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  • Comment on Gomez, Spacek good to go (2010-12-15 11:40:24)

    We FINALLY have six top 6 forwards on the team....we can finally field 2 top offensive lines, yet we still have to wait until that becomes a reality.

    Nothing against Travis Moen, really....he's a heart and soul player who I'll take on my team anyday.  But man I'd finally like to see him in a role he'd be comfortable in: 3rd line checking/energy role! 

    Andrei Kostitsyn on the 4th line makes absolutely no sense!!!  I trust and believe in Martin but man he makes it tough to sometimes..

  • Comment on Kovy redux? (2010-12-07 00:50:22)

    Todd Packer - The Office

    Don't be hatin' on Kovy!

  • Comment on Kovy redux? (2010-12-06 23:35:48)

    Kovalev to Montreal would be quite the shrewd acquisition.  I'll be the first to admit I wasn't one of the fans pickiting outside the Bell Centre to have him resigned...  Kovy's indecision led us to sign our eventual captain, which is the best thing that could have happened to this team.


    That being said, such a deal just begs to get done.  It makes sense on so many levels:  Montreal's need for a top 6 forward, Ottawa not going anywhere - Kovalev's undeniable affection for Montreal (still to this day!).  While his stats aren't what they once were a few years back, he is playing healthy and could certainly be rejuvinated with a homecoming of sorts. 


    Will it ruin our team chemistry?  Maybe, but that's the risk you sometimes have to take.  Kovalev wasn't a team cancer like many people seem to imply he was.  At times the effort wasn't there (which is never a good thing), but no one can deny the proud he portrayed wearing the CH.  Bring him back to a very close knit team, play him on a line with lets say Gomez and Cammalleri, and we're taking about a very potent trio where not all the attention will be on him to produce - hopefully sparking the other guys as well.


    Kovalev's a UFA at season's end, so there's little long term salary cap risk which nowadays I believe is the most important factor to consider.  Dustin Penner is locked up long term, Kovalev isn't.  For me the decision is easy.  And no doubt a return would make for some interesting drama/stories here in MTL!

  • Comment on CA-REY! (2010-11-16 23:33:41)

    "The Mike Richards Bible for Earning Respect in the NHL":

    - Give cheapshot headshot to David Booth, giving him a concussion and ending his season


    - Play on a team that sends out Jody Shelly with 2 mins left in the game for a PP


  • Comment on CA-REY! (2010-11-16 23:08:56)

    Someone hand Mike Richards a tissue...  What a baby!  Sounded like he was going to cry.

    "PK Subban needs to earn his respect (he's so tough to play against...WAHHH!)" - ridiculous

    So playing with a swagger, at an elite level, helping his team beat top echelon teams - ya that doesn't earn you any respect in the league.  What Richards thinks he should do is crawl up into a shell, get pushed around (because he's a rookie after all), and call it a day!


    Mike Richards, Don Cherry...all the critics, you guys are dumbfounded by how good this player is!  Respect is earned on the ice, by sticking up for your teammates and playing great hockey.  Doing it at such an early stage in your career earns even more respect in my opinion.  I hope Subban doesn't change his demeanor one bit.


  • Comment on Game 17: Habs calm Hurricanes, Markov hurt (2010-11-14 00:55:36)

    The Markov injury implies that Hamrlik, Spacek and Gill will eat more minutes - as I'm sure people have mentioned earlier.  While that's a short term fix, it won't work in the long run.  By the time January rolls around their legs will be finished...


    We need to hope Picard can come back into the lineup and provide his steady play once again, and guys like Subban and Gorges are prepared to play BIG MINUTES.


    Can a trade be on the horizon?  If Markov is placed on long term IR, I suppose the team will free up some cap space to bring a player in.  A puck moving defenseman would be what the doctor ordered, ideally a player with short term contractual obligations who can fit in for this year.  Putting all biases aside, I'd love to see Tomas Kaberle in that role (wishful thinking I know!)


    Just depressing this game even though we flourished.  This team has a lot of heart and I believe they can march on for #79.  We gotta continue supporting 'em!!!