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  • Comment on Audio: Brian Gionta named captain (2010-09-29 12:35:11)

    I agree, he's one of my favority players as well. I still remember Grabovski's first game and how Koivu went over to him and told him to chill out. Koivu had the respect of his team.

    I'll be wearing his jersey at the Bell Centre when the ducks come to visit next year!

  • Comment on Update: Henderson jersey sells for $1,067,538 (2010-06-24 10:39:04)

    good point :)

  • Comment on Update: Henderson jersey sells for $1,067,538 (2010-06-23 21:19:36)

    On a side topic, I have a question regarding a player's no trade clause. I was looking at capgeek.com and noticed that Gomez has a NTC where he can provide a list of 3 teams he does not want to be traded to. Assuming that the Habs found a trade partner that wasn't one of those teams, could they deal him?

  • Comment on Comment: Martin fans on chance with Price (2010-04-02 11:15:49)

    Are you interpreting my words as "Fire JM"? I'm not calling for JM's head, all I'm saying is he doesn't do a great job of supporting his players. But then again, trying to pull a new team + new coach together in a single season is not an easy feat to accomplish.

  • Comment on Comment: Martin fans on chance with Price (2010-04-02 09:39:42)

    Why shouldn't he be roasted? As a coach, if your team (or a player) plays well, why not say it? We all know that Price came into the NHL too soon, and I'm sure that's done something to his confidence. A player will feel pretty good knowing their coach has confidence in them.

    I think Dave is right on: if you're goalie plays well and fans boo, JM should defend him. Fans have a right to their opinion, but it doesn't mean a coach can't stick up for his players.

  • Comment on Homestand ends on a downer (2008-02-07 17:46:41)
    Thank you. Someone has made a solid point about our captain. He is a great player and there's no reason to trade him. Another point: we shouldn't be surprised by the French media on this one. After all, one of the photographers for the Devoir (i think) went to the hospital and took pics of Koivu after the team asked he be left alone.
  • Comment on Ryder sits, younger Kostitsyn on the first line (2007-12-13 13:18:29)
    Habsrule1, Carbo won't win any fans as long as he continues to juggles his lines with every shift. We're also talking about the habs, so every fan will feel like they can coach the team, b/c the team just means that much to us. I don't doubt for a second that doing Guy's job is easy (Can you imagine every move you make being interpreted by the press?). Take it easy, we're all just venting out our frustration at the current fall. And yes, it is up to Ryder to pick up the pace, but how much more of a confidence boost would it be if the coach came out and backed him? As much as I despise the leafs, the one thing my friend pointed out is that while they were in their free fall not once did the coach throw a player under the bus, and Mats Sundin pointed the finger at the team, not the coach. That's what this team (especially Guy) needs to learn.
  • Comment on Ryder sits, younger Kostitsyn on the first line (2007-12-13 13:13:17)
    I couldn't agree more. He's still a young player on a young team. This will not help his confidence, or anyone else's. Having the first line constantly change doesn't do much for Koivu or Higgins either. It might work tonight, but might now work later. Still, I'm happy to see so many younger players cracking the lineup. Even if it doesn't say much about our sinking ship.
  • Comment on Kostitsyn the Younger called up (2007-12-13 10:31:33)
    I have to agree, cournoyer12 has to be a leafs fan. Either that, or he's 12. Cournoyer12 Price is 20, he's going to make mistakes. But if you've actually watched him play, he's very good for his age. He'll become even better b/c of Huet's and Rollie Melanson's mentoring.
  • Comment on Game 27: Red Wings drop sagging Canadiens (2007-12-05 13:37:44)
    Koivu's not beyond criticism. Everyone in Montreal knows he's not playing as well as he was at the start of the season. Is there a difference between him and the other players on the team? Absolutely: he does things on and off the ice. (when was the last time a hockey player went and but a petscan for a city that didn't have one?). There is a lot of respect for this man in Montreal. "I like Koivu, he certainly has his qualities, battled cancer, but is he captain material? " You almost sound like one of those bandwagon hab fans. The mere fact that someone else jumped to his defense is a great statement to what he means to this team. And yes, a guy like Dandenault jumping to his defense is something to be proud of. As for him being captain material, Saku can turn a game around. I may be off on the team they played, but the very season he came back from his cancer (during the playoffs, no less) his one hit at the backend of his own ice against the Bruins turned the entire series around.