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Habs fan since: 1966
Favorite current player: Chris Higgins
All-time favorite player: Henri "Pocket Rocket" Richard


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  • Comment on BĂ©liveau: Veterans, not rookies, must carry Habs (2007-12-11 16:13:16)
    Please ... lets leave Guy Lafleur out of this. I'll take Mr. Beliveau's wisdom over Guy's backhanded comments any day. While I loved Guy as the most dynamic Hab since the Rocket, he was and is not the sharpest tool in the shed. As a player, Lafleur had dash, flair and a great shot but is not a incisive analyst of the game. Why do you think he's never been a coach at any level? Le Gros Bill, on the other hand, could have been a coach or GM, but found the perfect organisational fit as the ambassador. He remains a student of the game, while 'tit Guy is the kid in the back of the class firing spit balls at his classmates. As for tanking the season, get real! The Habs just need to keep filling the prospect pipeline and let the drafting cards fall where they may. So far BG has shown that he makes his draft decisions based on his scouts assessments, ignoring the screams of the french press and other fanatics, many of which are posting here. I hate to say it, but we need to model one of original six rivals, the Wings, on how to build and maintain a winner. How many top 5 or top 10 draft picks have the Wings had in the last 10 or 15 years? Yet they have been the most successful franchise in the league since the early 90's. That building process started in the mid-eighties and great scouting has been the key. I believe (at least I hope) that Gainey is following the same path, so les canadiens' next glory years last for a couple of decades.
  • Comment on Game 28: Canadiens snap losing streak (2007-12-07 16:36:29)
    New poster here ... I say let Recchi go somewhere else. No need for the Habs to re-visit the past. Gainey has been patiently building and stocking the system with good draft picks, so lets tap that resource. Or, if we're going to bring someone in via trade, go with youth. While I'm hungry for No. 25, I'd rather look forward to 2010 than back to 1995.