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  • Comment on ‘We’re ready for the playoffs,’ Habs coach Therrien says (2014-04-05 17:01:35)
    I think this is unfortunately good news /bad news. the good news is that MT thinks the team is ready for the playoffs. the bad news is they'll get bounced by any team that can exploit he defence the way it is. the good news is that MT will also get bounced. We hope.
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-04-02 12:56:53)
    Don't forget Beaulieu. not sure why he landed in Hamilton but I thought he looked good too.
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-04-02 09:23:01)
    see that Eller has become the favorite whipping boy for HIO bloggers. I don't agree. I think this kid has a ton of potential and he was headed towards that potential last year when he got nailed in the Ottawa series. But then he came back and started this year on the same tear until MT started screwing up the lines. Even now when he put the kid line back together after the Ottawa game, he started juggling the lines immediately when all three top lines weren't scoring. I could say that Chucky isn't doing much either but I think he and Eller are the victims of very bad coaching. I think the team is winning big games like Ottawa and Boston in spite of MT.
  • Comment on Habs get day off after loss to Bruins (2014-03-14 10:24:30)
    I always like Carbo and I think he got shafted by BG. not sure what that was al about except that there was the trouble with the Russian brothers and they were two of BG's "can't miss" young prospects. I think Carbo got blamed for the troubles thy got into. In terms of replacing MT, (I wish), I don't think anything will happen until the season s over. But if it does, and if they don't go for a replay with Carbo, then I would like Boucher get a shot. He did well in Hamilton and knows a lot of the young players.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Game 64: Markov scores in long Shootout to beat Ducks 4-3 (2014-03-05 22:15:20)
    I've been out of the country for a few weeks. Anything happening on signing pk?
  • Comment on Liveblog: Game 56 – Lost weekend for Canadiens (2014-02-02 17:59:15)
    I think language is the elephant in the room. Perhaps Geoff Molson is afraid of the backlash from RDS, but has anyone ever done a survey for the Habs with francophone fans: what would you prefer- a winning team with an English coach who tries to speak French, a la Bob Gainey, or a losing team with a francophone coach? I think Molson should ask this question straight out, then we'd know and it would be the end of the discussion.
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-01-29 12:31:13)
    it was a nice win but I am still convinced that MT knows how to mange this team. it does not make any sense at all to put Briere on the 4th line or to make him play the wing on another line. the guy was brought in to score goals so put him, and leave him, in a position to do that. maybe MB made a mistake in signing this guy but he's here so let's use him. Also, putting Eller on the wing dos not make any sense. I hope someone upstairs is noticing this.
  • Comment on Struggling Habs return home to face Capitals (2014-01-25 15:30:19)
    I agree. MT habit of switching the lines around every game and then playing players in awkward positions doesn't make sense. MB went out and signed Briere because he thought he could help with offense. Briere is a center, so MT plays him on the wing on the 4th line. the year starts off with the EGG line on fire so MT breaks them up. Eller and Chucky are centres so MT plays them on the wing. Bournival is a sniper, so he puts him on the 4th line. Really the guy doesn't seem to know what he is doing. Maybe it was too big a step to move from being a know-it-all analyst on RDS to being a coach in the NHL. Maybe MB could hire PK Stock to take over. he knows everything too.
  • Comment on Leblanc, Beaulieu will be in lineup for Habs against Penguins (2014-01-22 12:38:09)
    I see fans on this blog and on talk shows demanding that MB make a trade for some offensive Forward. the question is: who would you give up in a trade. so many people are completely naïve: trade Bourque for some major talent. that just will not happen. we would have to trade quality to get quality. so who would you give up?
  • Comment on Habs get well-deserved day off on Sunday (2013-11-25 10:06:58)
    It was a great weekend of hockey and the habs have won against three very good teams. My one worry is that in moving Gallagher away from the EGG line, that seemed to get Patches and DD going but now Eller and the other Gally are not doing anything. I like Prust, but he is not a substitute for a firecracker like Gallagher and this means we have again only two lines scoring. To make this really work, MB needs to find a way to find someone else for the 3rd line to bring that same kind of umph. Bourke is not the answer and I don't think we have seen anyone down in Hamilton who is ready yet.