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  • Comment on About last night … (2008-02-27 11:22:02)
    The Crushin' Belorussians? The Belo Fellows? The Belarus Caboose? La trousse biƩlorusse?
  • Comment on About last night … (2008-02-27 11:13:28)
    Trading Huet also takes the goalie situation out of Carbonneau's hands. He has no choice but to play Price. If we didn't need some insurance in case of injuries, we would buy out Brisebois and Dandenault as well to force Carbonneau to give the kids a chance instead of flip-flopping all the time. At the same time, has no one figured out the genius of signing Brisebois, yet? It takes all the attention away from the kids' mistakes as they develop and makes the rest of the team look good in comparison.
  • Comment on About last night … (2008-02-27 10:35:33)
    Keep in mind that it's a 2009 pick. Anaheim is sure to do well this year. But next year is still up in the air. If they fall in the standings next year, our pick rises. In fact, given all the Anaheim Cup predictions from this year and the current average guess of 55th pick, there's nowhere to go but up for this pick.
  • Comment on And the winner is … (2008-02-25 16:36:56)
    You might just get your wish... I don't do deals unless they favour us, which usually means no deal. Right now, not much looks to favour us. Although, at the same time, I'm happy to have all our assets selling high, except maybe Huet. You guys have to remember what I said last summer, though. If I want the big free agents to come to the table, I have to show them we are true contenders, which means making a splash in the playoffs this year. But that also means I can't trade away the future to make the UFA's think twice about whether they are headed to Toronto. Anyway, to sum up, I am going after Hossa, hoping he'll sign in the offseason exactly because he's psyched about next year's chances or I go after Jokinen, who's less of a scorer, but who has got the size we need and a few underpriced years left on his contract. Vermette is also a nice target. So's Holik. But those deals ain't happening until the offseason anyway. At the same time, think about how shallow the UFA market is going to be this summer. Plenty of big names, but none that are keen on switching teams. So, a play for Hossa now may be the way to land the biggest fish during the golf season.
  • Comment on And the winner is … (2008-02-25 16:11:20)
    That's why if what I suggest is true, Sundin deserves all the more respect for taking the public criticism instead of Fletcher. And since that's what I do believe happened, I hope he gets his number retired one day, too.
  • Comment on And the winner is … (2008-02-25 13:00:35)
    So then you support my second theory, that Sundin himself did not see the return for his own sacrifice. Perhaps it might be that the assets coming the other way would be mostly draft picks or long-term prospects that suggest a 5-7 year rebuilding period by which time Sundin would already have retired and wouldn't benefit from even if he did return to the Leafs. I mean this is, ironically, the downside of team loyalty that everyone clamours for in absolutely any other situation. Mats could have gone anywhere at almost any price at a lot of points along his career and he chose to stay and even took a hometown discount. But now people fault him when he shows that he was sincere in his dedication to his team...
  • Comment on And the winner is … (2008-02-25 12:35:33)
    I wholeheartedly echo what JT says about the market not changing that much in response to Sundin's announcement. I would add that market prices also have a way of going up in response to the pressure to match a conference rival's key deadline acquisition. That way Sundin's decision might have even lowered prices. Also, has no one considered that Fletcher might have told Sundin that what might come back the other way wasn't worth it? Or that Sundin himself deemed it not worth enough (i.e. not really going to help the Leafs that much)? Has no one considered that this might be a face-saving exercise by Fletcher?
  • Comment on Forsberg (loosely translated from Swedish): Include me out (2008-02-19 10:09:03)
    Dan Boyle is already worth more than Streit on the market. Not sure how you expect me to land him AND Gratton. Remember that Streit is UFA at the end of the season and even if traded, we have a decent chance of drawing him back to Montreal in the off-season, that is of course if we have the money to sign him long-term.
  • Comment on Forsberg (loosely translated from Swedish): Include me out (2008-02-19 09:31:19)
    Lidstrom is injured now for Detroit along with Kronwall. They're now missing 2 of their top 3 defensemen. It's decision-time for me guys... Do I sign Streit long-term or do I take advantage and deal him as part of a package to Detroit for Kris Draper or Johan Franzen?
  • Comment on Forsberg (loosely translated from Swedish): Include me out (2008-02-19 04:15:25)
    Yeah, this is getting Auld...