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  • Comment on Canadiens stumble on road out of town (2007-12-19 16:56:34)
    TommyB, The reason a lot of us blame Carbo is not because of the couple of mistakes that lead to goals...those are clearly player mistakes and nothing a coach can undo..they will happen. The reason Carbo needs to go is because (1) the players don't seem motivated, (2) are not buying into his "system" ( this is evident because they don't play a consistent style from game to game...sometimes playing zone defense, sometimes playing aggressive forecheck etc) and (3) his line shuffling makes him seem like he's not confident and does not really know what he's doing (4) him calling out players all the time makes players stop playing for him (look at handling of Ryder for example). It is clear to me (and again, I've played competitive and know about change-room dynamics) that he has lost the room...ie. the players are tuning him out. There was a game where Pierre Mcguire was in between the benches and heard Carbo yelling at the guys to "stop feeling bad for yourselfs and play"... statements like that make me even more sure that they are not willing to put their bodies on the line for him. Think about it: a coach who will ALWAYS take blame for his players, always back them up even if the public is on them, will be loved by that player, and they would bleed for him and go through walls for him. But why would they do that for a coach who constantly blames everyone else and never himself or his tactics....even to divert some attention away from his players. Have you EVER heard Carbo come out and say "maybe I need to do a better job of preparing the players" or "maybe I should adjust our style of play"? No!
  • Comment on Price gets call over Huet for Panthers (2007-12-17 21:22:12)
    Ok a couple of quick points: (1) I'm still not a fan of Carb (read some of my previous posts)... I think the team is actually playing a different style than what he wants them to play, and thank god....cause that defensive crap was gonna kill us. Maybe Gainy pointed out to him that we're a fast skatng team and not a grinding team and he saw the light. Anyhow, I really hope he leaves the top 2 lines together....this next stretch will show us if Carb knows what he's doing behind the bench...if he keeps things the same, keep the young guys there (Lap, Obyrne, SK) even if they lose a couple and has faith in them, then it's good...if he puts that deadbeat Breezbye and Smolinski back in a send the young guys back down...then he's a complete idiot. We shall see. (2) On the other hand, I totally agree with him giving Price the start again....it's a smart move and one the Huet (whom I love) will understand. Anyone who's played competitive sports will tell you, Huet will be disappointed but will ultimately realize it's the right choice. He was injured, Price played awesome and the team is on a roll. The coach is almost obligated in this case to go with the hot hand...its the smart thing...and you know what, if Price wins again, keep going with him. Would anyone complain if he kept winning? Can Huet really say "Hey, I know Price has won 5 in a row, but I should play"? Heck, if he wins every game from here on in, just go with it. And a couple of late comments on the Leafs game: We beat those guys like they owed us money! That was great....the sequence where Saku's line held it in their zone for almost 5 hours (felt like it...I was laughing at my TV so loud, you should have seen my wifes face!). And them there was the 3-hit sequence.... Hamerlik layed out a guy first in our zone, then Komi almost took a guys head off by the blue line, and then another Hab flattened Leaf behind our net (all within a few seconds)....again I was screaming at my TV. Who says we have a small team....a team is measured by the size of their heart, and we have some heart now.... led by the bravest, gutsiest of them all....Captain K.... I would not trade his heart for any sized man in the league...I hope he stays a Hab for life!
  • Comment on Lapierre, O’Byrne recalled; Grabovski sent down (2007-12-05 20:47:07)
    All the points you brought up are the exactly what I'm trying to say (see my previous post). The guys have stopped playing for Carbo... a coach who acts like he's not confident, then keeps calling out guys, will get shut-out by his players. Carbo does not have a philosophy that he sticks with, he keeps changing his mind...and that rubs off on players...they figure he doesn't know what the right style of play is, and so THEY lose confidence too. What this team needs is not a top forward (even if we could somehow get one). It needs an experienced coach who has a nice system of play, is not afraid to stick to it to make it work, instead of constantly shuffling his lines.... Man, I'm so angry and sad to see a team fumble around like they have been lately....they are better than that, and if they had a coach who could get everyone on the same page then they could make a good push for a playoff spot.
  • Comment on Lapierre, O’Byrne recalled; Grabovski sent down (2007-12-05 14:41:49)
    I've been reading lots of posts about what the problems may be in Habs town, and why our beloved team went from a fast skating - puck moving team to one that looks like they don't know what they are doing out on the ice. I will tell you the answer: its poor coaching! I've played competitive team sports all my life, and the signs that I see with the Habs right now all point to the players not believing in the coach or his system anymore. At the start of the year, Carbo picked some lines, the players think "great, this is where I am and these are my line mates...and this is our style...we out-skate teams, move pucks fast and play nice offense, while also trying to work hard on our defense". They dominate for a while and everything is great. But then they lose a couple of games, and Carbo starts switching lines....a big mistake in not showing some patience.... putting Ryder on the 3rd and 4th lines...right away, that kills some of the confidence not just in Ryder, but other playes too...I remember Carbo started switching lines even when the Habs were winning games, trying to "perfect" all 4 lines! Hey Carbo, no such thing as perfect ok. Now back to my point: What happens when a coach starts jumbling lines is that players start to think "This guy is not sure what the F%%% he is doing....why does he change things every practice? Why is he changing the style we are supposed to play? Why is he changing his philosophy a 3rd of the way into the season?" I can totally see this in their body language (like I said, I've been in many locker rooms and seen this before, even at the amateur level) where players just don't beleive in the coach anymore. Carbo has effectively killed Ryders confidence, and now Koivu is not playing hard for him anymore, and niether will Kovy in the next little while. This is what happens when a coach loses his players' confidence in his abilities... And you can see it reflected on the ice...no real apparent system, not much effort, no cohesion, no morale...all signs that Carbo has lost the room. Too bad cause I really like him as a player and person, but he is not a very good tactical coach. Unfortunately, there's not much Bob can do about it right now. I would love to hear what others think of this (Dave?). Sorry for the rant!