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  • Comment on Weise back in lineup, Sekac out for Habs vs. Red Wings (2014-10-21 14:55:40)
    Does anyone know a bar in Scarborough that airs Habs games? RDS is blacking me out again tonight. Thanks. Ch EJ
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-04-24 16:21:02)
    Now that I no longer feel sick after watching last night's game can anyone tell me if there was a heated discussion about the number of turnovers committed by the Habs. I figure it must have been 30-40 and Markov had to have been responsible for 10 of them at least. What the heck is going on? Ch EJ
  • Comment on Habs acquire defenceman Drewiske from Kings (2013-04-03 11:45:51)
    I hope that Habs are at least considering Raffi Torres, especially now that Colby Armstrong may be out for a bit. Torres is one tough dude and would surely help our boys. Ch EJ
  • Comment on ‘Knuckles’ Nilan joins TSN Radio 690 (2013-03-13 10:50:24)
    Agreed. The natural reaction to a stick in the face is to jerk your head back as quickly as possible to avoid injury. Anything else is inviting serious facial injury. And speaking of embellishment, does anyone have an idea how to find out how many embellishment/diving calls have been made this year and which team leads the way in calls against. I have seen quite a few against the Habs but not many against any other team. What I find most interesting is that I have seen 2 called against Proust this year. I wonder how many he got called against him when he was with the Rangers. Did he suddenly become a diver when he signed with the Habs? Ch EJ
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-02-20 16:02:43)
    Did Ruff really get fired? Tortorella should be next. What an idiot! I watched his team totally dominate the Habs for 2 periods only to lose a really hard fought (granted it was a really boring game). Then he has the nerve to call his team really bad and the Habs (number 1 in the east) really bad. If these teams are really bad, which teams does he think are any good? I can't believe anyone would want to play for that guy. Ch EJ
  • Comment on Liveblog: Canadiens at Buffalo (2013-02-07 20:39:03)
    I turned off the game after the Armstrong penalty followed by the "was it Bourgue? I don't know because I tuned out immediately!" I am so sick and tired of watch the refs completed fu#$ the game. I don't know why anyone would waste their time watching this shit. I was pissed when Prust got an unsportsman penalty a couple of game back after being hit from behind. How fu*&ing retarded is that? I watched last night when the Bruins could do anything they wanted after the play and sfa happens. I watch tonight and Armstrong gets a penalty for what? I listen to the idiot commentators say "the refs are going to pick a guy and make an example" but it is ALWAYS a Hab they pick. This league is bullshit! Ch EJ
  • Comment on Liveblog: The winning streak is over (2013-01-30 20:34:46)
    Ryan White is an idiot. No excuses? Then sit him down until he grows a brain. How many games will he cost us before he smartens up? Ch EJ
  • Comment on Habs 4, Devils 3: Post-game reaction (Video) (2013-01-28 00:01:55)
    please specify your complaints. i watched the game. he got no points that i can remember, but i don't recall him making errors that cost goals or the game. if i missed them, sorry.. just let me know where they occurred in the game and i will go back and have a look. thanks. Ch EJ
  • Comment on Habs 4, Devils 3: Post-game reaction (Video) (2013-01-27 23:58:42)
    not even close. Ch EJ
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-01-19 23:24:44)
    Send PK to Edmonton for a top young forward! Ch EJ