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Favorite current player: Brian Gionta, P.K. Subban
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  • Comment on ALIVE!!! (2010-05-10 06:59:15)

    Well said Boone. I think the Habs will put on a good showing tonight. If they lose, well, I think it would be nice for them to lose on home ice as they would get the ovation they deserve.

    Let's hope Gill and Spacek can play...

    And Halak magic twinkles once more...

  • Comment on UN-BE-LIEVABLE!! (2010-04-28 21:43:38)

    Habs make history! I can't believe it!

    What a performance. This is a TEAM! Whereever he is right now, Gainey is smiling...

  • Comment on UN-BE-LIEVABLE!! (2010-04-28 20:52:17)

    I think everyone is too nervous to type!

    20 minutes boys, let's do it!

  • Comment on Game F. Seven!!! (2010-04-26 21:40:51)

    Halak was just unbelievable. I hope he (and Markov and Gorges and Gomez and Gionta) have enough left in the tank for game 7!

  • Comment on Game F. Seven!!! (2010-04-26 20:50:54)

    Regardless of how this year's playoffs pans out, I like the core of our team and the youth that we have going forward. We finally have the type of players we need, to match the system that our coach wants to implement. And Subban is soo solid.

    One thing I'm wondering though, why is Elliotte Friedman so sure that Halak will leave Mtl? Any ideas Boone?

  • Comment on Alive! (2010-04-23 19:40:04)

    Halak is playing well tonight. Great to see.

  • Comment on Alive! (2010-04-23 19:07:30)


    Versus link unfortunately but you'll be able to watch.

  • Comment on Higgins waits for OK (2008-10-18 14:05:05)
    anyone got any thoughts on the supposed trade rumor going around? its higgins + mcdonaugh + draft pick for marian gaborik.
  • Comment on About last night … (2008-02-27 12:17:39)
    You know, I was so upset yesterday afternoon. I felt that we got totally shafted by Pittsburgh's last minute deal and I didnt really understand the Huet trade. The more I think about it, however, the more I can see how it makes sense. JT is exactly right, there simply wasnt a market for goalies. Bryzgalov was a Cup-winning goalie (he carried the team during Giguere's injuries in the playoffs) and he couldnt be traded and had to be put on WAIVERS! A cup winner...on waivers!!! Think about that. Moreover, if they hadnt traded Huet, they could have ended up with a situation at the end of the year in which Huet would walk, and likely so would Halak, feeling like he doesn't have a spot here. (He had wanted to go to Russia). If you listen to Gainey's press conference, he makes it pretty clear that they had planned to trade him all along. I'm not convinced that the Huet trade wasn't supposed to be part of something larger in the Hossa deal, but in the end, Pittsburgh came in with that expensive package including a 1st round pick! Regarding the fact that we didnt get an impact player..... Neither Ottawa nor Anaheim picked up a significant "rental" player at the deadline last year, look where it got them. Detroit has been probably the best hockey club for the last 20 years, I dont remember them ever sacrificing a large package of players and prospects for an expensive rental at the deadline. The point is that great hockey clubs are built from within. Over time, winning brings the UFA's in the off season, thats clearly what Gainey is aiming for. And I have all the faith in him.
  • Comment on NHL trade deadline: Q & A (2008-02-24 22:34:03)
    You gotta have respect for Sundin. He really is a class act.