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  • Comment on AUDIO: Six years, $30 million, no-trade clause locks up Plekanec for long term (2010-06-22 20:42:00)

    I have a few little comments after reading alot of crap here over the past few days...

    first off, the pleks signing is great. except the length is a bit hard to swallow, considering how much long term we have tied up. but i would rather keep good players in our system. now if we can only get some hometown dicounts on our other players as well...

    a comment for everyone saying, dump hammer, dump gomez, they suck, blah blah....first of all, it's not as simple as that. and just because a player like gomez doesnt put up the numbers you'd like him to in trms of goals doesnt mean he doesnt have a huge impact, and play way bigger than his height. I for one think we should keep gomez for at least two more years before we try and find a suitor. his cap hit will be pretty small by then, and much easier to move. one ever seems to mention what gainey did last off season. he didnt simply change half the roster of the team. he didnt simply change the identity....he didnt simply dump a bunch of fan favorites in favour of a bunch of "random small overpaid" guys....HE CHANGED THE MENTALITY AND ATTITUDE OF THE TEAM AS A WHOLE.

    the biggest aspect that gomez brings to the table is not his points, and it's not his two way game. it's not his versatility. it's his attitude on the ice and in the locker room and his effect on other players, especially younger players. gionta is the same type of guy. gomez has a cup. so does gill. bringing in those guys wasnt just about signing was about changing the attitude of the team into a positive winning mental attitude.

    so you can say he costs 3 mil too much all you want, and yeah, you may be right, but every single team in this league has at least one albatross contract on their team, and that's just the way it is. at least our albtross has nearly a point a game in the playoffs, in super versatlie, has won a cup, is an awesome rolemodel for younger players, contrbutes to the community, plays 5 inches biger than he actually is, and makes everyone around him look better. so lay off. and as for hammer, well, i think he was awesome for us this year. he's been a bit slow, and yeah, you can say a few things about his contract too, but if our younger d guys start stepping up we may be able to trade him later in the season. considering the size of his contract, we wouldnt be getting anywhere near fair market for him at this point.

    anyone suggesting that we trade markov, while i understand the potential benifits, is conpletely idiotic. he will be a hab for life. thats how that is supposed to be. you dont really understand what part he had to play in the development of streit, gorges, and how he will on weber and subban and obyrne...he is our mvp year in and year out. look at the playoffs this year. every team who made it far and did well did it on the strength of their D...halak was great, but it was our defensive core that blocked almost double the shots of the next best team. and it was our defense, and 2-way forwards who kept ovie and sid and malkin off the scoresheets. look at philly, look and chicago. yeah they had depth, but the bigest reason they went as far as they did was they had the sickest, best d-cores in the playoffs. i would argue we had the 3rd or 4th best d-core in the playoffs. at least in terms of how well we showed up when the time came.

    the biggest signing we need to get over with are price, lapierre and pyatt(for cheap). i would love moore to come back as his speed and two way play are a perfect match for our system, i say he's determined to test free agency market and try and get as much cash as possible, however, if we can get him or say 1.5 for two years, i'd say DO IT. eller can play center and lw, so can white. so can pyatt. so can lapierre. we'd have a set c in gomez, pleks, moore, and then white/pyatt/lapierre/eller.

    the one thing i think we really need though is some size on the RW...if we could sign colby armstrong for say 2.5 mil, i say go for him over moore...that and a good veteran goaltender...but seeing as there is such an abundance of ufa goalies this year, i say we just with til a bunch are signed and then we shuld be able to get someone like biron, nittymaki, or whoever for 1 mil or so.

    anyways, while yes, we are in a small cap bind for the next few years, we have a great youth movement, and we will definatly be able to trade cammy or gomez when the time is right if we need the cap space for youngsters. the one thing i have to give a huge amount of credit to gainey for is changing the attitude of the team. there is no apathy among the team you remember two years ago? one year ago? do you think that kind of apathy and dispair would be possible considering our current roster? of course young players like pleks had a crappy year that year. you would too...all the bs in the press? mob connections? kovalez bringin the team down and all those injuries...sheesh.....thank god we're playing like winners now. i'd give ak one more shot, and if he doesnt pick it up really quickly than i say we trade him for another project....underacheiver for underacheiver sorta more chance to come in and proove his worthiness.

  • Comment on TSN’s take (2010-06-17 10:01:07)

    i read somewhere that moores agent told the habs that his client was unable to talk deals at this point. i was under the impression that he was gonna test the free market, and then go back to the habs and say "i was offered 1.8, are ya gonna match it?" or something like that...also, i figured because martin brought moore on board in florida, and i thought he was the one who asked for him at the deadline, i have a feeling he is really high on him...i'd assume so seeing as he is a perfect fit for JM's system...lots of speed and defensively responsible...

    however, if this is true, it must mean they are actually close to a deal with plekanec...i really hope it isnt for more than 4.25 a season....ahhh....i guess that'd mean they're gonna make a grab for someone like lombardi, and bring up engqvist? im confused....PG was talking about keeping the core...ah...we'll see....

