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  • Comment on Mike Boone the guest on new HIO show (2013-05-02 09:28:46)
    Don't bash Gomez, he had more points than Cole this season! (and Ryder had more points than both of them combined...)
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-04-18 10:55:50)
    This is hilarious. Boone, love you man, but you can't preface crazy thoughts with "maybe this is crazy", and magically transform them into insight. Maybe we should have tanked the season to draft Drouin? What??? We were top of the division up until three games ago, sitting pretty in second place in the conference, fourth overall. How did we go from there to "tank the season to get the #1 pick"? You don't give up a chance to go to the playoffs, especially when you don't give up any significant assets to get there. You just don't effing do that. We're still in contention to get home-ice in the first round! And by the way, we're 25 points ahead of Florida. It would take a remarkable turnaround to tank so hard that we would have ended up drafting in the lottery. Jeez louise.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Senators at Canadiens (2013-03-14 00:29:59)
    I am not satisfied. Now that they are #1, they need to win, dominate, and play with style. PK can play 30 minutes, but he must not make a mistake. Price can lead the league in wins, but he must never give up a soft goal. Gorges is playing like crap, I think we should trade him and a first round pick for Craig Rivet. He just isn't living up to his potential as an undrafted top 4 defenseman. Markov has obviously lost a step and should be put out to pasture. Galchenyuk is clearly not living up to the hype, he hasn't score in like 5 games! What, is he going to wait until his twenties to lead the league in scoring? Too late! Eller for Halak, horrible trade! He is at best a mediocre third-line center with size and hands. I mean, he's not even any better than those two worthless chumps, Plekanek and Desharnais! The team clearly has an issue with having too many forwards to play and not enough spaces. Bergevin is to blame for that little management snafu. And Therien! His choice in ties are so bland! Just like his personality! We need a fiery coach! One who will motivate the team with his between period red-faced screeching. Spring is almost here and the Habs will be in the playoffs. Smell the roses.
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-03-10 22:55:04)
    And a big thank you to Trevor Timmins (and Gainey!) for building a team we can cheer for that is home grown, through the draft. Next year, throw in Tinordi and Beaulieu, and we can almost forget the horrible draft years of the 90s.
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-03-08 10:36:54)
    I remember my friend (who was a Nordiques fan) saying that they should trade Roy, that he was over-the-hill and overrated. That was probably in '91-'92.
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-03-08 10:27:02)
    Just want to point out that with his 2 shutouts, price has let in at most 1 goal in 8 of his 19 games, and up to 2 goals in 12 of his 19 games. And before you argue about the games with three goals (of which most were won), he actually has two losses when he gave up 2 goals only, meaning the team stunk offensively.
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-03-08 10:21:01)
    Wow, the hand that giveth is also the hand that taketh away. haha Let's add AK27 to the list - that was a great deal at the time. Of course, Timmins evaluates the talent, but the buck did stop with Gainey, for better or worse.
  • Comment on Leblanc, Tinordi among Habs cuts; Galchenyuk stays (2013-01-18 15:44:34)
    Awesome troll. Well done.
  • Comment on And it’s official: NHL lockout begins (2012-09-15 21:46:29)
    The moment I saw Donald Fehr's name attached to the NHLPA, I knew it was GAME OVER for the season. We here in Montreal remember, always remember the Expos of '94.
  • Comment on Flyers make big move (2012-07-19 11:57:33)
    Yes, plus their own picks. Unless they traded them away (not that I know of) they'll have 2 1st round picks for 4 years, which they can use to pick great players or for trades. Nashville got their asses handed to them by Phoenix with Weber and Suter in the lineup. I'll say again: as of yesterday, Nashville was going to get nothing but one more year of service from Weber. Now they have the option (previously not available) of signing him long-term, or taking bounty of picks. This is good for Nashville.