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All-time favorite player: lafleur,robinson,gainey roy and dryden


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  • Comment on Let’s get physical: Habs open training camp (2014-09-18 23:30:27)
    what do you guys think of this ....id like to try it in the preseason sekac glacheyuk parenteau
  • Comment on Bozon scores goal in Habs’ rookie scrimmage (2014-09-14 22:51:32)
  • Comment on Bozon scores goal in Habs’ rookie scrimmage (2014-09-14 22:47:08)
    hi guys! how is everyone? i'm sure glad tim bozon is going to be alright i sure hope he makes the team after what he's been through with his battle with menningitis....he desreves it AFTER ALMOST DYING ,THE SAME AS ALEX(AS HE CAME VERY CLOSE TO DYING AND HE STILL FACES ANOTHER SURGERY TO GET THE BONE FLAP BACK ON PLEASE PRAY THAT EVERYTHING GOES WELL AND ALEX FULLY RECOVERS AS HIS JOURNEY ISN'T QUITE OVER YET AND HE BADLY WANT TO MAKE IT TO THE SUMMIT,AS DO I ) IT'S THE SCARIEST THING EVER HEARING FROM THE DOCTORS THAT THERE'S A CHANCE THAT HE WOULDN'T MAKE IT !TIM I PULLING AND PRAYING FOR YOU! i know exactly how you feel and how your mom and dad felt because i went,and am going through the same thing with my son alex! this kid is a fighter(tim bozon) and he will make it because he made it through his batlte with menningitis i hoping to see what the sekac kid looks like and i'll be watching scherbak really close as i will be taking alex to the regina pats/saskatoon blades games when the are here and i will explain to him that scherbak was our 1st rd pick!............i also again want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart ,for all the love you guys are giving alex .......i will say this with all HONESTY AND SINCERITY you guys ( the montreal canadiens fans) are the most classiest fans in all of sports and i'm so glad as alex is too ,and my wife to all be lifelong habs fans we couldn't have made it through this without all of your love ,prayers and support! i seen on the other thread that you guys are helping make alex and my dream come true with funding to get us to see our habs,but more importantly we meet and give everyone one of you amazing,amazing people a hug! i want to cry right now because of the all the generosity and all the love you guys are showing us ,i will probably cry at the summit next year as will alex
  • Comment on Familiar faces on Sportsnet’s NHL broadcast team (2014-08-29 22:28:59)
    they also made him a helmet that he can wear ...he has to for his head,then he rides his bike or plays outside or we go places he still can't go to school yet they asked him at the hopsital when they were making it want he wanted,batman,spiderman,superman,he said to the nurses no i'm not into that garbage i want the habs on my helmet so they made it and he;'s got it!
  • Comment on Familiar faces on Sportsnet’s NHL broadcast team (2014-08-29 22:23:32)
    hi everyone !i haven't posted or been on for awhile......alex is home from the hospital,he has been for a week ,we have a home care nurse that comes in to our home mon-friday in the morning and we take him to a clinic at night and weekends he's at the clinic morning and night...he's coming along slowly he still has the blooddclot in his head,they said they think the medicine is slowly dissolving it he still has another surgery to go through to reattach the bone flap in his head and we'll have to go to calgary for that ,that's still along way yet but he's progressing! alex wants to make an account on here and thank each and everyone of you for the love and support he's recieved! he keeps talking about the summit,which i informed him that we will go next year!
  • Comment on Bozon looking forward to Habs’ rookie camp after battling meningitis (2014-08-17 17:59:55)
    you forgot to include chris" knuckles nilan in this group against many of those guys,as i believe he'd destroy most if not all of them!
  • Comment on New Hab Parenteau can’t wait for training camp to start (2014-08-11 14:18:27)
    chris the saskatchewan roughriders have fans in every city across canada you go to games in any city and you'll see saskatchewan rough riders shirts,jerseys hats etc....out here and in the cfl they are dubbed as canada's team they have more fans aand make more money than all other 8 teams combined out here it's riders 24/7 even during the winter months on our local call in shows it's riders,riders,riders, it gets pretty sickening though ...thank god for hio ,tsn 690 etc....... actually the only day they talk nhl on local radio here is during the season on hockey wednesdays so alot of 200r 30 yr olds yr in regina could give a dam about the nfl they don't care as long as the riders are here!
  • Comment on National world junior development camp underway in Brossard (Video) (2014-08-05 01:42:55)
    no god not boullion.....
  • Comment on National world junior development camp underway in Brossard (Video) (2014-08-05 00:55:42)
    Hello everyone! My name is Mary-Lou. Im John smidt ( habsgods ) wife.i'm using his account , I just wanted to have the chance to thank everyone for everything you"ve done for my son alex. Thank you for all the prayers and get well wishes. Your support means the world to me and you all will always have a special place in my heart!! My boy was so happy the day Rob and his wife showed up at the hospital with those gifts and to see him,plus the basket he recieved from timo and family,i also want to thank a special man ian cobb for getiing alex and his dad tickets to the summit,and a special thank-you to everyone for wanting to help with airfare to the summit, He is looking so forward to the habs summit and to meet everyone and really wants to meet PK subban his favorite player to sign his jersey ,and today at the hospital he recieved a bunch of montreal canadiens hockey cards that he would love to have signed and the one on top is PK subban!.........alex also said he's going to get us to take his jersey in and we are going to get it named and numbered for him with 76 Subban...Alex still has a long road ahead of him to recover but all the love and support and prayers are helping through it all.and the trip to montreal is his motivation. Keep the prayers coming!! You've all made me a bigger habs fan than ever before because of everything you've done for alex and us;;Love you all from the bottom of my heart!!! habsgod's (John Smidt)wife....( Mary-Lou Thompson )
  • Comment on National world junior development camp underway in Brossard (Video) (2014-08-05 00:32:26)
    just wanted to let everyone know alex is back in regina still in the hospital and will be for the foreseeable futuure but he does get day passes to come home....he arrived home to the regina general hospital on saturday afternoon (4;30) our time 6;30 eastern time i met him at the hospital here with my sister in law who's been amazing through this whole ordeal with our little alex! my wife drove home to regina with her mom who was with her and alex ...so i was with alex and very very glad to see him and he was very glad to see me when he arrived he cried and said i love you dad i missed you! and told me all about the habs jersey,travel mug and night light and the basket he got from rob and alanye,and the basket from timo...he wanted to show it to me right away but he couldn't as he said mommmy has it with her in the truck ! i told him he could show me as soon as she gets here hesaid all my canadiens pj's and flag was with her too he said i'm scared of losing it on the plane so mommy will be bringing it with her...so when my wife arrived at 11;30 at night before he went to bed he had to show me his habs jersey,travel mug,night light and the basket he got from rob and his wife,and the basket timo gave him...he said dad i also forgot to tell you i got a canadiens watch from my aunty pat and uncle richard and showed it to me as well! alex is progressing nicely though his recovery is coming along slowly but is improving every day...he had the stitches that were a mile long removed today he stil has a to return to calgary in 6 -12 weeks to get the bone put back in his head after all the infection and swelling is gone... i told alex about the the hio trip to the summit in november and he's bound and determined to go! lol but we've told him that if not we will go next year ...he's looking so forward to meeting all of you guys on here i'll keep updating as his progress continues!