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  • Comment on Hockey’s Future likes Beaulieu (2011-07-11 16:38:26)
    I see a lot of people complaining about JayBee. He was on Hfboards and wasn't well liked there either, in fact he got banned.
  • Comment on Quiet practice: Price shaves tonight! (2010-11-30 12:47:14)

    I understand it's sarcasm, but before we do anything I would like to see Gomez tried with two offensive wingers(Gionta and Pouliot) for an extended period of time, rather than one legitimate top 6 winger and a grinder.

    If that doesn't work, I'd try one last thing before completely getting on the we hate Gomez bandwagon. Place Gomez on the wing and put Eller at center. Cammalleri-Eller-Gomez or Gomez-Eller-Gionta. Gomez is a centerman, but aside from his defensive game, he hardly plays like a centerman. His game imo would suit more a complimentary winger role.

  • Comment on Quiet practice: Price shaves tonight! (2010-11-30 12:29:41)

    We do have 6 guys, Pouliot, Gionta, Kostitsyn, Cammalleri and Plekanec have all been producing at the pace of top 6 players. Pouliot has played 3 games in a top 6 role, while Moen and Pyatt have both recieved much more time in that role. Pouliot worked with Gomez and Gionta last year and has not been given a legitimate try. Even in the games Pouliot did play in the top 6, he was removed by the 2nd or 3rd period.

    As far as I'm concerned, we haven't even attempted to play with a true top 6(and yes we do have the personnel) for more than 2 games.

    As for why Gainey acquired Gomez, lets not make big broad assumptions like yours because assumptions can be made in either direction(both for good reasons and bad), but in the end they are assumptions. We have no information as to inner-workings of the deal and the actual reasons why. That is why we should take Gomez for what he is...a pure complimentary player. Anything else is just individual expectations of a player.

    As for the argument that every team has its achilles heal, while I agree with that statement, i do think that montreal is making their own problem because they have a potential solution which has yet to be tried out. ie: Pouliot with Gomez and Gionta which was very successful last year until Pouliot was injured and couldn't get his levelof play to what it was prior to the injury.

  • Comment on Quiet practice: Price shaves tonight! (2010-11-30 12:19:08)

    Just because we place an extra offensive winger with Gomez does not necessarily mean they will lose. Martin has the personal to make a true top 6. Instead by placing Moen there, you only have one effective line. Montreal's biggest problem(and this is why they get shutout when teams play an effective trapping game), is that the fact that for the majority of their games they have one line producing.

    Martin has had Moen or Pyatt play with Gomez for 16 of the 24 games. Do you honestly expect a player who relies on his wingers to put up points(regardless of what his salary is because his salary does affect what he does on the ice, you'd probably argue that it should but it doesnt) to produce as effectively when one of those wingers provides zero offense? This is a legitmate question.

    as for the playing Gionta and Kostitsyn with Gomez, that's false, he did that for one game(at the end of the game) and then put Gionta with Plekanec and Cammalleri...then Kostitsyn and Lapierre with Gomez.

  • Comment on Quiet practice: Price shaves tonight! (2010-11-30 12:22:23)

    Gomez gets 7.3 because that is what Sather believed he deserved. There is a difference between what the salary has on your individual expectations and what the player actually does on the ice and the players actual capabilities. A coach's job is to exploit his players capabilities and by refusing to play Gomez with capable top 6 wingers he's not doing his job as effectively as he can. Gomez has played over 16 of the 24 games with either Pyatt or Moen as his wingers...Do you honestly expect a complimentary player like Gomez to produce with that? It's not a matter of expecting him to do x, but its about putting him in a position to do x and so far this season Gomez has been seldom in a position(aside from getting the ice time of a #2 centerman) to produce what is expected of him.

    Regardless of the salary, Montreal's biggest problem this year is the fact that they only have 3 of there top 6 producing at one time. For Montreal to get into the next level they need contributions for their second line. Gomez has never been a player to make his wingers better, he is a complimentary player. We have the wingers on the team to make a successful second line. Martin should bite the bullet and play them with Gomez for an extended period of time. There is no doubt Montreal would be a much more dangerous team with their top 6 producing rather than their top 3.

