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Favorite current player: andrei markov,pk subban(and soon to be price)
All-time favorite player: lafleur,robinson,gainey roy and dryden


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  • Comment on Carey Price survives All-Star Game shootout (2015-01-26 14:00:54)
    hi guys as you already heard alex has his last sugery on the 4th of feb! i just wanted to thank each and everyone of you from the bottom of my heart for keeping alex in your thoughts and prayers i meant alot to me and my wife,you gys are absolutely amazing ,and i so glad i`m a habs fan (and so is alex) you guys show each and everytime someone gets sick or a young fan like alex habs fans,im typical fashion rise to the top and show everyone that you guy are the very very best and the most classiest fans on the planet! i`m so glad to be a lifelong habs fan...i can`t wait to meet each and everyone of you guys in october at the summit! i hope that timo makes it,and i hope rob hing and his amazing wife alayne go too ! alex and i want to give each and everyone one of you guys a very special hug! it`s been a very long road and a fight that alex won with his menningitis! the light is at the end of the tunnel ......i think alex is a perfect young habs fan he reminds me alot of our team,he has shown the heart like they have in that they never give up and will fight to win he`s got a heart of a champion just like our habs do! i`d like nothing more than for them to win the stanley cup this year as for me personally it would be the most special cup win( because of this fight with the sickness) that alex had and all the love and support he recieved from all of you so this cup would mean the most to me and alex would also get to see them win the stanley cup for the 1st time and it would mean alot to him because of what he went through,asthe years go by he`s look back and would remember this cup the most because it would be the year he had menningitis beat it (after a long 7 month battle) and the habs win the stanley cup!" so i really hope marc bergevin pulls out all the stops fleeces the oilers for jordan eberle (because he`s the missing 30 goal man we need) and the clutch scorer for our run to our 25th cup! so as i said thank you all so very much i love you all!
  • Comment on Habs enjoy a day off in Florida on New Year’s Eve (2014-12-31 20:47:03)
    anybody know any good leafs jokes? haha
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  • Comment on Liveblog: Canadiens give themselves a merry Christmas (2014-12-23 22:51:00)
    hi everyone, i just wanted to say MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone on here, and to let everyone know that alex is doing really well and is looking forward to christmas day!! we watched our boys win tonight ...i think we have a team that's clicking on all cylinders..... but we still need a top 6 forward which i think mb will get us he'll fleece another gm and land that guy ( eberle) i hope their isn't a better clutch scorer in the game than eberle him with pacioretty and galchenyuk would be a sick line,i think that price will win the vezina and possibly the hart trophy he's proving that he's the best in the league and it's not even close.....
  • Comment on Canadiens legend Jean BĂ©liveau dies at age 83 (2014-12-03 17:58:25)
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-11-19 19:05:21)
    hi timo i agree with you my friend! they need to take dd away from pacioretty i'd put galchenyuk with him and sekac i'd try a new line
  • Comment on Liveblog: Canadiens run winning streak to five (2014-11-15 22:50:40)
    man our boys are on fire 5 in a row gonchar on the pp has changed the dnamics of the pp it's nice to have 2 left hand shots there with him and markov plus teams now just can't key on subban....man galchenyuk is turning into a franchise center right before our eyes,he will be the #1 center in a matter of time,,,that pass he made to pk was a beauty ....carey price is proving that he's the best goaltender in the league
  • Comment on Busy weekend for Habs with Flyers in town Saturday and road game Sunday in Detroit (2014-11-14 21:48:55)
