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  • Comment on About last night … with postgame audio (2011-11-11 11:38:06)
    See O'Byrne, Ryan as another player Martin didn't have confidence with...seems to be doing quite well with the Av's and what do we need, oh yeah big physical defensemen who can skate...seems the habs like to give those away with this coaching and management staff...
  • Comment on About last night … with postgame audio (2011-11-11 10:47:26)
    What I would love is for someone with the Habs Media to ask Martin, why he thinks its absolutely ludicrous to have a tough guy on the team who would only play 3-4 mins a game and hence the unemployment of one, yet he plays Blunden only a min a game? If that's the case why not have a deterrent on the bench instead? Also completely not understanding his love affair with Diaz, he completely misses the coverage on Torres and fails to tie him up resulting in the game tying goal, yet he doesn't miss a shift, if Weber or Emelin on D did the same thing, they'd be sitting! (still not sure why Emelin got benched) I've said this many times already, Diaz will be more of a liability to this team on D then he will in contributing to the team on D. HE should be the Mark Streit experiment...
  • Comment on Game 10: Canadiens hold on to defeat Bruins (2011-10-27 12:42:23)
    Diaz has been a turnover machine and then is out of position chasing his mistakes, which leads to someone fishing the puck out of the net (3 games in a row now)...I think the Buffons, sorry Bruins will exploit that! Still can't understand why Martin would dress the exact same defenseman (Weber and Diaz) when someone like Emelin is available against teams like Philly and the Bruins...just sayin....
  • Comment on TSN regional adds 30 Habs games (2011-09-09 02:30:11)
    what about Rogers customers in Ont??
  • Comment on Desharnais comments on new contract (2011-06-21 17:30:25)
    New CBA has to be negotiated after next season, no need to sign guys when it won't be known what the playing field is. Most teams will wait to see what the new contract brings before signing guys.
  • Comment on Canadiens acquire Sopel, Dawes from Thrashers (2011-02-24 14:26:43)

    Great get another 5.9 least P.G. could have tried for a Eric Boulton or Jim Slater...someone with some size and sand paper...but no, we're intent on recreating the smurfs on ice...

  • Comment on Game 38: Canadiens scorched by Lightning (2010-12-31 01:05:06)

    I'm willing to bet that over the last 3 seasons, Roman Hamerlik leads the league in delay of game penalties, everytime I watch a game the dude gets one!  Is there a stat for this?

  • Comment on An epic collapse (2010-12-01 22:21:58)

    Looked like PK was too busy tyring to one up his team canada teammates there with all the cute (and most of the time dumb) plays tonight....

  • Comment on Pyatt joins No. 2 line (2010-10-19 15:56:37)

     Umm, isn’t it the veterans who are supposed to get the young kids going and help them along and not the other way around?  In other organizations, young players develop because they are left on a line and they go through the ups and downs with the veterans helping them along.  Here it seems, we remove young players from a line after two shifts!  No wonder other young players around the league are having some success and our young players stay in neutral.

  • Comment on Will blindside hit exculpate Cammalleri? (2010-10-03 15:41:04)

    I recall a huge commotion when a certain goaltender didn't talk to the scribes after a game?  Ummm, where's all the articles now because Cammalleri didn't speak to the media after the game?