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  • Comment on Newcomers in, Spacek returns, Emelin out (2011-10-24 12:41:56)
    I totally missed this Michael Blunden guy. He's the no name we called up when we traded for the no-name from Phoenix and sent the other two no-names to Hamilton, right? Habs should dress me. Would ensure a path to the lottery pick, notwithstanding the fact I'd die of a heart attack the first time I had the puck and someone was about to check me. Maybe that explains Blunden... good enough to not panic and faint, not good enough to imperil our losing ways? PS I'm KIDDING. I still have hope they can win this game & begin the turnaround. Good Spacek is back.
  • Comment on Canadiens post historic W (2011-10-10 18:13:33)
    Hey HH - hope all's well with you...
  • Comment on Canadiens post historic W (2011-10-10 18:13:03)
    Thank you for replying, stating your opinion succinctly, and doing so without personalizing it or insulting. Insofar as the body of your thesis, Jack Todd's first memories of the Canadiens were either the 1986 or 1993 Cup. I don't like his columns, never have, nor anticipate that I will in the future. More of a Michael Farber guy, whose column he took over. Good day and repeated thanks for taking the time to sit back, consider your opinion, and reply without emotion.
  • Comment on Canadiens post historic W (2011-10-10 17:39:58)
    Much appreciated... my productivity is up quite a bit at work, although Twitter can be quite addicting.
  • Comment on Canadiens post historic W (2011-10-10 17:38:57)
    ha! hey Dave - hope all's well with you. I occasionally troll around... I just don't troll in the comments as much as I did. Wanted to leave some room for the next generation...!
  • Comment on Canadiens post historic W (2011-10-10 17:31:09)
    Assuming those are euphemisms... exactly.
  • Comment on Canadiens post historic W (2011-10-10 17:30:08)
    Notwithstanding whether or not he is correct on this particular issue, I would consider it a great compliment were Jack Todd to ever choose to attack me on an issue related to hockey. The man knows very little about hockey, writes only to inflame, and does so poorly rather than cleverly. As to his decision to mail in the particular piece of garbage that was in the paper today, it adds nothing to the dialogue that began for the rest of Western Civilization five minutes after Cherry uttered his comments on Thursday night. I suppose we can expect to hear his cynical thoughts on the Red Sox collapse later this week and the Yankees choke a week after that.
  • Comment on Canadiens post historic W (2011-10-10 17:25:22)
    Saying two weeks for laceration above the knee for Cammalleri. I haven't heard anything on the other two, although one should be at least a little concerned that I play defense but (a) not terribly well, (b) am 42, and (c) Pierre Gauthier just left a message on my voicemail.
  • Comment on Canadiens post historic W (2011-10-10 17:22:25)
    I can think of better replacement uses for Angelina Jolie than cleaning my closets
  • Comment on TORRES! TORRES! TORRES! (2011-06-01 22:33:49)
    Please kill me. The Bruins can't be in the finals. This can't be happening.