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  • Comment on About last night … (2013-11-16 15:28:11)
    Or a forward playing the point could even be a good option
  • Comment on Habs get day off Friday; Pateryn sent to Hamilton (2013-11-08 12:29:23)
    We did fall off a cliff after he went down last year. Im not calling him a savior, but he makes a dramatic difference to our blue line.
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-11-08 12:25:33)
    I totally agree. A good coach can get his players to play above their potential, or to at least play to their potential. Look at Patty Roy. He's got the avalanche finally playing to their potential. The point I was making is that the coach cant jump on the ice and actually win the games. He needs to push the right buttons and get his players to perform.
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-11-08 12:23:12)
    What free agents were available in the off-season? Would you have paid what the leafs paid for clarkson? Apparently management thought they were a contender because they handed $4.5 million on a multi-year deal to Briere lol
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-11-08 10:19:24)
    I really agree with a lot of the pundits out there. Michel Therrien is great at getting the team prepared to play, but he always looks lost when it comes to in-game adjustments. I find during the games that he is very often getting outcoached. I think the problem is the organizations misconception of what this team is. Finishing as high as we did last year made the organization believe were contenders. I dont think anyone will disagree with me, the habs are not legitimate contenders. We can be serious contenders in a few years, but its going to require patience, something which therrien is showing none of this year. The constant line juggling, the putting players in the dog house at the slightest sniff of a defensive gaff... Not very confidence inspiring for the players, especially the young ones. Galchenyuk has great playmaking abilities, and a bonafide sniper could certainly compliment him, but what center in the league wouldnt benefit from a bonafide sniper? Its an obvious statement. Galchenyuk has a wicked shot, and he can bury the puck himself. Galchenyuks problem to me? He looks like hes playing with zero confidence. We see flashes of brilliance here and there, but no finish. He seems like he wants to pass when he should shoot. Coaches wont win games for teams. That just doesnt happen. However, where good coaching makes a difference is pressing the right buttons to help players get the most out of themselves, and I just dont feel therrien does that well.
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-11-06 11:15:36)
    I dont want to harp on MT too much, as I never liked him to begin with so its useless. Ill give him credit for one thing, the team looks prepared to play every game. The habs have pretty much been in every game this year. Where MT leaves MUCH to be desired, is in managing the bench during the game. I could see him making an excellent assistant coach, but as a head coach he is terrible. His decision making mid-game is just awful. Also, the success of this franchise is going to rest heavily on PK, PRice and Galcheyuk. Galchenyuk and PK both look like theyre playing with very little confidence lately. Thats on the coach. Offensively gifted young players are always going to make defensive mistakes. The habs arent a cup contender. The coach has to let them make the mistakes and learn from them. Getting mad at them every time they make a mistake just ruins confidence and stifles their creativity.
  • Comment on Roy’s Avalanche has best record in NHL at 11-1-0 (2013-11-02 15:33:25)
    this mount royal guy is on fire today...he must be trolling.
  • Comment on Roy’s Avalanche has best record in NHL at 11-1-0 (2013-11-02 15:31:00)
    Subban is our teams leading scorer, and he plays defense! He plays almost half of every single game. There's no reason for therrien to be hard on him, if anything he should go easier on him. So saying that MT is being harder on DD then PK doesnt even factor in to the discussion. Now, as for DD. You're right, DD is not being given preferential treatment because he's french, hes most likely getting preferential treatment because he was signed to a 4 year extension that he didnt even deserve at the time it was given to him, let alone now. Obviously Bergevin has to figure out a way for him to get out of his funk or it just looks really bad on him. However, if you dont think that the fact that his name is David Desharnais played into him getting that extension, well you're just naive. and "prolific playmaker"? Talk about a stretch... Are you actually David Desharnais or something? Are you related to him somehow? lol
  • Comment on Roy’s Avalanche has best record in NHL at 11-1-0 (2013-11-02 15:17:20)
    If MB's asking MT that question hes basically admitting he made a mistake in signing DD to that extension. Therefore, highly unlikely.
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-10-30 10:48:48)
    Yeah, with respect to bournival, i think its pretty safe to say the habs won the Ryan O'byrne trade. Not that winning a trade with the avalanche is impressive in any way, but winning's winning, the kid looks like he belongs in the show!