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  • Comment on Game Within the Game: Sekac looking good in bleu-blanc-rouge (2014-12-21 12:59:32)
    Getting Sekac was huge. Imagine this team with both a missing top six winger AND holes in defence to fill. As it stands now we are only one consistent top four Dman away from being a Cup Contender, IMO. And P.S. did we really need Parenteau? I believe we got him before signing Sekac. PA isn´t supposed to do much besides score and he has all of six goals. I´d rather have Andrighetto for a fraction of the cost. Interesting how seldom guys we get via trade or free agency pan out (unless they are fringe players who usually remain fringe players on our watch)
  • Comment on Game Within the Game: Sekac looking good in bleu-blanc-rouge (2014-12-21 12:54:59)
    Donald Dufresne and Tom Kurvers, UCE? I hope at least NB will be a bit better than that. Funny, though, Kurvers, wasn´t he a hobie baker winner, hyped up to be come real good? I think he had a couple of decent seasons after he left the Montreal spotlight, though he never reached his potential.
  • Comment on Habs send Tokarski to Hamilton for conditioning stint; Pacioretty listed as day-to-day (2014-12-19 13:25:12)
    I meant not counting this possible call-up. Somehow I don´t think the Pacioretty injury is serious. I am thinking maybe 1 or 2 games missed. fingers crossed.
  • Comment on Habs send Tokarski to Hamilton for conditioning stint; Pacioretty listed as day-to-day (2014-12-19 13:14:29)
    Andrighetto will be back likely before the end of the season. He only has to work on his defensive game somewhat. People forget how much depth we have with guys like Prust, Weise, even Bournival; these guys can keep his seat warm on the third line, they may not have Ghetto´s offense but they will impede alot of goals with their defensive play and chip in or help produce the odd goal. Prust was doing well with Eller and Sekac.
  • Comment on Habs send Tokarski to Hamilton for conditioning stint; Pacioretty listed as day-to-day (2014-12-19 13:03:06)
    the second pairing is clearly a problem. But we have forward depth to deal from. Would DD fetch a decent Dman? We also have a bit of a surplus of decent prospects for once, if need be.
  • Comment on Saku Koivu expects ‘awesome, emotional’ Bell Centre tribute (2014-12-17 14:04:29)
    Plekanec is matched up against opponets star forwards during the playoffs and you can bet that the first lines of most of those playoff teams are pretty darn awesome. DD would probably be, oh, about minus 30 in such circumastances.
  • Comment on Rookies Sekac, Andrighetto fitting in well with Canadiens (2014-12-15 09:33:25)
    Re the leafs: Cap management is absolutely essential for a team to be comptetitive. The leafs have, what, over 12 million invested in Clarkson and Phaneuf? It will be very difficult for them to remain competitive because of this. Apart from all of the other issues the organization has. They may have the odd decent season, but the whole culture of the franchise has to be changed and I see no evidence of that. Even if it were to happen, that takes seasons to accomplish.
  • Comment on A rare Saturday night with no hockey for Habs (2014-12-13 12:49:24)
    Ijust have one wish: When Eller comes back, no matter what happens with DD and Chucky, please please please MT do NOT stick the Great Dane on the wing...even if it means playing him on the fourth line for some minutes. Keep him primarily as a centre. And for what it´s worth, Chucky should stay at centre and play alongside Pacioretty. Both players stats will markedly imrpove if this is maintained and the habs will have a bona fide number one line for the first time in a very very long time.
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-12-13 09:26:07)
    Habs have are doing very well over the last three seasons transitioning forwards to the NHL. First Gallagher and Galchenyuk. Now, Sekac and Andrighetto. Sexac is a keeper; time will tell with Andrighetto, but I like his chances. There´s also Bournival who is somewhat more limited than those guys but is at least a useful part-time player and may still develop further. The other side of the coin is how difficult it is looking to be to transition young Dmen into full-time NHL defensemen. I´m speaking of course of Beaulieu and Tinordi. IMO the habs have good scoring depth and their goals for are kept down by playing a stifling defensive system, largely in place to aid their subpar defence. As encouraging as Sekac and Ghetto´s performances are, the habs need Emelin, Beaulieu, (and Gilbert, to a lesser extent) to improve in order to go far in this year´s playoffs.
  • Comment on Habs’ Subban misses practice as he battles the flu (2014-12-12 07:18:48)
    Weise and Prust would make some teams third lines. Malhotra should be able to put up some points with those guys. Good points by Krob; Malhotra´s faceoff prowess only adds up to about 3 goals a year (or every 3 years). Neither Eller nor DD should be on a fourth line, but I´d rather have either on the fourth line over Malhotra, that is a given. Chucky´s time has come; he and Max Pac give the habs a bona fide explosive first line. If DD cannot be moved we have no choice but to play one of our extra centres on the fourth line or sit one of them in favour of Malhotra; neither is a great situation but the first alternative to me is preferable to the second.