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  • Comment on Hockey returns to Bell Centre (2011-10-13 11:05:43)
    Your tax dollars dont go to support Coaches Corner or HNIC in any way. It is one of the only profit making shows the CBC has. If Cherry was fired by CBC he would immediately be hired by TSN. You may not like what he has to say but lots of people watch and thats what matters.
  • Comment on Gabriel Dumont assigned to Bulldogs (2011-09-27 18:13:52)
    Habs dont like the pre-season format. Easiest way to not play your starters is to list them as injured.
  • Comment on Gabriel Dumont assigned to Bulldogs (2011-09-27 18:05:16)
    Hamr wouldnt take one year and quite frankly, between Gill, Spacek and Hamrlik that's too many core D over 35...
  • Comment on Gomez will play this weekend (2011-09-23 02:00:12)
    Not many teams with 5 players under 22 make much noise in the playoffs. Wait until they mature and then watch out. Oilers are stacked for years to come. Problem is that when the entry level contracts run out they wont have the money to keep them all.
  • Comment on A loss that felt like a win (2011-09-22 02:23:43)
    He is ineligible to play in Hamilton. Its NHL or Junior for one more year. He will probably make the WJC team and then rip up the last portion of his junior season. He might play NHL next year. He's ahead of PK's play at a similar age.
  • Comment on A loss that felt like a win (2011-09-22 02:05:32)
    Saying that a kid straight out of junior and playing his first NHL preseason game isnt ready takes a lot of insight. Give your head a shake. A young kid in front of a partisan home crowd played an unbelievable game. Pull your head out of your posterior and then shut up. Beaulieu proved that he was more than worth the 1st round pick and then some. He is maybe half a year away from doing call up duty on an average team. Given our defensive depth he might actually play half a season in the A after junior. In 2 years he'll be a regular NHL player. What I saw was an incredibly poised young kid, in front of a home crowd play almost 28 minutes against an almost NHL calibre team. All players make mistakes and you are grading him as if he were a veteran.
  • Comment on Winless! (2011-09-20 18:15:40)
    Tinordi will also be very willing to jump an opponent should he take liberties with a smaller player. Same with Schultz and Blunden, and Woywitka... Could be a rough game. @mattmaniac
  • Comment on Late links (2011-08-29 17:44:18)
    That's lofty status for Beaulieu. A top 5 pick for a kid just entering his last year of junior hockey. That would seem to indicate that he could be NHL ready after this year of junior.
  • Comment on Kovy does not go quietly (2011-08-09 15:23:48)
    Its sad when elite athletes cant accpept that their skills have deteriorated to the point where they should retire gracefully. Kovalev is a magician with the puck but he is painfully slow and not exactly a positive dressing room player. There is no place for him in the salary cap NHL.
  • Comment on Never too early to worry (2011-08-05 13:36:24)
    The team let it be known that they were very happy with the play of Andreas Engqvist in Hamilton. He is 6'4 and a good faceoff man. I think the team would have resigned Halpern if they felt Engqvist wasnt ready.