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  • Comment on Habs Future (2010-11-28 22:06:19)

    Great round up Robert! Love to see MaxPac and my boy Gallagher doing well!  No surprises there.

    And WHAMO-RAMO!  Who'da thought?  Looks like Gauthier did a smart one!

    ------- “This is a good hockey team and no matter what situation you’re put in, you’re out there with smart hockey players.” - Jeff Halpern after his winning goal against the Laffs

  • Comment on Pat Burns funeral Nov. 29 in Montreal (2010-11-28 22:04:29)

    Brush up on your rules before making a comment which you are totally wrong. It was no BS call it was the right call. The Leafs made a pass from thier own zone and when Kadri recieved the pass he was alredy accross the Habs blue line therefore putting himself offside. There was no intentional offside just offside. Since the pass came from within the Leafs zone the face off takes place from where the pass came from. This was the correct call. You should read your rules next time before you make a BS call. To you from failing hands we throw the torch, be yours to hold it high.