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  • Comment on Sunday potpourri (2010-12-07 02:22:18)

    Could you please expand on that?

    Essentially, waiting until the deadline rather than making  an acquisition right now gives them more money to play with?


    Would love for Mr. Stubbs to write an article regarding this topic (cap space available and how much in regards to the trade deadline.....also where this money would be best spent)

  • Comment on Quick hits (2010-12-02 23:41:15)

    PK is pretty exciting to watch, but lets not sell the great Oleg Petrov short.  

    Or for that matter the smurf line:  Bure-Koivu-Petrov

  • Comment on The morning roundup (2010-11-26 12:28:37)

    I think JM and his staff is doing a great job. Remember how everyone was saying Carbo was totally outcoached by Claude Julien a few years ago?  Well I think that problem has been solved with JM.


    Now having said that a good organization should always be ready to groom people from within to move on up when the opportunity presents itself.  Obviously, the loss of Guy Boucher left a void in that succession plan.  Well through the power of video and the wisdom of one of the greatest Habs defencemen (Chris Chelios #24) I think we may have the perfect heir apparent to JM (if/when he decides to move on).  This guy teaches a brand of hockey that would be especially useful against the rough and tumble Flyers and Bruins of the east.  Have a look:

  • Comment on Game 22: Canadiens impress in crowning Kings (2010-11-25 01:08:46)

    Wow great post HardHabits, always have enjoyed reading your contributions.

    So in the case of the Habs, and Markovs salary how much in absolute dollars can the Habs gain towards their salary cap temporarily if he is placed on IR?

    Any names that jump out for potential powerplay QB candidates that Gauthier could target? (aside from the usual Souray and MAB suggetions:)

  • Comment on Game 22: Canadiens impress in crowning Kings (2010-11-25 00:55:38)

    Every report seems to indicate Markov is gone for a long time, so why not put him on IR and sign another defenceman or even forward ?  A power forward or powerplay QB would be nice, and quite possibly the last piece needed.  A little surprised there hasn't been more talk in the media about what the Habs could potentially "purchase" with this potentially new found cap space.

    btw:  all other fellow lurkers remaining out there (seriously I've been reading this site since it first started and I also find it really weird that Dave Stubbs looks like he's getting younger??) ........the first post is the most difficult, after that you will feel liberated, as I do tonight

  • Comment on Game 22: Canadiens impress in crowning Kings (2010-11-25 00:47:08)

    So has Andrei matured into the player the Habs thought they were drafting?




    Is this resurgence due to a contract year?

    Furthermore, do the Habs use this uptick in brother AK's performance to sell high or do they reward him with a new contract with the possibility he will revert back to his 2009-10 self?

  • Comment on Game 22: Canadiens impress in crowning Kings (2010-11-25 00:32:58)

    Andrei Markov question:

    Since Markov is lost for an extended period of time, does this clear up cap space in the amount of his salary?

    In other words could the team sign someone to the tune of say $4 million until Markov returns? 

    Anyone see a potential salary dump type offensive defenceman capable of running the powerplay the Habs could be targeting?  I think once the powerplay is back to where it has been the past few seasons combined with the great team defence...........first place in the east?


    btw:  this is my first ever post on HIO so if I seem a bit nervous please forgive (though I've been reading this site for like 3 years now)

  • Comment on Quick Hits (2011-03-09 01:17:14)

    NHL Network

    Kevin Weekes on NHL network is much more intelligent than the likes of McKenzie or Barnaby.  I rarely ever post on here, but diligently read this page daily and have been for years. 

    Weekes made a very interesting point.  As Chara is racing towards Max he can clearly see his defence partner is already back in the zone and will have puck posession.  Thus, there is no reason for Chara to initiate a hit on Max who didn't even have the puck.  Clearly Chara can see this.  Secondly, he points out how Chara extends his arms at the end essentially guiding Max into the glass.  Thirdly, Weekes agrees Chara is not a dirty player as he has no past history, but when is the league going to say enough is enough to these types of incidents?

    Also, on the Ryan White beating of Boychuk.  Whats with this guy not taking off his face shield?  I sure hope Don Cherry brings this up in his coach's corner this week.  On second thought thats not likely to happen.  Oh by the way over at NESN Milbury (still to date the dumbest GM ever -------and we're talking about a league that has seen Garth Snow, Rejean Houle) thinks it was a 2 minute minor at best.


  • Comment on Practice cancelled today (2011-03-12 01:15:01)

    Still fuming from the MaxPac hit.  How many years have we been searching for that illusive power forward with a scoring touch?  I live on the west coast good ole usa and I used to be so proud promoting hockey to all my friends out here.  That is until this past week.  Now I'm almost ashamed of the WWF crap that goes on.

    Love him or hate him, do we not miss watching Sidney Crosby play?  I certainly do.  Instead I get to watch the New Thug League.  Anyone with an ounce of intelligence knows the fans come to watch the superstars play.  Why on earth would the NHL not do its utmost to protect its greatest assets?  Could you imagine someone cheap shotting Tom Brady or Peyton Manning and getting away with it?  How is Murphy impartial to all this, when his boss is clearly associated with the Bruins?  Was Ziegler really that bad?

    I cannot understand the NHLPA's stance on the issue.  They're going to study the safety of the Bell Center?  Are there retards all around running the NHL?  Just because someone played the game does not instantly make them intelligent enough to manage the game.  I think Rejean Houle proved that forever.  As Dave Stubbs pointed out, since the Bell Center opened in 1996 how many previous stanchion incidents have there been ?  Zero!!!  Thus, I don't think the layout of the building is the issue here.  Then we hear about "well if the hit occured on open ice it'd be nuthin"............. well thats like saying well a boarding penalty was the players fault because he stood too close to the boards.  Had he been at center ice there would be no problem.  Seriously, this is the level of intelligence in this sport?

    I used to hate the Canucks and honestly I still hate the Canucks, but I have respect for what Sedin said.  Also, for Joe Thornton.  Someone today in Detroit probably doesn't care about what happened to Max, but someday this could happen to Zetterberg or Lidstrom etc...... Why do these owners who dole out the huge contracts allow their top assets to come under attack in this manner?  If they think this goonery stuff is going to sell the game, well it obviously isn't working.  Also, Bettman you're in DC this week to promote the game yet you can't provide any legtimacy in your league office, do you not feel stupid, or do you not care?

    Scotty Bowman should be a special advsior of some sort in the NHL league office.  There is a man who knows the game. 

    Finally, someone on here able to start one of those middle east style facebook movements, so that every city Chara plays in he gets booed everytime he touches the puck.  Let him know he's hated, let the league know .  Also, lets send Bettman to Libya I think the Col. is interested in paying a hefty expansion team fee.