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----------------------------------------------------------- HALAK should be our number 1 goaltender!

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  • Comment on About last night … (2008-02-24 10:58:18)
    I never understood what the big deal about Lapierre was. Some people say he's a pest, a pain in the ass....really? Avery is a pest, Neil is a pest, Lapierre is NOT. To me, a pest is someone who will piss off the opposing team and then piss them off even more by scoring on them. The only person Laps pisses off is me. Send him down and Price along with him. ----------------------------------------------------------- HALAK should be our number 1 goaltender!
  • Comment on Gainey honoured … by the wrong team (2008-02-23 22:51:08)
    Agreed. If he's brought up and plays the rest of the games, the playoffs are a sure thing. If we stick with the 2 that we have....mmmm I'm not so sure.
  • Comment on Gainey honoured … by the wrong team (2008-02-23 20:21:46)
    I've been saying that since the beginning of the year! Halak should have been picked to play this year, not Price. Gotta feel for the guy. You know how a lot of people said that the young kids is Hamilton were probably wondering what the f they did wrong when they see the likes of Dandy, Smokinsky and co playing? Well, Halak must be thinking the exact same thing.
  • Comment on Gainey honoured … by the wrong team (2008-02-23 15:57:35)
    I have a feeling that Yann Danis might be OUR Conklin: Life-long minor leaguer that we won't bother giving a chance to but could very well be an excellent goalie. I love Halak, huge fan and this could probably apply to him too, but the difference between our 2 is that we often hear ''Brink up Halak''....never ''Bring up Danis'' Poor guy.
  • Comment on Gainey honoured … by the wrong team (2008-02-23 15:39:07)
    Did anybody see that HUGE save Conklin made on Mezaros just now? He pulled a Huet by making a bad play outside his net, came sliding into his crease, on the ground, Mezzy shoots and he just raises his arm to catch the puck. Beautiful. Ottawa sucks.
  • Comment on D goes MIA (2008-02-21 22:24:14)
    Agreed. it's almost like the refs WANT to get booed
  • Comment on D goes MIA (2008-02-21 22:23:03)
    I'm not going to panic because we're not gonna go on this crazy 20-game winning streak, but this was a crappy game. Our worst player tonight? STREIT Absolutely horrible. I don't know if the trade rumours shook him up or something but he was awful. So was Markov. I love Huet, and I'm not a big Price fan, but Huet should've been pulled after the third goal and ESPECIALLY after the fourth. Sometimes i feel Carbo is a little unfair...which leads me to.............isn't it about time he sits Latendresse? USELESS player, seriously! I think Smolinsky played a better match than him. But on to the good.....Georges is AWESOME. This guy is for real. Liked him last year in those few games he played, LOVE him this year. He gets better and better. Best D tonight by far. And Ryder and Koivu were also excellent. Higgins just keeps getting under my skin more and more though. but hey, there are a lot more games left and I'm 100% sure we're making the playoffs where ANYTHING can happen. On to next one....we gotta win this one for Bob. GO HABS!
  • Comment on Audio: Lineup intact to meet Rangers tonight (2008-02-19 12:46:41)
    I would actually sign Ryder to another year. Somebody mentionned it here that we could probably get him for cheap, I say about half of what he's earning now. If he breaks out of his slump, then we've got a 30 goal scorer at 1.5mil. If he doesn't start scoring, but he plays the way he's been playing, then we've got a better/more promising/tougher Dandenault who we know can score. Let's not give up on this guy! What better way to give him confidence then by signing him again?
  • Comment on O’Byrne’s stay in Hamilton a short one (2008-02-10 12:15:57)
    Ryder shouldn't sit. i think he's been playing better than Higgins this year. Carbo is scapegoating the wrong guy. But Koivu was awesome last night in my opinion.
  • Comment on O’Byrne’s stay in Hamilton a short one (2008-02-10 12:14:37)
    I'm happy that O'byrne is back, but the person I want to see called up is Halak. Price is not ready and to me, Halak is the goalie of the future. All around, Halak is a better goaltender. He can't rely on his size so he has to use technique, the opposite is true for Price. I just don't see anything great about him. Halak gets called up for a couple of weeks, plays 0 games, Price plays the second game he's there. If I were Halak, I would leave. But I honestly think everyone will regret focusing on Price because I'm telling you, Halak is better and he will kill us in a few years.