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  • Comment on Canadiens vs. Islanders preview: Pateryn in lineup for Habs while Gonchar expected to sit out (2015-03-13 13:37:54)
    And M.T.'s brand of hockey of is more exciting how? Go Habs Go!!!!!
  • Comment on About last night … (2015-03-13 12:14:35)
    Here's a new, fresh thought...3 of the Habs top 6 forwards are 5'10 and under. Habs are too small, they need to get MOAR BIGGAR!!! Has anyone heard that before? Yes. It was true then and it's true now. Habs are having a terrible time scoring because they don't have anybody willing or capable of battling in front of the net to score the garbage goals. Gallagher was the only player willing to get dirty in front of the net, and he doesn't go there much anymore, probably because this late in the season he's beat down and of course he's too small. The new deadline additions don't really bring anything new to the table, Petry is the only guy worth keeping. DPS is a bust, what did Sekac do for MB to drop him like that? I hope it was momentous because MB is going to look rather sheepish if Sekac excels as a pro. Habs are same old, same old, too small. They need to get MOAR BIGGAR!! Go Habs Go!!!!!
  • Comment on About last night … (2015-03-13 11:47:56)
    85% of Hab fans are French? How do you know that? Agreed, 29 other teams don't have their hands tied with the language police and can conduct business on a strict best person for the job basis. Go Habs Go!!!!!
  • Comment on About last night … (2015-03-11 12:24:43)
    Question: if not for CP#31, would M.T. or M.B. still be employed by our beloved Habs? I'd wager that the very least M.T. v2.0 would have been run out of town by now. Go Habs Go!!!!!
  • Comment on About last night … (2015-02-19 09:59:28)
    Matty is guy who brings MB his coffee and doughnuts in the morning, that's why he is like he is. He thinks he's important, that's all that matters to him Go Habs Go!!!!!
  • Comment on About last night … (2015-02-19 08:08:13)
    It's not the refs fault the Habs lost last night. The Habs are small, maybe not soft, but small. No Hab fan wants a repeat of the 2013 playoffs, the playoff where Ottawa physically destroyed the small Habs. If we are calling spades, spades, then I call a small spade. Go Habs Go!!!!!
  • Comment on About last night … (2015-02-19 07:40:30)
    Get over it man! Who cares what Timo posts, I'm sure he doesn't care what you post. Toughen up and get ready for the playoffs. Go Habs Go!!!!!
  • Comment on About last night … (2015-02-19 07:03:19)
    I'll disagree. Timo tells it like he sees it, just like the rest of us. Go Habs Go!!!!!
  • Comment on About last night … (2015-02-19 06:59:05)
    Small Habs beaten by the Sens again. There is no secret to beat our Habs come playoff time. The opposing team just needs to play a tough heavy game. Hopefully Tinordi and Pateryn stick around for much needed size, maybe MB can add Polak. If Gryba did indeed take Eller's head off again last night what would have the response been? I'm guessing nothing, because who would or could have stepped up? Prust can only do so much, and he's a great middle weight but he's giving up 40 lbs to Gryba. When is it ok to get off the Gallagher bus? He's too small, he turns the puck over all the time and never passes. 2 goals in 17 games is not a great stat for a top 6 forward. Here we go again ad nauseam, Habs won't win the cup until they get.... MOAR BIGGAR!!!!!!! Go Habs Go!!!!!
  • Comment on About last night … (2015-02-13 09:34:28)
    Hey Pleks I'm open...Pleks..over here..I'm open. Did anyone else see Prust wide open with no goalie in the net? Plekanec did, he looked off Prust then fired a puck right in to the D man. Plekanec is a good all around center, but, he does play selfish from time to time. Last night was a great example. Go Habs Go!!!!!