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  • Comment on Parenteau scores twice in Habs’ second scrimmage (2014-09-20 15:27:40)
    Interesting that the organization would move Hudon to centre, with the glut of centres at the pro level. No room for Sherbak or Hudon for the foreseeable future, if one of these kids takes a leap forward. Two things would have to happen; DD would need to be traded and Plekanec would have to start slowing down perceptibly, pr pne pf DD or Eller (hope not) would have to make a good transition to wing. In fact, some of those scenarios have to happen just to make room for Galchenyuk. Or perhaps Galchenyuk is not destined to play centre some day after all.
  • Comment on Habs coach Therrien happy with his four centres (2014-09-20 06:25:55)
    It says two spots available on the blueline but one spot is really for the seventh defenseman. Though Tinordi is ahead of Pateryn, I don´t think it would do Tiny any good to be in the press box instead of getting quality minutes in Hamilton. Actually, I´d rather have both of them playing in Hamilton (Cube in the press box?), except the blueline there is pretty crowded as well this year.
  • Comment on Let’s get physical: Habs open training camp (2014-09-19 12:43:14)
    Disagree with Teemu, the habs should not be belittled just because they managed to get far in the weaker Eastern Conference. Habs beat the best team in the league and the pessimists put that down as "we get under their skin". I have no doubt that if Price doesn´t go down we make it to the Finals, and though I would favour the Kings in that series, I believe the habs would have made it a very tough series; tougher than most think. The way Price was playing, anything was possible, and, as I said, if they beat the best team in the league, they could (not saying would) beat anyone else.
  • Comment on Let’s get physical: Habs open training camp (2014-09-19 06:13:06)
    Spot on post by Habilis. It hasn´t been pointed out too often, but if Bournival or Sekac have trouble adapting on the top nine, Weise is possibly good enough to fill in and could surprise. To think we got this guy for Diaz is incredible, he has even more value come playoff time. A year ago, I thought our forward prospects were being overvalued, due to the absence of a true blue chipper. But in one year, most of them have added half a notch on the prospèct scale. I still don´t think there is a true blue chipper, but I think the chances are good we will produce at least one solid top nine, or top six forward from each of the two waves of prospects coming our way. The first being Sekac, Andrighetto, (and we can include Bournival here); the second being De La Rose, Lehkonen, Hudon, and you could add Sherbak, though he was just drafted. In fact, I think a couple of guys from the second wave will be impact players. Bourque and Parenteau are both on the wrong side of thirty, they are actually decent stopgap players, and there could well be room to fit some of those young kids in in the future.
  • Comment on Bouillon an insurance policy at Habs’ training camp (2014-09-18 15:56:17)
    People gere saying Pleks could be moved to the wing? The best shutdown centre who is capable of twenty plus goals in the nhl? It will never happen. Whatever happens, I don´t want Pleks or Eller moving to the wing. The best solution would be to trade DD if they can get something of note for him, otherwise, it´s either Galchenyuk again on the wing or give DD a try there.
  • Comment on Habs’ rookie camp wraps up as Scherbak gets in scrimmage (2014-09-17 08:35:13)
    They could end up using Eller as a defensive winger to replace Gionta, which would be terrible in my opinion. No doubt Eller, Galcheyuk, and Bourque will contribute more; offense isn´t the problem; the team can always add a piece at the deadline. The potential issue is how to get whoever wins the open position of winger (Bournival, Sekac, or Andrighetto) to play responsibly defensively. We already have some liabilities defensively with Galchenyuk and Desharnais. Maybe Gallagher is up to the task with Plekanec, though it would mean his offensive totals would surely suffer. There is talk of Parenteau there, but he doesn´t seem to be a solid two way forward. The best case scenario would be to see Bournival adapt successfuly to this role, but it´s alot to ask from a second year player.
  • Comment on Habs’ rookie camp wraps up as Scherbak gets in scrimmage (2014-09-17 06:27:24)
    There is little doubt that the habs have turned themselves into a contending team. The caharacter and the talent has always been there. What´s even more encouraging is they did so last season with disastrous to subpar seasons from Eller, Emelin, and Bourque. Most encouraging of all, Price arrived as a playoff, money goalie. Barring injuries, the only thing I am concerned about is the lack of a true, reliable shutdown line, with Gionta gone. In fact, the habs could go without a true shutdown line, in the sense that Malhotra and Eller will share some of Plekanec´s tough minutes; Additonally, the coach will not want to burden whoever wins the ninth forward spot with too much defensive responsibility, and it is very possible the open spot will be on the line of our favourite Czech.On an individual level, Pleks could have his best offensive season in years, but come playoff time especially, the importance of a good shutdown line is paramount, and there are no wingers on the team who approach Plek´s two-way ability. The possible move of Galchenyuk to centre could also be problematic if whoever is pushed to the wing is not able to produce there, though something tells me management will postpone this ever present issue for one more season. Apart from thse issues the team looks real good to me, the rest is just a matter of staying healthy as the playoffs approach. There doesn´t appear to be a feafrul powerhouse team to beat (Tampa looks like the strongest, Boston will still be good but take a step back IMO.), which is a plus, but, hey, we beat the a 117 point team last year, this team is capable of beating anyone when healthy and playing disciplined hockey.
  • Comment on Habs will go with four alternate captains this season (2014-09-16 15:32:49)
    Wow. I´m all for it. But that means either Eller or Desharnais to the wing. I´ll barf if they do that to Eller again. It will kill his confidence, which he recaptured during the playoffs. I´m not anti-DD, but if they are really going to move Chucky, then it would be great if they could find a taker for DD (if he can´t adapt to the wing)
  • Comment on Habs will go with four alternate captains this season (2014-09-16 15:29:46)
    Perhaps Galchenyuk should have played a full year in Hamilton, taking tons of faceoffs and defensive assignments. Much is made of Seguin starting on the wing, but that is a huge exception, only a handful among todays crop of youngsters have done it that way. Every season he doesn´t play centre is one less season he has to develop at his natural position.
  • Comment on Habs will go with four alternate captains this season (2014-09-15 18:12:25)
    Plekanec should have been captain...unless he made it plain that he was uncomfortable with this status, which we will never know. I believe Plekanec will be offered a two year extension after his contract is up. The EOTP article exposed how valuable a player he is. There is simply no player in the NHL who gets as many tough defensive assignments and still produces twenty plus goals. No one. If Pleks was perhaps one year older, the habs would be very tempted to not renew him and let DD stay. But as it is, Galchenyuk should be moved to centre next season; the delay is already stunting his development. DD, though a fine little player and a homeboy, is just not as valuable as the other three centres. So there are 2 possibilities; either Galchenyuk gets a fourth year on the wing, which would be a terrible hockey move, or DD, somehow, leaves the team. I cannot see Plekanec or Eller leaving. The habs also have some interesting options at centre in the pipeline now with Sherbak, and Hudon possibly moving to centre. So they have options when Pleks starts to slow down in 2 or 3 years; they don´t need to move him prematurely to save a spot for DD. Unless Pleks shows considerable decline this season, DD is and has been a lameduck centre for a while now.