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Habs fan since: I'd like to say forever,minus the years before the lockout :P was to young and restless to appreciate it
Favorite current player: Saku Koivu, Steve Begin, Maxim Lapierre, Guy Carbonneau & even though they are no longer Habs : Cristobal Huet and Steve Begin
All-time favorite player: To be honest, I don't really have one


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  • Comment on The Canadiens look ready for the opener (2011-10-01 22:35:43)
    Preseason is like the 1st couple of dates before you decide if couplehood is a good idea. This year, we say yes because the habs saved the best for last (although we would say yes anyways because we love them so much). The season is the ups and downs of the relationship. Sometimes you get to 2nd base or even 3rd base, sometimes you don't get anywhere. If they get into the playoffs, the couple is ready to move in together because they are just so excited (like Kevin Garnett...anything is possibleeeee!!!!) Now the playoffs makes or breaks the couple. If they get deep into the playoffs, then marriage looms. And the cup would obvs be the baby of the family. Divorce will always be an option, but hey guys, we're habs fans. we aaaalways come back to our boys, no matter how emotionally distraught we become :P GO HABS GO!!!!!! :D :D :D
  • Comment on About last night … (2010-11-14 11:33:31)

    you know, even if markov has been injured a lot as of late, I really feel like we should sign him. yeah, it's risky, but hey, it's still MARKOV!!! and why do i have the feeling that if we let him go, he will be perfectly fine and continue to flourish with some other team? BECAUSE THE HABS OFTEN GET SCREWD LIKE THAT!!!! and the first time he got injured doesn't really count because it was so random. so technically, it's as if he got injured twice lately. it's been pretty bad, but hey, stuff happens. and I bet if any player would fall like that, they would also hurt themselves too. the man is just unlucky.


  • Comment on Cammalleri’s slash proves costly (2010-10-04 18:20:41)

    I'm actually kinda happy he got suspended: we always seem to lose someone valuable vs the laffs!

    good thing markov isn't there either :P


  • Comment on Price on strike? (2010-08-31 17:31:40)

    haha, good one :P

  • Comment on AUDIO UPDATE: Halak to Blues for 2 prospects (2010-06-17 15:37:59)

    well then. the debates gone. price is the man. i'll miss halak. I miss halak. i just hope that our freaking develpment people can do something, cuz i'm just scared that eller could be another dud. he's young....but we need an immediate impact.

    three way deal? o.O


  • Comment on Forget Markov in the playoffs (2010-05-19 21:58:29)

    haha, good one :)

    yeah, I blame him for bringing us to conference finals for the first time in 17 years...

    thanks a lot JM



  • Comment on Forget Markov in the playoffs (2010-05-19 21:55:25)


    gosh...that is SO RIDICULOUS

    even worse than the price and halak debate, which is already pretty obnoxious


  • Comment on Nine Habs practise at Wachovia (2010-05-17 15:54:25)

    oh great, the habs are having fun. THAT IS NEVER A GOOD SIGN WITH THEM!!


  • Comment on Press the reset button (2010-05-16 21:03:22)

    hey, so...anybody watching survivor?

    tonight IS A DISASTER: they are playing like my soccer team at the beginning of the season: IN BUNCHES!

    anyways, as long as Russell, oops, I mean Leighton doesn't get his shutout



  • Comment on Tougher match-up for the Canadiens? (2010-05-14 21:51:23)

    wow, the bruins are CAPITALLY pathetic and...played like penguins? lol, just trying to fit in all the losers in. but man are the bruins incompetent.