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  • Comment on Clearing up the Habs’ TV picture (2014-09-04 19:55:04)
    Pat I already have the french theme pack from Rogers called Varitie which includes RDS TVA and TV5 and RDI and so, but I'm only paying $6.99 a month for it. Is it the same one your talking about or is there a different one Rogers is offering now? Unless If you already have it they can't increase the price and new subscribers are going to pay the $60.00 month?
  • Comment on Habs ink three-year deal with Sportsnet for regional TV coverage (2014-09-02 22:49:25)
    Actually I paid $7.00 a month for the Varitie package and it's a matter of principal as well and $7.00 a month to $28.00 a month is a 400% mark up. I call that extortion and I never said Center Ice is a bad product but I have enough of the 82 games that were being broadcasted of the Habs that I don't need all the other games cause I would never be able to get full use of it. Also I just checked Rogers and Center Ice is a theme package called Super Sports Pak that cost $36.00. I don't care about Football Baseball and Basket Ball and other stuff again this is EXTORTION.
  • Comment on Habs ink three-year deal with Sportsnet for regional TV coverage (2014-09-02 22:15:03)
    So I may as well call Rogers and cancel my Varitie package of RDS and TVA since it's going to be blacked out. Since my contract is up this week with Rogers I may as well ask why should I remain a customer of Rogers, since I can't watch what I want and paying an extra $200 a year for Center Ice is just throwing good money after bad. Well guess that's it for me watching the Habs and I'd rather put sticks in my eyes then watch the Leafs. So I guess I'll treat this year as a lockout season until Rogers and the NHL revamp this load of Cr*p.
  • Comment on Habs ink three-year deal with Sportsnet for regional TV coverage (2014-09-02 20:55:29)
    So just finished reading through the article and that's great but what does that mean for fans West of Belleville towns like Oshawa and Ajax and so on? I have my cable with Rogers and pay extra a month for a package called Varitie which gives me channels like RDS and TVA. Does it mean when the games are on I will get blackout on RDS and TVA and Sportsnet cause I'm west of Belleville thanks?
  • Comment on Habs development camp underway in Brossard (VIDEO) (2014-07-08 21:53:09)
    Ate' Logo Brazil. Time to play wheel of excuses.
  • Comment on (AUDIO) Habs sign Markov to three-year contract; Burns named to Hall of Fame (2014-06-24 21:05:43)
    Well if Suarez got a red card for his childish play just like Marchisio got a red card then it's 10 on 10 and the out come would probably be different. I find it interesting that in the group stage Italy, Spain and England are gone and the only remaining European teams left that can challenge for the cup are Germany and France smells kind of fishy. And after all like most TV sport analyst are saying if Brazil doesn't win the cup the people in Brazil will probably riot. So it seems to be setting up nicely for Brazil to coast to a cup win. Beautiful game my A** more like beautiful FIFA corruption. I'm sick of soccer period with all the B.S maybe all the jobbing of other teams will slow down when FIFA comes in to the 21 century with technology. No official in any sport should have that much power over teams. Video review should be allowed on important matters like an off side which results in a goal or whether called or not and B.S that players do on the field. This way it cuts down on things like the hand of god goal and so on. I can't believe how much goes on and FIFA lets it go knowing the technology that's available is actually laughable.
  • Comment on HI/O Show: Habs will face more pressure next season (2014-06-10 01:58:42)
    Well well tonight's game had me grinning like a Cheshire cat. Nice to see AV's mouth shut for a change. Whether he coaches in the West or in the East his record in the final is zipo yes zipo and I am enjoying it to the fullest. Nice to hear Rag fans booing their team hahahaha. I hope this puts to rest all this King business King Henrik is more like Court Jester Henrik. I guess the clock has struck midnight in NYC time for this Cinderella team to call it it a night. I remember just a short week ago Rag fans chanting we want the cup. Well in the words of Rocco Rompamuro 'You not going to the get the cup your cup runith over"
  • Comment on HI/O Show: Habs will face more pressure next season (2014-06-08 01:34:17)
    If I could turn off CBC I would but they have the rights to the Cup Final!! What do you think they would be saying if the Habs were in the cup final? I'm sure it wouldn't be praise, it would be all about the lucky bounces lucky timely goals and a lucky save. Like it or not CBC is the Leafs fan club and their mandate is to talk smack about anything Bleu Blanc Rouge. I can't wait for next year when HNIC is turned over to Rogers and George Stroumboulopoulos and Ron MacLean won't be the main host with all his cronies. MacLean will be limited to Crotches Corner with Dumb Dumb Cherry for only 7 minutes. And maybe just maybe Rogers will get fed up with Cherry as well and can him just like ED Smith Cherries. It will interesting to see what HNIC will look like next year. Looking forward to it and when game 4 is over so are the fools currently running HNIC.
  • Comment on HI/O Show: Habs will face more pressure next season (2014-06-08 00:55:17)
    How come Vigneault isn't smiling tonight at the presser saying "It was a hockey play anyone else wanna try" Isn't Karma a wonderful amazing gratifying satisfying thing???????!!!!!!!! Scr*w you Rags. Hope you lose the next 2 in your own barn and all those fool fans who paid $2,500 for a ticket can shove it Ole Ole Ole Ole
  • Comment on HI/O Show: Habs will face more pressure next season (2014-06-05 10:34:09)
    Question listening to TSN690 is the Montreal Forum cancelled today for tennis?