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    thanks. My point facetious though ;) (edit: spelling..arg)
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    I think Philadelphia has the only French player in the NHL. I could be mistaken.
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    Thanks for the warm welcome guys!

    I'll refrain from making any posts of significance until I figure out how this "blog" thing works, and until I can nail down some sort of jargon to incorporate into my posts. This is my first blogging experience. Be gentle.


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    Well, allow myself to introduce....myself.

    I've been a long time reader ~2yrs+ (Im almost more a fan of this site than the habs themselves, its a real social plethora of characters, many with better grammer and many with wittier witts than the rest of us, and for that I must say thank you. I not only get to satisfy my cravings for all knowledge habs related, but I get to bear witness to perhaps one of the best undocumented Soap Operas ever.) :)

    Whew, too many brackets for one post.

    I like scratch that, Love the Canadiens. I have been a fan since birth (Thanks dad!) and I had the fortunate opportunity to see a few games at the Forum when I was still in Novice. It was an unbelievable experience, they tied the Islanders 3-3... As years went on I remember being entertained and disappointed both at the same time. I was convinced at one points (circa the Habs vs. Bruins in the playoffs of 2009) where I was convinced the NHL was rigged similarly to a reality television show, just because Mr. "Best Hair and Bucket ever Kovalev" was more of a movie star to me, as a Quebecer and Montrealer, than anything I had really ever seen before. He was plastered and postered EVERYWHERE. I had to know more about this machine they called Les Canadiens. I have been educating myself since, obsessed with every aspect of the game. I try to really stay on top of Stats, Cap Info, Prospect and other auxiliaries, to improve my vision of the sport, league and our team! Mostly just from reading, and observing..

    I'm glad to be making this decision to perhaps join in on this spirited conversation! I hope my stay is welcomed here! I bring youthful optimism (I'm 22), and myself having played somewhat competetively for 10 years of my life, have a pure love for the game. It's hard for me to see the wrong in any aspect of the game. Don't get me wrong, I love the feeling of winning. But like any other cultural or artistic undertaking (Its a sport!!) , the thing I love most is just relaxing and enjoying it. No Hating is perfect.


    Your newest Member

    p.s my grandma's last name was/is Lafortune. Hence the name! :)