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  • Comment on Huet, Latendresse to face Capitals; Ryder sits (2007-12-20 15:44:24)
    With Lats back on Koivus line, does that mean the little "K" brother ends up on a third line with a couple of muckers.
  • Comment on Canadiens stumble on road out of town (2007-12-19 11:09:45)
    krob1000 The theory (and I do agree with it and have coached double letter hockey most of my life) is the defenceman occupies the middle of the ice taking away the pass.This leaves the shooter on an angle which gives the goalie the ability to get to the top of his crease and effectively taking away half the net.Last nights goal is the perfect example of why you have to take away the pass.The goalie always has to assume the puck handler will shoot hence play the shooter and don't leave the winger on the opposite side an open net to shoot at as the goalie will certainly be out of position no matter how quickly he can get to the other side. If both the defensemen and goalie plays the shooter who takes the guy with the empty net.
  • Comment on Canadiens stumble on road out of town (2007-12-19 11:03:40)
    As uncertain as I am about Carbo from time to time, last nights performance certainly can't be blamed on him.Komi made a bad pinch and Morkov didn't help by playing the 2 on 1 poorly, the second goal was obvious as to where the blame lies and I think Price would like to have had the 3rd one back. I did like his little experiment with the Kots brothers together with Pleks.I'd like to see that continue and move Kovi to the number 1 line. Poor Ryder last night.Looked a little lost but I feel for him after watching his line mates basically throw away the puck in the offensive zone just about everytime. Wouldn't mind seeing Chip/Ryder and Lats together.Not a big Lats fan but a better offensive upside then Kostopulous.Here's hoping for a better all round effort in Washington
  • Comment on Game 28: Canadiens snap losing streak (2007-12-07 15:08:03)
    Well not that we have 2 of our 5 or 6 fourth liners out and no more in the press box, Guy is going to be forced to play people with an offensive upside. Let's hope he sees throughout the exercise that having Dandy,Lapierre and Kosto. is enough.There's no rule that says an offensive player can't be taught to back check and play responsible defense while scoring a few goals here and there. I have to admitt that taking it to Boston right out of the gate with multiple forecheckers was the way to go especially as they played the night before. I hope Guy thinks he's stumbled onto something new here.
  • Comment on Ryder, Brisebois, Gorges scratched tonight (2007-12-06 15:43:44)
    Well Guy if running Ryder out of town is your intention you're one step closer. In my humble opinion the issue with Ryder is his centermen.If anyone truly believes Saku is any where near where a first line centermen needs to be then I can only imagine what your second, third and fourth line guys are like. Nobody needs to tell me how terrific, courageous and dedicated that Saku is.He's a termendous individual.Did you see Higgins goal the other night set up by Saku? now how many other decent plays did he make.He's lost his speed and endurance for probably obvious reasons but remember wingers rely on the play making abilities of their centermen. Try sticking Chip with some goal scorers and you'll see what I mean.Instead Guy has decided to turn him into a copy of himself. A shot blocker stuck on a third or fourth lines with people like Begin or Smolinski or any other of our fourth liners who combined in total exceed the number of quality goal scorers on the team. Mr. Lafleur wasn't all that far off the mark is he. Not to worry though Habs fans we have a couple of rookies coming in from the AHL that ought to make us a far better NHL team. I saw Guys press conference yesterday.He has as much control and influence in the dressing room right now as he did when they tanked at the end of last year.Funny Guy can't seem to get 20 guys to play his system (whatever that is) so I guess we get 20 new guys eh Guy. This business of don't blame the coach blame the players suggests some need to better understand what leadership is and that's exactly what a coach has to instill.It's a matter of follow me boys I know the way there. Can you really tell me he does and if so based on what evidence.The fact that he played on a good team with a good coach that won stanley cups. Good players don't always make good coaches. The proof will be in the pudding tonight.I'm keeping my fingers crossed
  • Comment on Lapierre, O’Byrne recalled; Grabovski sent down (2007-12-05 11:48:00)
    First time poster I've been a reader for some time now and figured it was time to weigh in.Just so I don;'t start off on the wrong foot, I'm a die hard fan of the Habs and have been for a long long time so don't confuse my suggestions with pot shots. There's alot to say these days about the slumping Habs and it all starts with coaching. Guy needs to understand that good defence "helps" win cups.Defence alone gets you no where.Once again we go into the third period trailing and we garnish 4 shots on net.It seems the startegy is to try and prevent the game from becoming 5 to 1 as opposed to trying and win the game.Three games in a row with 5 shots or less in the remaining period. Secondly Guy needs to realise that over 60% of goals scored come within 5 seconds of a turn over in the offense zone.How many turn overs do you expect to get with one fore checker. There is this philosophy that seems to say let them exit their zone , have your remaining 2 forwards stand in the neutral zone like pylons, clear them, then dump the puck in and force the defencemen down low who for the most part are good players but under sized.Thirdly when the puck is in our zone we go into the "penalty kill" box mode (standing still).Good skating teams ala Ottawa and Detroit simply skate into the seams and get too many quality shots. As of late we seem to be giving up 40 plus shots a game.Is that a defensive showing. Oh and good move Guy, put ryder on the 4th line that ought to help his goal production. Does anyone think putting a slow skater with 2 fast skaters makes the slower guy faster.Does sticking a poor player with 2 good players automatically make the bad good. A year and a half goes by and Guy doesn't know who should play with who. Here's your line up Guy 1) Kotsy-Plekanec- Kovy 2) Higgins-Chip- Ryder 3) Lats- koivu- bring up a bulldog 4) Dandenault (begin)-Lapierre-Kosto.