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  • Comment on Habs have to be better for next game, Subban says after 7-2 drubbing by Rangers (Video) (2014-05-17 23:59:27)
    Baffled by this game, hung over from the high on Wednesday; moreover that was probably one of the most emotional series in this cup final. We need some more right-handed shooting D - Emelin can't play the right side he always has to make that leg cross to get back and he has been caught out of position way too often. I'd like to see Subban and Beaulieu together and get the offense to work the point shot back in the attack because the rangers were giving us the line on the PP. Eller + Bourque no PP time only line consistently producing and he puts Briere on and Plekanec to has an almost patented shot that goes wide and brings on an odd man rush. Can't leave a post without starting a storm - Gorges stinks, he makes terrible plays with the puck in his own zone and he is absolutely lost in the offensive zone at the point - bring up Pateryn.
  • Comment on About last night … (2011-10-30 23:36:35)
    They argue because an assistant coach should not be responsible for the way the team is playing; Martin has the final say and he knows equal or less than what Pearn ever new. So the league reacts in a manner that is expected, the entire coaching staff should have been canned. Martin is friends with Pearn and couldn't do it himself, despite the poor performance of the Habs he rather have his friend beside him. This similar relationship exists between PG and Martin, hence why Martin still has a job.
  • Comment on Undefeated in the post-Pearn era (2011-10-27 09:28:56)
    This is just one sly move by the goat to mask the real problem; the manikin. Manikin has the final say behind the bench and don't try and blame Pearn for all the poor line changes or the stupid style of hockey they play. I hope they lose this home n home against the bruins so we can have robinson behind the bench instead of that harry rosen manikin
  • Comment on The mourning after (2011-10-22 02:43:39)
    Solid post, hopefully the manikin behind the bench and the goat in the press box won't be around for much longer
  • Comment on About last night … (2011-10-21 15:37:07)
    We don't hit puck carriers on the boards We don't force puck carriers at the blue line We don't take away the point shot We use Darche on the powerplay We play cement boots gill We don't have a grinding line We don't put Cole on the powerplay We screen Carey price on almost every shot We all play goalie in our own end We don't move people from the front of the net, we just join and worsen the screen We never change our game plan/style We don't dump pucks in and double up on the boards, instead we shoot at the goalie from center We play cement boots Gill, wait I said that already We don't have Saku Koivu, instead we have Gomez We don't have a defensive coach with a brain, I don't know what rock Perry crawled from We change lines on a 3 on 1 We don't know how to make appropriate line changes at all We don't know how to come back from a goal deficit We have a Harry Rosen manikin behind the bench for a coach We juggle the lines if the other team scores first We try and protect the 2-1 or 2-0 loss just so it appears that the game was tough We turn 40 goal scorers into 10 goal scorers because we prefer them standing between the blue lines We are your 2011-12 Montreal Canadiens and we are coached by Jacques "The Count' Manikin and will finish 9th
  • Comment on Three leads blown (2011-04-21 22:23:59)
    your mental, ever wonder why the leafs or the flyers were inquiring only for Price? He is going to dominate the league in a couple years and if he didn't face 50 shots per game he'd have the Vezina in a heart beat
  • Comment on Three leads blown (2011-04-21 22:20:54)
    If you out shoot the other team 29-10 in the first half of the game, why do you stop playing the way your playing? JM you do not have a defense to play like the New Jersey Devils cup winning team, standing in your own zone and waiting for the big nosed bruins to score a shitty goal does not win the series. Hamrlik has been one of the worst dmen all season and throughout this series I feel sorry for all of you who actually thought for one second we were going to stand a chance, this is not a cup winning playoff coach and once again if Carey doesn't get a shutout or let in only one goal they can't win.
  • Comment on Embarrassing! (2011-03-24 20:01:21)
    This is a garbage team that plays with no intensity or toughness JM tries to implement a defensive style like jersey...the only difference is that jersey only allows 18 shots per game, not in the first period
  • Comment on Excellent! (2011-03-03 18:49:22)

    JMO - I like not having home advantage, it puts the pressure on the other team to win the first two games at home.

    However, our reg. season stats suggest that home ice would be more favorable so we can get *another two many men penalty* sorry I mean the last change

  • Comment on Never in doubt (2011-03-01 21:27:24)

    This kind of hockey will not make noise in the playoffs