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  • Comment on Season’s greetings from the Canadiens (2007-12-13 12:49:41)
    Does anyone have a take on the latest Habs-Sharks rumours- Marleau/Bernier for Koivu/Ryder + Prospect? It sounds interesting. As much as I love Koivu, I think there is definetley a rift between him and Carbo which is dragging him down.
  • Comment on Game 31: Canadiens roll over Flyers 4-1 (2007-12-13 08:01:45)
    As hardcore of a fan as I am, I cannot make the 1.5 hour drive to Philly to watch the Habs. I was embarrased in NJ a couple of weeks ago, and until they turn it around I don't know if I can even watch it on TV. They need to right this ship now.
  • Comment on Kostitsyn the Younger called up (2007-12-12 19:02:55)
    I agree. This, however should spark some energy into the team and at least amek them compete against the Flyers and Leafs. These are critical games that we have to win to stop the bleeding. I also anticipate a trade by the weekend.
  • Comment on Game 30: Habs lose sixth straight at home (2007-12-12 10:07:58)
    There was a period after Julien was fired that Gainey stepped in before Carbo. I seem to remember them playing with a lot more intensity during that short timeframe.
  • Comment on Game 30: Habs lose sixth straight at home (2007-12-12 09:24:56)
    Obviously the players have tuned out the coaches and no one has stepped in from the player's side to instill the confidence they need to start playing a full 60 minutes. We have a good defensive corps( minus Brisebois) that is better than last year, and they have proved that to a point until December. We need an impact power forward that can only come as a result of a trade. We have enough young depth to mortgage that for this hole to be filled. Carbo also needs to go, and have Gainey take over for the rest of the season. It has worked before. Allons-y Canadiens!