    HI everyone,this has been the worst year of my life,i was in total and utter shock when we were told alex had menningitis..... but through all the love i have recieved from my HIO FAMILY and your thoughts and prayersand love for alex pulled us through! you guys are absolutely amazing i cried very time i read a post about alex from you guys it meant so much to me ,my wife and alex! we will never,ever forget all of you guys ...on our local radio here they talked about the saskatchewan roughriders as having the best fans in the world,i called in and said b.s. i told them flat out that the classiest and best fans in the world are on hio and the montreal canadiens fans we are all like family........ alex is alot like our habs he has a heart of a lion ,he has no quit in him and is a fighter he came back and battled through this menningitis just like our habs did against the bruins in last years playoffs and like our habs have done this season ...so i think that's why alex is like all of us true habs fans and when the chips are down we don't give up and come out on top,,,we had a very minor set back with alex early in the week,just when we thought things were going good, he had 2 siezures...we took him in and like true alex fashion he fought it again and won this battle too.. the other day we were at thee doctors office and he said the test results from alex's seizures had come back yet but all the infection in his brain is gone and he doesn't need his i.v medicine anymore WELL THE LOOK ON ALEX'S FACE AND THE EMOTION I HAD AND WE FELT WAS LIKE THE HABS WINNING THE STANLEY CUP!!! WE YELLED AND FIST PUMPED AND CELEBRATED THIS MOMENTUS OCCASION AS WE KNOW THAT THE END OF THE TUNNEL IS NEAR !! THE DOCTOR INFORMED US THAT ALEX WILL NOW FACE HIS FINAL SURGERY(IN CALGARY) AND HAVE THE BONE PUT BACK IN HIS HEAD! AGAIN I SO HAPPY I JUMPED FOR JOY I GOT MY BOY BACK AND I TOLD HIM THE HABS PLAYED THAT NIGHT AND HE WANTED TO WATCH IT AND CELEBRATE AGAIN HE SAID AS THE HABS WILL BEAT THE SHITTY BRUINS! HAHA THOSE WERE HIS WORDS ,NOT MINE we put on our habs jerseys and watched the game and yelled ad cheered hard that is the 1st time i seen alex this happy and excited about being home ,being done with his i.v (and no more trips to the clinic) happy that hio his extended family was sending all there love and prayers to him but before that happend i called the most amazing man ian cobb and informed him of the great news ,ian was very happy to hear that alex was on the road to recovery and that he won his battle,ALEX SAID DAD WE CAN NOW GO TO MONTREAL TO SEE THE CANADIENS PLAY i said alex we cant go this year because you still haven't been cleared to fly AND YOUR BRAIN HAS TO TOTALLY HEAL BECAUSE YOU ARE STILL IN A LIFE THREATNING CONDITION YET ,but we will be going to the summit next year! he was very dissapointed that we weren't going this year but he was very happy that the habs won and he said dad i told you they would beat the shitty bruins! to which i laughed and said i just got 2 of the best things i could ve got my back my son and a huge win by our habs! ! so again to all my HIO FAMILY i want to thank you from the bottom of my heart and i can't wait to meet each and everyone of you and give everyone a big heartfelt hug! you guys are all 1st class and are the very best ! i want to hank rob hing,timo,alayne(rob's wife) timo's wife and of course ian for everything and i want to thank all you guys again i can't say thank-you enough and apprieciate all the love you guys have for us! i want to post on here lot again ...but i'm scared too because i don't want to get into a disagreement with my hio family because i remember in heart what you guys did for my boy AND FOR ME AND MY WIFE ALL YOUR PRAYERS AND LOVE SAVED MY SON! YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST I'M CRYING AS I TYPE THIS GUYS! YOU GUYS TOUCHED US IN A WAY THAT I DOUBT ANOTHER FAN BASE WOULD DO TO THEIR FANS....MONTREAL CANADIENS ARE THE VERY VERY BEST AND I'M GLAD I WAS BORN A HABS FAN,MY SON WAS BORN A HABS FAN BECAUSE WE ARE VERY VERY PROUD TO BE ASSOCIATED WITH HIO AND THE MOST ADORING AND LOVEABLE GUYSAND FANS THIS EARTH HAS EVER SEEN! THANK YOU EVERYONE ON HIO AND HABS FANS FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD I LOVE YOU ALL ! ALEX SAYS HI AND WE ARE AS EXCITED AS HELL AND CAN'T WAIT UNTIL THE NEXT SUMMIT IN 2015 BECAUSE IT'LL BE THE BEST SUMMIT YET BECAUSE OF ALL OF YOU GUYS AND IAN COBB AND ALL THE STUFF HE'S DONE FOR ALEX AND ME!alex wants to get subban#76 on his jersey and have it ready for the summit next year...i have 2 jerseys i'm not sure which la sainte fanelle i should wear my red or white 1 any ideas guys? again thank you so very,very much my hio family (habsgod) john in regina saskatchewan
  • Comment on Liveblog: Canadiens routed to end road trip on sour note (2014-10-13 22:00:07)
    price doesn't look right in the net he's starting to drop to knees quite a bit and thus leading to him not being able to recover quick enough to make a save he's starting to give up bad goals it's time for stphane waite to correct his game again...also the pp is terrible we need to start shooting more and looking for the less fancy pass
  • Comment on Liveblog: Down 3-0, Canadiens rally and win in Shootout (2014-10-11 23:58:19)
    and don't forget to add gallagher to that group i felt his play hasn't been what we're used to