but NJ is playing amazing lately and that trade would only get done on Feb 28 once NJ is sure they won't make the playoffs. Penner may have size but he's not that good a player and would probably not succeed in Montreal. He is certainly not worth a 1st rounder and a prospect, including picking up his high salary.