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  • Comment on About last night … (2010-11-14 18:07:21)

    hell no, that's ridiculous from his perspective and ours, not to mention badly unloyal (basically letting him go).  if he has that kind of end of season and finally proves himself in the playoffs, he'll get 6 years at 6 million on the open market.  and hopefully he'd take less coin or term to stay here.  you have to want to keep your best players.




    KEEP HIM if he's actually healthy.

  • Comment on About last night … (2010-11-14 18:02:36)

    great post hab in surrey, we had the most exciting d in the league.  i hope this is not career threatening for markov, he's consistently been the best player on the team for the era i've followed them closely. 

  • Comment on About last night … (2010-11-14 17:58:26)

    boone's entirely right here, but it would really be a shame if this is the end of markov.  we finally have the pieces (with him) to be a serious playoff contender, having subban, those veterans and gorges and gill would probably still be the best D in the eastern conference. 

    I hope it will really be no more than three months, and that he can return in february or march and have time to get into shape for the playoffs.  and here we have it, we are encountering a shrewd move by gainey on keeping markov's contract at market value, and not too long.  if he doesn't make a return to form this season or playoffs we could sign him to a shorter or cheaper contract in the offseason. 

    but it's a shame for markov, he was finally coming into his own, and is one of many defenders we have who can play significant minutes.  this'll definitely put more of a strain on our old guys, which sucks.  i like the obyrne deal, but too bad it happened right before this.  i think webber is definitely our best option, can play as a bottom minute fourthliner and man the point with subban.  subban and gomez are good on the ice together.

    can't wait till poor markov gets back!  there's finally the solid leadership core around him.  i love pleks so much.

  • Comment on Quick hits (2010-11-06 00:27:40)

    great article boone. it's only you that i reads on the regular these days!  didnt catch this game, but good on us for capitalizing on a struggling team, without plex our best forward.  sounds like martin made some astute changes to the top six, (something like i would have done), and good to see pouliot finally get some results, which he deserves.  i feel his start of the season is promising, and i've been slightly annoyed with how little of a chance martin gives to up and coming players, something carbo was very good at.  but winning a game against a division rival without plex is great, and sounds like markov was better used too.  dont play him with subban, they're both too creative.  imagine how awesome our team will be with one of these guys on the ice every night for 50-55 minutes.  you'll see goals, from somebody.  our highest paid players will start earning their money.  i'm so happy for the future of this team with subban, kids a superstar.  i love the guy.  and price can come back.  i still have love for him (still have for halak too).  so i think most of the changes that have to made for us to be a good team will be made internally (coaching decisions, hoping the best from martin here), and maybe we can free up some space by trading spatch, but its fine if he stays.  him and andrei + prospects for an elite forward seems like a good trade.  anyways, see you guys tomorrow, night