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  • Comment on Game 31: Flyers snuff out Canadiens rally (2010-12-15 22:23:49)

    The penalties that were not called on the Flyers turned the game.  Great effort, you can't beat one of the better teams and inept referees at the same time.  More vocal coaches get more respect from on ice officials.  Jacques does not seem to notice.   

  • Comment on Game 29: Red Wings hold off Canadiens (2010-12-10 22:33:42)

    Great game.  Balanced officiating, not so much.  The coaches who take referees to task tend to get the better of the calls. I'm thinking Buffalo, Toronto.. perhaps we are a too passive in this regard.  Great game by Price.  This year we are down to one Kostysten to unload.  Can't happen soon enough.  It would be nice to see Camilleri play up to potential at some time this year.  Such a talented  player, so little team focus.  Does Plekanecs have a brother, or Pouliot, good to see Pk back. I did not not miss Gomez.  Move Kostysten, unload Gomez (good luck with these moves) and bring up a couple of our great Bull Dogs.  We are so close.  I remain, Patient No More, but encouraged.

  • Comment on Plekanec on CBC’s Inside Hockey (2010-11-28 21:14:32)

    ok. ok. I will be first to admit that I loved the game last night.   Price is great.  PK is fun to watch.  Our captain, (much maligned, at least from my perspective) was outstanding.  Too many good or even great efforts to list here.  I have been a fan since 1959, and as I approach middle age ( reduce snickering please) and while I remain less than patient, I am optimistic that the current group ( Gomez excepted) demonstrate, at least every other game a desire to return Les Habitant to their appropriate place in the NHL.

  • Comment on Morning off for Canadiens (2010-11-27 13:32:29)

    I grow weary of reading how the team is too small after a loss and how they play with heart following a win.  I assume JM will continue the practice of constantly shuffling his lines in a apparent effort to confuse the opposition.  How is that working for you ? What other reason could there be ?  In addition, we can only hope that he plays Gomez at least 18 minutes, or more.  In fact, perhaps he should simply play 60 minutes.  It seems the coach is of the opinion that under performing players like Gomez and our Captain, ( has anyone seen him recently?) are about to break out, given more time on the ice.  Why don't we just take a pass on every other game so that our prima donna's don't get tired.  

    Please excuse the cynical tone to this post.  I remain... patient no more.

  • Comment on Today’s lines at practice (2010-11-23 19:57:52)

    ...because the laffs will still need a center..

  • Comment on Game 21: Habs sit back on 2-0 lead, lose 3-2 (2010-11-23 19:24:47)

    Long, very long list of disappointed fans as evidenced by the posts today.  It is, however, not too much to ask that a team show up for a match, and stay until the end.  Several people have pointed out that we are third, or whatever, therefore the Canadiens are a good team.  Really?  Outstanding goal tending and great success on the penalty kill, that's about it.  The team will make the playoffs, and then disappear.  The posters will fill the page with the usual comments; too small up front, defense too old and slow, lack of scoring, in other words same as last year.  At least this year we have a Captain, I think.  I'm sure I've seen one.  Let's stop commenting on the amount of money Gomez makes, that deal is done.  The amount of money negotiated months or perhaps years ago should not have any bearing on the allotment of minutes or in determining whether an individual is entrenched on the first or second line.  Let those who come to play play.  I do not profess to know more about running a hockey team than JM.  I do, however, like to be entertained and expect the organization to field a team that will play for three periods.  Very disappointing and after years of watching mediocre teams wearing the Canadien's uniform I am clearly patient no more.  Thus endeth my rant.  

  • Comment on Today’s lines at practice (2010-11-23 15:31:00)

    Good point, however, given there is no sign of improvement over the first 25% of the season, at what point would you suggest taking action is reasonable and viable ?  Supporters of the Habs are showing signs of developing the Toronto "wait until next year" approach to calling for improvements.  It has not worked for Toronto either.  When we tolerate mediocrity we get mediocre teams, and it has been a long time since anyone scheduled a parade down St. Catherines St.

  • Comment on Today’s lines at practice (2010-11-23 14:04:57)

    Other teams have found a solution to their Redden &  Souray problem ie. grossly overpaid / under performing player.  When will Gauthier exercise a similar solution on Gomez ?  For reasons unknown to most, JM continues to provide him with a significant amount of ice time despite poor offensive and spotty defensive contributions.