  • Comment on Quiet practice: Price shaves tonight! (2010-11-30 11:03:44)

    Before attibruting all the blame to Gomez, I would like to him play at least 3-4 games with two-scoring wingers instead of just one and Moen. This is not an apologetic post towards Gomez, so please don't interpret it as such. Gomez is a playmaker in the purist sense. Other teams know this and expect him to pass the puck. However, when you are only playing with one dynamic scoring winger, it is extremely easy to stifle Gomez's line because guys like Moen are not given much attention. Instead, much of the attention usually focused on two wingers is now only focused on one(Cammalleri or Gionta). This results in the being easily neutralized.

    So before I jump on the Gomez stinks get him out of town bandwagon(Though I do admit he isn't playing well), give him the proper wingers for more than two games in order to see if a. the problem is in fact what I suggested and b. if Gomez can break out of his slump because it only benefits the team.

  • Comment on A sad day in Montreal (2010-11-30 10:41:49)

    When Burke first took over the Leafs general manager position, the first thing he said was that he was going to build from the net out. Shortly, after he signed Gustavsson. Free agency came and his biggest acquisitions were Mike Komisarek and Beauchemin. Burke thought he had something going because on paper he had an extremely strong defense. However, what he failed to realize was that Beauchemin and Komisarek had one thing in common: They looked a lot better than what they were because both played along side Elite Puckmoving defensemen...Niedermayer and Markov.

    The second bonehead move was moving Pavel Kubina for Exelby in order to get cap room to sign Komisarek and Beauchemin. This had to be his dumbest move because he replaced Kubina with two lesser defensemen. Kubina is a good puck-mover and has a great shot from the back end. He's mobile and can skate. Instead he signed a one-dimension Mike Komisarek who is not as mobile and not nearly as good offensively for a million dollars less. This is also an example of how Burke has his priorities in terms of talent all wrong. He puts his obsession with physicality above actual multi-talented players. He still hasn't realized that good teams have players who can play in multiple roles. Instead he keeps getting these one-dimension players(Kessel, Komisarek, Beauchemin, Phanuef etc). All guys who are really good at one thing but average to poor on everything else.

    The problem with Burke is his ego, he clearly overvalues his own judge of talent. Anyone with half a brain could have seen that Komisarek and Beauchemin were not truly the defensemen they appeard to be. Also, he ruined the team because he legitimatley believed that the leafs were a playoff team, hence the acquisition of Phil Kessel.

    Oh and by the way, the funniest part of the Kessel trade was that at the draft there was a deal in place where Kaberle would be moved for Kessel, but the deal was nixed because Burke thought he was getting a first along with Kaberle.

    I really don't like Burke for the simple fact that he's egotistical and a loud mouth. He would not get nearly the amount of bashing he currently gets if he would just shut is mouth and go about his business in private. Instead he makes all poop public which subsequently draws attention. If he kept his mouth shut, you'd have a lot more fans saying that he inherited a bad team. Instead all he does is tell his fans that he's going after this guy and getting big offers for this guy and then when all is set and done, he lays a big egg because he raises the expectations soooo high that when the deal is done, you can't help but not be disappointed.


    Sorry for the rant, but people like Burke get on my nerves. The man speaks to the media more in one day that other GMs do in an entire year.

  • Comment on A sad day in Montreal (2010-11-30 10:08:33)

    Although I love Pouliot's current role(he's developing beautifully with less offensive pressure on his shoulders), I do however, think that he should be given one last try with Gomez and Gionta before calling up Pacioretty or another prospect who we think could help. Pouliot has played a grand total of 3 out 24 with Gomez and Gionta while Moen has played roughly 14 games there. Giving Poulot one last shot with Gomez couldn't hurt in the slightest considering that Gomez has been absolutley ineffective with Moen on his wing for quite some time.

    Pouliot has come a long way since last season where he played strictly a complimentary role. He couldn't carry a puck very far and struggled making tape to tape passes(at long ranged). His role was strictly puck retrieval, short pass to Gomez and head for the net. However, this year his game has improved leaps and bounds. He's carrying the puck successfully and with confidence while making smart plays. I think his biggest improvement is his passing game. Reading these forums I noticed that Pouliot's playmaking has gone unnoticed by most. I really would like to see how his improved game would look like with a return to the line that made him successful last year.

  • Comment on A sad day in Montreal (2010-11-30 09:56:19)

    I'm not too sure whether Cammalleri's performances in the last few games is a result of selfishness. In my opinion, Cammalleri looks extremely fustrated. He didn't appear selfish when he, Plekanec and Kostitsyn were carrying the load offensively in the first 10 games. Again, this is just my opinion, but I'd rather wait and see how he gets himself out of this rut before I start making such claims.