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  • Comment on About yesterday afternoon … (2010-12-05 17:50:48)

    Where's Gomer?

  • Comment on Video: Gionta, Price, Spacek, Cammy after win (2010-12-05 17:44:00)

    Where's Gomer?

  • Comment on WSGD (2010-06-15 11:17:48)

    I don't dispute that there are a lot of players getting stupid money. Absolutely. The question really comes down to can Montreal afford him? In a perfect world, we would be able to ask Hammer, Gomer and Brother Andrei to take a pay cut, because they don't really deserve it. Give it Plek, because he had a great year and off we go to salary cap bliss. The problem Montreal has is we have too many big price-tag players. So, what would you do? is a great resource. How would you solve the problem?


  • Comment on WSGD (2010-06-15 11:10:22)

    LOL! Never a truer word spoken.

  • Comment on WSGD (2010-06-15 11:07:18)

    Yup... A lot of money. One good year. Yup. So, what do you do if you are Pierre? Tell his agent that we had a guy like Jose and we don't want to be burned again? It is tough. His agent won't care about previous flops, he has a winner... Right or wrong the stats don't lie.

    As for pads, I think it is going to affect every goalie to one extent or another. The one think Jaro has going for him is lateral movement, tracking and foot speed. None of those attributes should be affected to badly by the new regulations. J.S. Giguere on the other hand... 


  • Comment on WSGD (2010-06-15 10:59:54)

    You are right. 5 million is a lot to pay a young guy who had a good year. Unfortunately, will he sign a long-term for less? Do we role the dice on him and sign a 1 year qualifying offer? 2 years at 3 million? I am sure his agent has dreams of big money and this year, there are a lot of teams looking for a guy like Halak.

    I really hope he signs for less, but with the cap going up and a lot of teams needing a goalie who can steal a game or two. It might be a hard sell.

    Then there is the good ol' tried and not very popular offer sheet. It could happen.

  • Comment on WSGD (2010-06-15 10:37:14)

    The question is, in my opinion, who got us to the 3rd round? We barely squeeked into the playoffs, thanks in part to Martin going with Halak down the stretch. It is not to say that Plek is not a keeper, he is. Does he want to play here for what he is worth? You say he is worth 5, I honestly don't agree. Ultimately it is up to Pierre to decide, but something is going to have to give. If Hammer or Brother Andrei are valued by another team, then go crazy with Plek. The grim reality is Montreal just hasn't got enough room for another 5 million dollar man.

  • Comment on WSGD (2010-06-15 10:19:21)

    The moon is 5 million if you are unproven. Price is unproven. Wouldn't you agree?

    It says here that Max had 11 points in 18 games in the regular season and 1 in 5 games for the playoffs. Just a bit of a surprise.

  • Comment on WSGD (2010-06-15 10:11:14)

    It is important to understand relative trade value in the NHL in order to answer the question. Only Pierre knows what Hammer or Price is worth. Is Sergei worth anything? Probably not. He hasn't shown us a thing other than his on-again, off-again romance with Gabrovski. Lucky to get a 4th round pick for him. Andrei? His salary makes him hard to move. Hammer is the same thing. A young team with holes in their D might want him, but we would have to take a salary hog as well. Price? Well he has value me thinks. San Jose would be the best place for him. Let's face it... Halak punched his ticket this year. He's a damned good goalie, full-stop. Give him his 5 million over 5 years and let's pull up Cedrick Desjardins. He has earned the backup role. Nobody wants Gomez, I am damned sure about that. So let's just leave that one. If he was 3 million or even 4, he would be moveable, but why would we want to move him then. He is a key cog in the leadership that brought Montreal to the 3rd round. Move him and it might adversly affect the team chemistry, which looks to be quite good.

    Pierre Gauthier has two major issues to deal with.

    Goalie - Keep Halak. If Price wants the moon or just wants out, then trade him out West. If is from the middle of nowhere in B.C., so I am sure he would be glad to be closer to his fam.

    Plekanek - Living proof that Don Cherry is not a complete idiot. For some reason, a high percentage of European players just can't crank it up a gear when the playoffs start. Would you if you were playing Omsk? Plek is a 3 million a year guy. Good defensively and a 2nd line center on a good team. He is going to want more, so trade his negotiation rights to the highest bidder, like Burke did to Gainey with Sundin.

    BTW - Has anybody seen Max Pacioretty? Wasn't he supposed to be the next coming of John Leclair? After he went back to Hamilton, he basicall packed it in.