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  • Comment on About last night … (2012-01-19 08:28:08)
    i hope you are being sarcastic b/c gauthier has no clue what he is doing--he doesn't know whether to go left or right--he should be replaced asap-he and master gainey should be fired asap
  • Comment on The road trip resumes (2011-12-21 12:37:12)
    would you stop--that was awesome--get the players right into the game--good old fashioned canadian hockey---watch a different sport if you don't like it
  • Comment on The road trip resumes (2011-12-21 10:29:29)
    Dude---I understand what you are saying. I like cunney and i say if montreal does hire another coach keep him as an assistant if he wants to stay . You are completely accurate about the previous GMs, especially gainey. I laugh now at the same people on this website that said the opposite prior to all this mess happening. I don't think cunney will last however, if they keep losing the media is going to tear him apart about the language issue, and the politics will take over
  • Comment on Liveblog: Shootout L … again (2011-12-07 08:57:47)
    some of you guys are too much--when they win you say they are great when they lose they are garbage--take a side and stop flip flopping. Me, I said I will not support this team regardless if they win or lose b/c of their system this mangement wants to use--its a circus in montral and all they are doing are appeasing to the fans that want that tic tac toe play nice hockey right now--give it a rest, this team is made to play in KHL noit NHL now some of you are you going to rap back, take perrsonal comments but sorry the evidence is on the ice
  • Comment on Pacioretty suspended three games (2011-11-29 09:12:30)
    how much do you get paid for by the habs or are you just rappy like this behind a computer---
  • Comment on Pacioretty suspended three games (2011-11-29 09:09:06)
    G--man-----when shans was hired this whole website was saying there is a new sheriff in town, campbell was awfull, shans will be great etc., and now that he makes decisions that you and others don't like all of sudden he is awfull--you know what this is--displaced anger--maybe your anger should be geared to gainey/gauthier/martin for getting us a pretty boy team that can not handle the physical teams and than makes fans like you go ctrying to the league on how unfair we get treated---what a joke having said that pacs should have just rec'd 1 or 2 games--i say that b/c pacs is not a dirty hockey player
  • Comment on Pacioretty suspended three games (2011-11-29 00:27:22)
    no kidding
  • Comment on Pacioretty suspended three games (2011-11-29 00:09:34)
    I don't think PACs deserved a suspension(well maybe 1 or 2 games max) but overall I think the new sheriff is doing a great job, and please stop with the conspiracy theories--the league is not anti-montreal, its not an anti-montreal thing--its based on what he thinks went on--now, you can criticize his decision but some of you please stop, these decisions are not based on the league hating montreal-- some of you want players suspended 10 games after a play like this so you can't have it both ways
  • Comment on HIO at Monday practice (2011-11-28 12:47:21)
    Thomas Le Fan--do you still sleep in a crib b/c only a baby would take 3000 times the way you did--its a figure of speech--that hit that pacs did is not even in the same league as Lucic's hit--lucic hit a goalie, but it wasn't a headshot hit, pacs hit was a complete head shot--- so i guess when an announcer says "when you get hit by Phaneuff its like getting hit by a bus" loses all his credibility b/c Phaneuff is no where near as strong as a bus--get rid of your diapers for crying out loud
  • Comment on HIO at Monday practice (2011-11-28 11:12:51)
    lost creditibility--if you say lucic's hit was worse than the pacs hit you are in la la land--Letang is lucky to have still have his head--listen, i don't think luccic or pacs should be suspended--i believe in letting the players sort things out so it i won't be a hypocrite but go back and check that lucic hit--there was no head shot whatsoever---unbelievable that you think that lucic's hit was worse--its not even in the same ball park--lucic was wrong hitting the goalie but he didn't give him a headshot