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  • Comment on Another crucial week (aren’t they all?) begins (2011-01-10 10:20:06)


    You're right, hindsight in any particular draft makes little to no sense.  Long term is the only way to evaluate drafting and, implicitly, player development.


    The report you mentioned showed that we are top five (third, I believe) in drafting players that play at least 200 NHL games.  The same report also shows that we are tied with many teams for second-worst at drafting players who average 50 points per year.


    The last player we drafted who scored 80 points for us was Stephane Richer in 1984.  That's a terrible record.  


  • Comment on Sorry for the interruption … (2011-01-03 16:57:07)

    at various times: 15 goals, above average on faceoffs, pk time, hit leader, good size, good speed, young, rfa.  He's not a top 6 guy, but he is the kind of guy most winning teams have on the third/fourth line.

  • Comment on Sorry for the interruption … (2011-01-03 16:43:22)

    The NFL has played with a cap for years.  The teams that win consistently have great scouting, development and exceptional coaching.  It's the edge you need when competing in a balanced league.

    Molsons can afford to build a real organization.  They have the money and want to win. We should have the best scouting in Quebec and everywhere else.

    The last player we drafted who scored 80 points for us was Richer - in 1984. Our ability to scout and develop offensive talent is poor and please don't trot out the "analysis" showing how many more mediocre players we draft compared with other teams - i know we're mediocre; or cite random examples of successful low picks.

    26 years without a drafted star and "rebuilding" the team with free agents is overwhelming evidence in any court of reasonable opinion of negligent resources.

  • Comment on MMXI – Max = ? (2010-12-31 17:56:54)

    Doubtful we could have picked up more for him and he feel out of favour.  Still, I assume Koivu had some insight into Lap's potential and problems.  Watch him become a consistent 15-20 goal aggitator for the Ducks.

    In the mean time, we lost the top hitter on a team lacking size.

  • Comment on About last night … (2010-12-31 08:21:29)

    The first step to solving a problem is recognizing that you have a problem.

    Other than the persistent faux-statistical drone from MathMan, it was a pleasure not to see the typical postings of excuse mongers and Subjective Homeristic Irrational Trash "SHITs". 

    We are not as bad as this. We are not as good as our early record.  We are an 88-93 point team with a mix of inconsistent talent, adequate grinders and lifeless mediocre management. We are not a cup contender. IMO gionta, cammi, gomez and other older core players won't get us there. Real management needs to decide if mediocrity is sufficient or if we are striving for more.

    This is not a decisive bunch.

    PG acted decisively... how? by waiting until a poor month shattered the fragile confidence of a winning team.  kudos.  The money for JM is irrelevant.  The Molson's are rich and coaches don't count against the cap.  As fans, we deserve the best possible situation.  JM is not our best option.  He's an average coach who has been sub-par for five seasons.

  • Comment on Wisniewski – The view from Long Island (2010-12-29 19:54:19)

    do your own reasearch, i have a life, don't work for you and don't owe you anything - let alone an apology for your conjectures. happy new year, "buddy"

  • Comment on Wisniewski – The view from Long Island (2010-12-29 19:50:02)

    i feel [imho] it's better to add assets when you don't need them. the isle fired gordon in the midst of a prolonged slump.  i believe they would have moved wiz and others at the time.  so make the moved when markov was placed on ltir if we couldn't accommodate the cap hit.

    my original point is getting him now adds undue pressure and sets unrealistic expectations for a 4,5, 6 D-man.

  • Comment on Wisniewski – The view from Long Island (2010-12-29 19:43:22)

    just curious - do you think gomez would be claimed for $3.6m, would you want him eating that much in cap space here while playing for another team

  • Comment on Wisniewski – The view from Long Island (2010-12-29 19:39:52)

    (most) players sign the best deal.  i don't recall other teams offering gionta and cammi more money than pg did.  few players come to mind who signed to play with friends - lebron (nba), koivu to play with selannne (although i think he would have resigned with us given a chance), kariya to play with selanne.  teeu must be a pretty cool guy.

  • Comment on Wisniewski – The view from Long Island (2010-12-29 19:33:51)

    I said they should have made the deal 6-8 weeks ago - when we lost Markov.  Just an opinion buddy.