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  • Comment on Brière agrees to two-year deal with Canadiens (2013-07-05 01:34:30)
    I hope this will be a good signing. Maybe more moves will come. I can’t help but think it’s weak though. Marc Bergevin spoke about balance, barring more moves how does this signing give the Habs balance. In my opinion Daniel Brière snubbed the Habs in the past and now that he’s in the twilight of his career he decides to play here. How convenient it must be. I’m sure other teams were busting down his door too. Just when I thought Bergevin was bringing some credibility back to the Habs he goes out and pulls this move – unreal.
  • Comment on At least it’s a white Christmas (2011-12-23 19:38:37)
    Hope you're right as the team needs a new direction.
  • Comment on At least it’s a white Christmas (2011-12-23 19:32:27)
    While were dispensing with myths let’s get a few things straight. The language, weather, culture, are all secondary factors as to why players avoid Montreal. The primary reason free agents don’t sign is due to higher taxes – plain and simple.
  • Comment on At least it’s a white Christmas (2011-12-23 19:09:44)
    The only embarrassment is Pierre Gauthier. Even if Randy Cunneyworth was bilingual, he should never have been inserted as an interim coach to begin with. The whole thing wreaks and in my opinion was a spineless move by Gauthier. I really feel for RC. As for the language debate let me add this gem. I grew up in Montreal and moved when I was a teen. Unfortunately I never learned French. The fact that the Canadiens don’t have many French players is irrelevant. The key point of contact between the media and fans is the head coach. A majority of the fan base speaks French and wants to hear things in their mother tongue, its good business and common sense. The fact that two Quebecers didn’t see this coming speaks volumes.
  • Comment on At least it’s a white Christmas (2011-12-23 18:28:13)
    Agreed. I think Geoff Molson’s loyalty to the current administration is his downfall, “business is business is business.” If Geoff Molson doesn’t have the stomach for what’s required he should’ve placed another individual there that is more suited to make tough decisions.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Still 0-for-Cunneyworth (2011-12-22 22:12:08)
    LOL! Thanks we all need a good laugh...
  • Comment on Liveblog: 0-for-Cunneyworth (2011-12-22 01:05:30)
    The problem here is Geoff Molson. When the team was purchased from George Gillett there should have been a house cleaning then. I agree with another poster that Pierre Gauthier should have been relieved of his duties. Geoff Molson should place a call to Serge Savard and find out if he would act as interim GM. Savard can conduct the fire sale. My fear is that Gauthier will keep his job and then hire Patrick Roy as coach (which I’m fine with). The problem is you can’t make a silk purse from a sow’s ear. People complained about Jacques Martin who has over 600 victories in the NHL. Well here’s a news flash, what has Pierre Gauthier ever won as a GM in the NHL? Guess who was hired as Director of Professional Scouting for the Montreal Canadiens in 2003? If Gauthier had done a better job running the scouting department Bob Gainey would not have been forced to sign so many UFA’s a few years ago.
  • Comment on Kaberle? Really??? (2011-12-09 14:42:12)
    Was it Sam Pollock that said: “I always trade for futures – not pasts”? Unfortunately we’re talking about Pierre Gauthier who has the same number of Stanley Cups as many that frequent this website.
  • Comment on Wisniewski’s rights traded to Blue Jackets (2011-06-29 23:33:09)
    Wiz was a rental player, the team has more needs like a productive forward.
  • Comment on Canadiens sign Yannick Weber to 2-year deal (2011-06-29 23:25:49)
    What's all the fuss about? If the Wiz signs in Columbus the Habs get a 5th round pick, if not we get a 7th rounder. At least that's the way I understand it. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.