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  • Comment on Game 3 (audio): Habs rally past Flyers (2008-10-14 10:36:58)
    I agree with twocents on SK. The kid is awesome and was playing junior 16 months ago. He looks like he has the potential to become a "superstar". He does it all. AK looks to be not as well rounded as lil bro, but is explosive and powerful. He will be putting up big numbers. The off season additions are looking great. Living in Colorado I've had the opportunity to see alot of Tanguay, as the season goes on he is going to become a fan favorite, trust me. I was happy when we picked up Lang and he is actually exceeding what I thought he would bring. Laracque is needed, good move BG. Kovalev,Koivu,Pleks,Higgy,Markov,Komi,Hammer,Price, and Halak. Wow!!!! We are stocked with young talent and no room for them. Package some of these players and add a strong Dman to allready strong back end and in my opinion by seasons end we may be considered favorites rather than contenders.
  • Comment on Game 66: Canadiens win to grab East lead (2008-03-02 10:01:20)
    That's hilarious
  • Comment on Game 62: Comeback vs. Penguins wasn’t to be (2008-02-21 22:32:53)
    To all those blaming Huet, you are all a**ho*es who know nothing. Huet playe well, Pittsburgh scored on a lot of lucky goals on crazy bounces. You fools who criticize him are an embarrassment to yourselves and an annoyance to knowledgeable fans on this site. Malkin's tying goal was offside, it was close, but I'm quite sure it was offside. So the linesman may have missed one, it happens. Their winning goal was on a powerplay that was called by a refereeing crew that performed very poorly tonight. The zebras screwed this game!!! What a horrible call in a close game late in the 3rd, Hammer hit him clean and went to the box. I can excuse a referee for missing a call. Maybe he didn't see it. But when a referee calls something that didn't happen he should be held accountable for his poor performance. Youy can't call what you don't see, but if you call it, you better have seen it, and if your calling things that didn't happen you don't belong there and should be removed from the game. Good effort by Montreal, poor refereeing, bad bounces, we lost. Good effort by the Pens, lucky bounces, refereeing in their favor, they won. Can't wait for next game. To anyone blaming Huet, You arte a major stupid, ignorant, A**ho*e.
  • Comment on Game 62: Comeback vs. Penguins wasn’t to be (2008-02-21 08:05:54)
    I truly believe we are cup contenders if we acquire an "impact player". Grabvoski is on fire down on the farm. 16 points in his last 5 games. First star selection in all 5 games. Call him up now and see what he does here. Play him with Sk and Ryder. Pleks--AK27--AK46 Koivu--Higgy--Streit Grabs--SK74--Ryder Lapps--Begin--Dandy
  • Comment on Game 61: Habs win on miraculous comeback (2008-02-20 09:23:27)
    Are you insane. He shut the door and made key saves when needed and then blanked the Rangers in the shootout. The the entire team deserves credit for a comeback like this. What kind of fan are you to say that Huet had no part in it? That is just disgusting.
  • Comment on Price named NHL’s third star of the week (2008-02-18 20:47:23)
    Congrats Price. He is our future #1, and the future may be sooner than later, because he looks ready now. I love Huet and what he has done for us. I think the smart thing is to get something for Huet now, but please, western conference, because I feel he is going to be a premiier goaltender for at least the next 5 years, and he will haunt us. We are tied for first in the East. Gainey was planning on building a winner for next year, but the youngsters developed faster than expected, and we are a force to be reckoned with NOW!! Use Huet to add something. With all our prospects, package Huet and get something big. As stated by someone else today we are deep in prospects with no room for them. Package Huet with some prospects and get something big, now, we are contenders. Speaking of prospects, Grabvoski has come back off his injury on a mission. Player of the week in the AHL. 5 goals, 5 assists in is last 3 games. Might be a good replacement fo Smolinski.
  • Comment on Game 56: Senators clobber outmatched Habs (2008-02-09 17:33:36)
    Toronto just beat Detroit. Fire Babcock. Trade Zetterberg. Waive Datsyuk. Get my point fools, and you know who you are. The negative posters.
  • Comment on Game 56: Senators clobber outmatched Habs (2008-02-09 10:45:03)
    Marian Hossa 6'1 210 lbs. Is very shifty, extremely hard to contain in the offensive zone and even harder to knock off the puck. Has great hockey sense and a fine set of hands. His shot is explosive, which he seems to get off from anywhere. Last season. 43G 47A 100PT +18 Previous Season. 39G 53A 92PT +17 On a non playoff team. Total NHL 683games 293G 337A 630Pt +83 He is only 29. I'll take him.
  • Comment on The remarkable rebirth of Alex Kovalev (2008-02-09 10:28:44)
    Great post!!
  • Comment on Game 55: Habs lose, Ottawa three points up (2008-02-08 12:40:12)
    I agree on Toskala seeing everything. Toronto has Big D and the way the refs were calling the game allowed for interference. The Habs small forwards were being interfeered with. I remember AKost being knocked into the net on the PP, no call.