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  • Comment on Subban, Habs prepare to face Bruins (2013-02-05 15:13:25)
    Assuming everyone read the article above? After practice Therrien stated that Price would start and there would be no changes to the winning line-up... I surmise that that means Kaberle and Weber, along with White, will be watching... Therrien considered sending Subban to the pressbox but has been informed by P.J. Stock that no one would sit with him... so he's in!!! Just kidding. P.J. Stock is an idiot. He fits completely with the CBC, HNIT crew. If it isn't happening in Toronto or concerning the Leafs, they have no idea what to do with it except criticize...
  • Comment on Quick hits (2011-01-08 23:33:07)

    Love what Wisniewski brings to the team. The difference since he arrived, especially on the powerplay, has been palpable.

    I believe Desharnais will be a very good NHL player. He has the speed and hockey sense to stay. Whether it will be with les Canadiens is another story but I think he belongs in the NHL.

    Pacioretty continues to impress. He is playing good, solid hockey even though he is saddled with Gomez. No small feat.

    Pouliot deserves a chance, a legitimate chance on one of the top two lines.

    Martin's decision, you know, the bizarre one. Sitting Weber, keeping Picard in the net, almost cost us and on most nights it would have.

    However, all that aside, 3 minutes of hockey was enough for les Canadiens tonight. Some puck-luck and we take two points. Incredible but as has been said thousands, if not millions of time, "That's hockey folks."

    Monster win, big two points.


  • Comment on Hands up, everyone who’s surprised (2011-03-09 17:41:53)

    Mr. Boone, Seldom have I been as disappointed in a person as I am nonce with you. Your excuses for Chara, your defending of the league in its ignorance toward Chara's illegal hit, his intent to injure being justified by the media and your criticism of the fans of les Canadiens for being upset and basically whining about not being protected by the league from the Bruins and Philadelphia. You got your stint on Sportsnet, you sold out.

    This is a disgusting situation, it is sickening to watch the thuggery being accepted by the media. A young man is lying in the hospital with life altering injury while the perpetrator is being defended while going unpunished by a biased league.

    Sickening, disgustin and once again, very disappointed in your stance in favour of both Chara, the so-called disciplinarians and the league...

  • Comment on For whom the Bell does not toll (2007-12-08 21:55:24)
    Carbonneau can be thankful of one thing for sure; he is a friend of Gainey's... Carbonneau as a coach is similar to Brisebois as a player; neither of them deserve to be where they are...It's time for a change and I do not mean revolving 3rd and 4th liners... Les Canadiens need a coach with a different philosophy. Carbonneau has lost this team, completely lost this team...The new MY NHL has passed him by...