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  • Comment on About last night … (2013-03-31 10:13:07)
    If you look at PK's average TOI, he's quite a bit lower than most other top Dmen. But he missed pre-season and was brought back into the fold slowly. Ignoring last night (because he oddly played less than 20min), in the 12 games beforehand (from March 3rd vs Boston to Mar 27th vs Boston) he averaged 26:19. Of the Dmen in the top 30 ranked by points, only 2 averaged more than that (Suter and Campbell), and overall only 5 Dmen average more than 26:19 (add in Karlsson pre-injury, Doughty and Johnson). Simply put, he averaged just 20:08 in his first 15 games, recording 10pts. Since then, he has played 13 games, averaging 25:32 and 17 points. So he did well with low minutes, and has been amazing with high minutes. Dear Galley: How is he not handling Norris ice time again?
  • Comment on About last night … (updated after Sunday afternoon game) (2013-03-17 17:16:31)
    Dr. Recchi agrees. I mean, Krejci's probably at the movies already...
  • Comment on Liveblog: Senators at Canadiens (2013-03-14 00:28:15)
    If it's late enough in the season, no one needs be sent down. After the trade deadline, if I recall correctly, they can carry more bodies. If it's too early, and we need to clear a roster spot, then I'd say someone like Dumont who can clear waivers (though I acknowledge he has done well in his brief time up, especially on faceoffs). Would I trade a 3rd...hmmm... maybe a conditional one (if he signs, a 3rd, if he doesn't, a 4th, kind of thing), but I'd probably say he's worth a 4th. What Florida would ask for is beyond me, of course, so it's tough to comment there.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Senators at Canadiens (2013-03-13 23:46:17)
    Having just read an article suggesting that Florida was about to sell everyone, I decided to look and see who might be a good fit for the Habs. And so I'm curious to see what others think about... Jerred Smithson. Here's my thinking: We don't currently need to add top offensive talent (though it may depend on injuries), but could use a bit extra size. He doesn't seem to fight much (low PIM guy), but is 6'3", 209 lbs and he has a decent number of hits (37th in the league, 1 behind Prust). He is a 4th line guy, plays just over 10min per game, and certainly not high scoring. He's Florida's #1 PK forward, which doesn't mean much since they're 30th in the league, but he wouldn't be #1 for us, so that's probably okay. He's the top forward on Florida in blocked shots, but that's just 19. He's got an 800k cap hit, is a UFA in the summer and he's 34 (so he shouldn't cost much in the way of picks/prospects). What intrigues me most is that he's listed as a Right Winger on, but he's 4th on the team in total faceoffs and has won 53% of them. Obviously that's a weak point for us right now. I've seen plenty of people suggesting we need to improve depth if we want to make a playoff run, rather than chasing a big name. Smithson might be the kind of penalty killing, faceoff winning, big body that we could really use. -shrug-, just a thought. Note: part of my reasoning is based on the idea that Bergevin won't want to sell the farm and won't want to strongly alter chemistry. As well, take into account who might be available. Most teams are still in the playoff hunt afterall...
  • Comment on No changes to lines at practice (2013-03-12 14:49:59)
    My apologies, I really just skimmed it.
  • Comment on No changes to lines at practice (2013-03-12 13:19:06)
    Stillman was traded at the 2003 draft, and played 81 games for Tampa in 03-04, so he wasn't a rental. After the lockout he signed with Carolina as a UFA, so again, not a rental.
  • Comment on No changes to lines at practice (2013-03-12 13:15:58)
    No, Strummer is correct. Bourque was traded before the deadline in 2000, won the cup the following season (2000-01). Oops, too late on the correction.
  • Comment on Habs in first place at midway point (2013-03-09 08:04:57)
    That second rounder jumped around a bit. After the Habs got it, they traded it to Chicago for Robert Lang. Chicago traded it back to Toronto for a couple other picks (Calgary's 2nd and Toronton's 3rd in the following season), and then Toronto traded it to Boston in the Kessel deal. It became Jared Knight.
  • Comment on Gallagher proving again that size isn’t everything (2013-03-07 12:40:00)
    But I think it's a result of Keller's actions, in stopping to hit Schnyder behind him, that it was not a foot closer to the boards. Also not necessarily saying you were calling him a villain - I used the exact same wording around 9:30 where at least one guy was saying he should be jailed.
  • Comment on Gallagher proving again that size isn’t everything (2013-03-07 12:11:23)
    Disagree. As I said earlier on this; It is extremely sad, and I feel sorry for everyone involved… I also hate to ask, but how much of an impact did Keller have on the result? As in, he clearly tries to stop and reverse quickly, in such a way to hit Schnyder, and so is thrown into the boards differently from if he had continued to pursue the puck first. Further to that, there is no guarantee Schnyder was going to hit Keller before Keller tried to hit him. It seems like a reactive hit to me, though I definitely don’t know for sure. I’m not trying to be a huge ass or anything here, just a bit worried that a guy is being labelled as a villain to an extreme level that isn’t deserved (he should be jailed? really?). Obviously it ruins one guys career and damages his life, but that doesn’t mean we automatically have to do the same to the other guy.