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  • Comment on Game of the Year … for now (2008-02-20 00:05:02)
    "We got caught on our heels and allowed them back into the hockey game," Rangers coach Tom Renney said. "I give the Montreal fans a ton of credit. That's what you're supposed to do, you're behind your team and they did a great job of that and this hockey team, which is very dangerous, certainly fed off of that and took what we gave them. To all the UFAs that didn't come to Montreal, read this and kiss my shiny metal a$$. HAHAHAHAHAHA, Who's laughing now meatbags?!?!?
  • Comment on Game of the Year … for now (2008-02-19 23:39:38)
    Great Win, other teams should take notice and be scared. Did anyone notice how the confidence level of the Habs increased with Huet in goal? I think Price is great and will be our number one goalie, but not this year. Huet brought the Habs this far and the Habs should run with him the rest of the way, for better or for worse. Poetic justice that the Habs won in a shootout, I am sure some if you non Huet believers thought the game was lost because it went into a shootout and Huet was in nets...... shame on you. Huet is number one, Habs win, game over. Cheers, big_daddy p.s. all these rumors surrounding Gainey and Les Habitants is really interesting, I agree with many posters that suggest the teams chemistry should be taken into account before any trades are made. So far Ottawa hasn't reaped any benefits from their trade, Gainey should take it all into account.
  • Comment on Game 57: Lightning shocks Canadiens (2008-02-12 23:35:28)
    Well thank God we have you Mr self professed Habs professor!!! Did you ever wonder that if Gainey and Carbs were to yo-yo players in and out of the line up at your whim, that maybe the players might loose their self confidence? OK... so the Habs have been stinking it up lately, whatever, did you really think that they were going to win every game? Give them a chance, they have gotten us this far, haven't they? It just blows my mind that people think that they have better judgment than the Habs management. Really dude, what are your credentials? If you are such a pro why don't you submit an application to George Gillette, I hear that they are always looking for good people, LMAO, stop pretending to know everything, and, ENJOY THE GAME, big_daddy ps don't make your wife cry during the hockey game, that mental image is just ruining the it for everybody!!!
  • Comment on Closer than it actually was (2007-12-18 22:55:57)
    I have applaud your optimism Habs Nation but the truth is as long as Carbonneau is coaching we won't be able to have any continued success. Sure we won a couple of games but Toronto was tired from the previous nights game. It pains me to see the Habs struggle like they do, but anyone with half a brain can see that the coaching is well below par. Didn't Claude Julien get the boot a couple of years ago when the team was doing no worse than it is now? I guess its not what you know but who you know! Gainey has to realize that every day he lets Carbonneau keep his job he looks more and more weak. We are all in it to win it, friendships aside, if I were in Bob's shoes I would fire my own mother if she performed like Carbonneau. Didn't he look pathetic out there calling for the refs attention to add a second to the clock at the end of the game. Sorry Carbonnea, but that second you so desperately desired would not have changed the outcome of the game. Maybe you should put more energy into your line up so you don't have to fiddle with them every shift during the game. How much longer do we have to put up with this guy??? I honestly think the Canadiens have a solid team that could contend with the best of them, Guy Carbonneau, you are the weakest link, you have to go. Spring is no fun without the Habs!
  • Comment on Remembering Canadiens’ Little Viking (2007-12-18 09:59:13)
    nice article, I always wondered what happened to the little guy. He was a great player, lots of emotion. I was young when he played but he stands out in my memory as one of the greats of his time. I have a foggy memory of him scoring a goal against the Nordiques and flipping the bird!!! Does anyone else remember that???
  • Comment on All-star vote: Markov top D, Huet’s lead narrows (2007-12-11 15:41:11)
    i voted for Carbonneau...... anything do get him out of town..... maybe if we send him to the all star game he can screw with the lines and then publicly berate the players after the game to destroy their confidence. It could work..
  • Comment on For whom the Bell does not toll (2007-12-08 22:19:37)
    we should of picked up M. Recchi off of waivers.
  • Comment on Hockey 101 (2007-12-05 00:44:21)
    Pleks..... u disappoint me....... I thought u were smarter than that..... the kid is twenty years old... and u expect him to carry this gang of bums on his back..... even Roy had a decent team in front of him.... you need to check into the general hospital for a complete check up man.... if you really want to know the truth from an expert..... I'll give it to you.... Carbonneau is a weak coach..... everyone can see that..... except you of course.... how can a team be so good and then fall apart every year... I'll tell you how it happens.... when you have a pig headed coach who points out specific players every time the waves get a little bumpy.... thats how.... Carbonneau needs to stick up for his players when the chips are down.... not make a public spectacle of them.... its just a matter of time before Kovalev tanks his game too..... It really makes me sick that Gainey stands behind this guy.... a great player but DEFINITELY not coach material..... I have been saying from last year that with the right coach this team would do wonders..... shake the NHL..... tonight, after he pointed out Price as the guilty party for the loss.... sickening.... what a loser...... like it has been said here before Carbonneau should take a look in the mirror.... and stop calling JoJo Savard for advice on the line up.....
  • Comment on Hockey 101 (2007-12-05 00:02:52)
    pleks my man.... how u doing? I hope you didn't fall down a flight of stairs..... because when you blame the goalie for a pathetic TEAM loss.... like the one tonight...... I worry about you...... maybe you are sooo excited that you went to the game that you forgot this is a TEAM sport....... cheers hope your head feels better in the AM THE big_daddy