  • Comment on TSN’s take (2010-06-17 09:53:53)

    my thoughts are, get rid of kostitsyn and his contract and pick up an R with size and a bit of skill who can camp in front of the net if need be... penner has been pretty solid in edmonton and they've sucked, and he's had no real support outside of hemsky...i think he would look sick on the habs, give some of our small forwards some more room, and give opposing teams' goalies alot of headaches. his skill set is better than the numbers tell, and he's young. and a solid skater. and defensively responsible. he'd fit perfect into our system. exactly what we need. while a.kostits is exactly what we dont need.

  • Comment on TSN’s take (2010-06-17 09:49:28)

    interesting, cause nobody is really talking about boston!!! they should be the most exciting to watch this draft...why? because they have a VERY solid and talented and developed team, they have a VERY respectable core of prospects and they have a tonne of picks in a very deep draft. BOSTON WANT TO WIN NOW...

    also, rumour is, they are not that interested in seguin, but REALLY high on hall. what would it take to get the pick they want? their 2nd and their 15th overall? Edmonton could flip their 15th and their 31th overall to say, tampa...tampa have two AAA players from the past two drafts. would they flip a 6th overall for a 15 and 31 for their 6? I have a feeling they would. they have a new owner who is willing to spend to or near to the cap this year...and alot of teams are scaling back payroll or have serious cap issues. that coupled with a serious youth movement is gonna mean that, outside the top 20 or so ufa's, the rest are going to be able to be signed for dirt cheap. it'll be like last year but, check out tampa from last year. or phoenix. they picked up bargain basement deals on a BUNCH of solid role players last year...

    i guess we'll see.

  • Comment on TSN’s take (2010-06-17 09:36:17)

    i've read that somewhere else as well. but they really should give him a chance during pre-season...knowing the habs, there will be key injuries in the first or second game and we'll need him anyways.


    but honestly, from his size, his seeming maturity level, and his stats(esp considering it was in the elite league) and awards from last season, they'd be stupid not to give him a solid shot on 4th line duty to give him a little bit of playing time to help him develop more.

  • Comment on TSN’s take (2010-06-17 09:31:27)

    yeah, but i'm gettin weary of havin brothers together on the same team. i guess twins are different...

  • Comment on TSN’s take (2010-06-17 07:31:11)

    as much as i'd like to get a d-man with a big shot, i would only do it if and when we get rid of one of our exsisting defencemen first. reason being, we need to really start developing the talent we already have. that means weber, o'byrne, carle, klubertanz, and even belle. i think the straight enforcer type is dead these days, and if you're gonna have that role you need to skate really well, coupled with(at least) either A) a great shot, B) good puck moving ability, C) good shot blocking ability, or D) good stay-at-home defensive game. if we want a big defenseman, not that we dont already have a larger than average core, look at giving more time to o'byrne. bring klubertanz up for a few games...

    I like lombardi, because i think he would love to play here, is good in the dressing room, would be loved by fans, is grittier than pleks, faster than pleks, and, while he won't score quite as many points, we'd save enough on him to get moore as well, for the price of pleks. which would open us up to picking up colby armstrong. he would be a really great in-front-of-the-net pressence, and give us a bit more attitude and size up front. if we got him, and got pouliot to start crashing the net again at the beggining of next season, boy, we could have a pretty sick team.

    also, i think not signing desharnais and giving him some more games in montreal next year, despite his size, will be a huge mistake. i am willing to bet he will be putting up cammalleri type numbers withing three or four years, given the chance, and if he's not scoring em for us, it will be for someone else. it'd be cool to trade cammy, maybe, when he is ready, and free up some more cap space. i dont mean have him play all year, just have him come up for a few games here and there, get him some more experience, and develop him right. cammy will still have lots of value in a few years and by that time we might have a fully developed lapierre, pouliot, pacioretty to be able to start taking on some greater roles.

  • Comment on TSN’s take (2010-06-17 02:06:30)

    i wrote this before, it'd be awesome to send halak, our second, and a prospect or two(weber, maxwell) to tampa for their first. even our 2nd and our third. draft nino neidereiter, kirill kabanov, and then call up david desharnais, get em playing on the alliteration line together. it'd be a MENTAL 4th line....

  • Comment on TSN’s take (2010-06-16 22:17:31)

    1.would you trade the rights to halak/price, s.kost, and a.kost to edmonton for dustin penner and edmontons 2nd pick?


    2.would you be happy signing lombardi over pleks if it meant we were going to save 2 million a season for the next 3 years?


    3.would you rather us A) keep both goalies, B) keep one and sign a veteran backup, or C) keep one and bring up dejardins?


    4.if Kirill Kabanov was still availible when it came to our 1st pick, would you pick him?


    5.if you were PG and could trade halak/price and our 2nd to get tampas 1st, would you do it? who would you pick?

  • Comment on TSN’s take (2010-06-16 17:44:35)

    so the sedins arent franchise players? phaneuf hasnt been made one now? toews? brodeur? i know lecavalier hasnt been as visible, but can you say he's not a franchise player? what about crosby?


    and yeah, neiddereiter is that good. i bet he has more goals his rookie year than hall or seguin. mark my words.