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  • Comment on Subban mum on contract talks during appearance at Canadian Open (2014-07-28 07:12:24)
    I don´t see the other star defencemen play often, but to me, Subban can do things on the ice offensively, take over a game when he´s on the ice, that no other dman besides Karlsson can do. He is spectacular. Imagine what his stats would be if you went back to yesteryear, before traps and before the dead puck era. It´s also a myth that he isn´t reliable defensively; he´s just used more offensively the last couple of years and is allowed to take more chances. He could play like a dominant defensive defender if he chose to. It´s pretty much impossible to accumulate massive offensive stats in today´s game, so it´s very hard for even a very talented player like Subban to stand out from the rest. It´s hard for anyone to be "generational" because the game today does let one guy be truly dominant on the ice. Guys who can outskate everyone are contained by the trap in today´s game. Guys who can´t skate or move as well as PK, like Weber or Doughty or Keith, who are considered to be the best, are very good at making safe, smart plays and play a very patient game. In today´s game, that is more valuable than raw ability alone. But in another era, where players are allowed to showcase their skills, I really believe PK would be more valuable than most and possibly all of the Dmen in today´s top-tier group. "Generational" players today are measure primarily by longevity. If a player manages to last close to twenty years, and is generally considered to be among the best at his position, he can be seen as "generational". But that same player may not have even been the most dominant player at his position in a given year, if you had a way to objectively analyse things. Longevity gets rewarded bigtime. Talent and ability are very subjective and difficult to gauge in today´s game; we can see that a player is real good....but to say he is better than another real good player is difficult. So the dmen who will be "generational" from today´s group will be the guys from the top group who play the longest at a very high level. We don´t know who they will be yet. In another era, I think Subban would be generational, because his stats would speak more loudly, and you´d be able to see he was as dominant as any of these guys during the time he played.
  • Comment on Subban mum on contract talks during appearance at Canadian Open (2014-07-27 18:40:56)
    forgot about that one. he also would have saved St. Louis shot. Not knocking Tokarski, but Pricey would have had at least 2 crucial goals back in that series...and it was a very close series
  • Comment on Subban mum on contract talks during appearance at Canadian Open (2014-07-27 14:36:39)
    I can remember one game, which to me was the determining game, which Mtl lost in overtime, the one where Galchenyuk hit the post in OT. I´m convinced that Price would have stopped at least one of the goals the Rags scored, and quite possibly two. They were not terrible goals, but they were not great goals either. They were goals a goalie playing thway Price was, probably stops (at least one of them) Habs win that game and we make it back to Mtl for the seventh game.
  • Comment on Subban mum on contract talks during appearance at Canadian Open (2014-07-27 14:34:00)
    Would any team take Moen to get rid of his cap hit? Is it worth it to buy him out? With the depth on the team now, he is no longer the twelfth, or even thirteenth forward in my view. A lot of money for a spare part. Feel bad for the guy, but he he´s not the same player he once was.
  • Comment on Subban mum on contract talks during appearance at Canadian Open (2014-07-27 14:31:34)
    So why does Jiri Sekac cause the team a cap hit? Even if he doesn´t make the team or ends up playing the whole year in Hamilton? I never understood how those things work.
  • Comment on Subban mum on contract talks during appearance at Canadian Open (2014-07-27 14:23:51)
    Saw an article headlining "Kreider´s victims -with a list of goalies... Still POed about that; we would have won that series no doubt, and looking at how close the Rags games against the Kings were, I think we would have had a chance against the Kings, even,...I think it could have gone 7 games anyway. Hard to live that down. The team is good next year, but I´m worried about the team losing Gionta (not so much his scoring, but his 200 foot game and his effect on his linemates) and Vanek for the postseason. They have to find a RW. One of Andrighetto, Bournival, or Sekac could find a spot, but being young they will most likely be defensive liabilities, even if they manage to score (except Bournival, who can forecheck but doesn´t seem to have natural goal scoring ability). I guess training camp will actually mean something this year. On the plus side, Galchenyuk is in his third year and Eller in his fourth; both are at an age where talented young players often come of age and have a break through year. Eller may not have Chucky´s ceiling, but he already proved the year before last that he can be a productive, all-round player. If those two do well, and one of Beaulieu or Tinordi steps in and does well, and Emelin proves his year was just an injury-related aberration, the team is in good shape.
  • Comment on Habs, Eller far apart heading into salary arbitration (2014-07-23 13:16:50)
    We often think as Eller as an unproven kid who will never hit his ceiling but People forget that Eller has already had one good year -the lockout year. He also had a very good playoffs. The talent is there; he just has to be coached well and used properly. He´s not a a character-flawed guy; he actually has a very good attitude and is quite mature for his age. Those kids almost always come through in time. I hope the team doesn´t give up on him.
  • Comment on Habs, Eller far apart heading into salary arbitration (2014-07-23 13:11:25)
    To me it is a a somewhat alarming signal that Eller may be the likeliest centre to leave the team in one or two seasons, and that the habs prefer to keep Desharnais and Plekanec over him....especially if they choose a one-year arbitration award.
  • Comment on Eighth HI/O summit planned for Nov. 29th (2014-07-16 08:50:25)
    According to advances stats, Raphael Diaz is one of the best 80 or so defensemen in the league. Do you remember the calls for beheading on HEOTP when he was dealt for Weise (and the Canucks later dealt the Swiss Mister for a 5th rounder?)
  • Comment on Eighth HI/O summit planned for Nov. 29th (2014-07-16 08:12:55)
    Certain sports lend themselves more toward statistical analysis. In my teens and twenties I was much more of a baseball fan than hockey fan (though I always watched the habs) and partook in tabletop baseball leagues and was full in to Bill James and the Sabermetrics movement. Baseball players can be measured far more accurately with advanced stats than hockey players, IMO. I think certain advanced stats can be quite helpful in hockey, but these stats will never be able to achieve what they have achieved in baseball. There are just too many players interdependant on each other and on a dozen other impossible to quantify variables.