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  • Comment on Habs, Eller far apart heading into salary arbitration (2014-07-23 13:16:50)
    We often think as Eller as an unproven kid who will never hit his ceiling but People forget that Eller has already had one good year -the lockout year. He also had a very good playoffs. The talent is there; he just has to be coached well and used properly. He´s not a a character-flawed guy; he actually has a very good attitude and is quite mature for his age. Those kids almost always come through in time. I hope the team doesn´t give up on him.
  • Comment on Habs, Eller far apart heading into salary arbitration (2014-07-23 13:11:25)
    To me it is a a somewhat alarming signal that Eller may be the likeliest centre to leave the team in one or two seasons, and that the habs prefer to keep Desharnais and Plekanec over him....especially if they choose a one-year arbitration award.
  • Comment on Eighth HI/O summit planned for Nov. 29th (2014-07-16 08:50:25)
    According to advances stats, Raphael Diaz is one of the best 80 or so defensemen in the league. Do you remember the calls for beheading on HEOTP when he was dealt for Weise (and the Canucks later dealt the Swiss Mister for a 5th rounder?)
  • Comment on Eighth HI/O summit planned for Nov. 29th (2014-07-16 08:12:55)
    Certain sports lend themselves more toward statistical analysis. In my teens and twenties I was much more of a baseball fan than hockey fan (though I always watched the habs) and partook in tabletop baseball leagues and was full in to Bill James and the Sabermetrics movement. Baseball players can be measured far more accurately with advanced stats than hockey players, IMO. I think certain advanced stats can be quite helpful in hockey, but these stats will never be able to achieve what they have achieved in baseball. There are just too many players interdependant on each other and on a dozen other impossible to quantify variables.
  • Comment on Eighth HI/O summit planned for Nov. 29th (2014-07-15 16:57:45)
    There was an interesting article on HEOTP a few days ago (it´s still there) on their assessment that DD should be the centre to go when Galchenyuk is ready (and you get the feeling they think Chucky is ready). I´m actually not against advanced stats and it´s pretty obvious that, because he can only backcheck in a limited way, DD is not as valuable as Plekanec, though at this point he is superior from a purely offensive perspective. They start of by saying that Eller is too valuable because of his young age and two-way ability, though what his future ceiling is, nobody knows. If pressed, I would agree, reluctantly, that of the three DD should go, if one of them absolutely has to be moved, BUT.... there are certain specific instances where advanced stats have their limitations, and the case of DD could well be one of those instances. You can calculate the sum of a player´s offensive and defensive value using statistics; but this does not necessarily mean that if you slot in said player with Pacioretty and whoever is on the first line, that there expected offensive production will follow. Desharnais has an uncanny playmaking ability which is what is needed for our sniper LW to be successful. Perhaps, from a purely staistical point of view, Plekanec is not that far off DD offensively, but there is such a thing as chemistry in hockey and I just don´t see Plekanec, at this point, having it on the first line. Pleks at this point seems to generate offense more of off of broken plays or counter attacking and causing a loose puck (and he does this well) Eller? I love him, but even if he rebounds next year I see him as more of a number two centre. Chucky COULD do it, but it´s a lot to ask of such a young kid to take charge of the first line. The point is, the first line could very well just not click without DD, even if he isn´t an elite centre, he knows what he has to do and who he has to feed and to my mind he does it well. So it all boils down to postponing the decision one more year. And, yes, the fact he is local is a factor in this decision, that´s just the way the cookie crumbles in our province. Lastly (and no one has mentioned this) I observed DD having quite a few takeaways and coming back on the play successfuly during the playoffs when it counted, though I am sure he will never get any credit for this.
  • Comment on Fans pack Bell Sports Complex to watch final scrimmage at development camp (2014-07-12 18:50:46)
    Nygren is not a McDonagh level prospect. He´s considered to be a a PP specialist with some offensive instincts but not very good defensively, and small for an nhl defenceman. Not only Beaulieu and Tinordi, but also Pateryn is ahead of him as a prospect.
  • Comment on Fans pack Bell Sports Complex to watch final scrimmage at development camp (2014-07-12 15:08:06)
    There is no such thing as a number 1 or number 2 centre. What´s important is how good a team´s top 3 centres are compared to another team´s top three centres. If you don´t have an elite number one centre, but the top centre can get you 55-60 points, and the number two centre can get you 50 points, and the number 3 centre can get you 40-45 points, that´s fine if the rest of the team as a whole is strong. Eller had a pretty bad year, of course, but the year before averaged 50 points prorated to a full season and we all know he will rebound somewhat next year. If they want to stick Galchenyuk at centre at some point next year, then I think he will do fine as well. The habs in my book actually have pretty impressive depth at centre in that they have 4 guys who can play top three. I never understood this obsession with absolutely having to have an elite centre. Different teams have different relative strengths.
  • Comment on Mike & Max’s excellent adventure: Weaver’s dream summer with Pacioretty (2014-07-11 07:57:34)
    I applaud MB for not overpaying for a FA with issues and giving a chance to one of Andrighetto, Sekac, or Bournival. If it doesn´t work out, we can make a trade at our leisure during the season. Anyone think any of those kids has the goods, or should they be viewed as longshots?
  • Comment on Subban and Eller file for salary arbitration (2014-07-06 18:39:20)
    Bournival was hurt by the Malhotra acquisition. His only chance now is to compete with Andrighetto and Sekac for the spot on the top three, and as much as I like the kid, my feeling is he is not top three yet...maybe down the road. He has the speed, tools, but seems to be lacking hockey sense. Also, I know the Malhotra acquisition was done to get a character guy to offset Gio´s and Gorges departure (plus his faceoff skills),,,,but I really don´t think this team needs any more character arriving from outside the organization. We have a good core. Sure, guys like Weaver and Gilbert are great complimentary pieces, but they can play, and though veterans, are low-key. Malhotra would understandably not say this publicly, but I think it´s quite possible he has lost the majority of his vision in his bad eye, which is unfortunate.
  • Comment on Subban and Eller file for salary arbitration (2014-07-06 14:14:44)
    1. What wingers would you put with Plekanec? The answer to that is the answer to "what happened between him and Vanek in the playoffs?" Was the lack of scoring due to having absolutely no time to get any chemistry, or is Plekanec no longer an offensive force the way he used to be?" 2. Does Beaulieu start in Montreal or Hamilton? It seems to me he had the edge over Tinordi 3. Has Tokarski proven he should be with the big club? Yes. 4. Why are you on the computer on such an awesome day? I´m on an another continent. But it´s still an awesome day here. 5. If you were outside on the patio under an umbrella listening to music like me – what music would that be? mmm...Coldplay. BONUS Q: If there is a player you wish the Habs would pick up, who is it? Vanek ;)