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Habs fan since: birth... '72
Favorite current player: Chris Higgins (Can you say HEART?)
All-time favorite player: Mats Naslund... I wasn't old enough to watch Lafleur et al in their prime.


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  • Comment on Hockey 101 (2007-12-04 20:01:42)
    I think somethings in the works... First Price was hurt, then it was Huet. It supposedly happened in the 1st period, wouldn't (shouldn't) he have tightened up in the intermission? I think he's being shopped, As read online, it's Gainey's M.O to disappear a few days before a trade happens, I guess it's to ponder it a while. I don't know how he hasn't pulled off a trade yet. That man's patience is scary! (Or Maybe I'm a hothead who's favorite hobby is yelling at zebra's on ice) All I know is you gotta get when the gettings good! We need to trade value if we expect value in return. Huet is value at a deep position.(At leat it's what I'm hoping) We are NOT going to win Lord Stanley's mug this year, (if you disagree, hop on the 401 and become a Toronto Make Beleafs Fan, cause you're delusional) so let's build something. Price and the other kids may not be ready RIGHT now; but how does one gain NHL experience and the knowledge of what it takes to be an everyday NHLer if they are never given the chance to succeed? If Julien hadn't given the kids a chance due to his having coached them and knowing what they can do, where would the Habs be today? (I see a 401 joke in there for the ROC) Coaches are short sighted. They sign aging has beens or former roomates (Hello Brisebois x 2)instead of giving the kids a chance. Anybody remember that kid Beauchemin who couldn't make it on our team cause we were stacked *snicker* with the likes of Rivet, Brisebois, Quintal, Simpson, & Dykhuis. I try to forget everyday too. My two cents. (If it's worth that much)