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  • Comment on Canadiens acquire Wisniewski (2010-12-28 18:12:47)

    I definitely do not agree that PK is done for the season. He is not a replacement for anyone, except in the fact that he can put up points a la Markov.

    In fact, I think this will just bolster and improve PK's play, and the Wiz can surely act as a younger mentor for him.


  • Comment on Canadiens acquire Wisniewski (2010-12-28 18:08:05)

    I think he's going to add a lot to this team!!


  • Comment on Canadiens acquire Wisniewski (2010-12-28 17:40:51)

    I love this deal. He was one of the dmen becoming unrestricted free agents at season's end that I had my eyes on for the Habs. This was reinforced watching him in the game on the island the other night, thinking "Man we should get that guy."

    He adds much needed grit and a great shot. As the top scoring dman for the Isles, he was also the 3rd leading scorer on the team. He's small at only 5'11, but doesn't play like it.

    Nice move Mnsr. DG!!!


  • Comment on Hail, hail, the gang’s all here (2010-12-14 13:48:20)

    I'm so up on the Gomez/Gionta/Pacioretty line; really think that's going to be good for Gomez especially.

    I'm not a fan of having Kostitsyn play with Lappy and Halpy... I think he should go back with Cammellari and Pleks. Being a shooter, he needs someone to set him up. Cammy opens up space for him, while he does the same for Cammy.


  • Comment on Pacioretty back on top line (2010-12-13 17:19:44)

    I like the fact that MaxPac plays on the top line. Everyone knows that's where he belongs and he was right to say so earlier this year that it would be better for him to stay in Hamilton rather than join the Habs' 4th line.

    That said, I don't know if I like the idea of AK46 playing with Max and Jeff. We had a top line going when all three were producing: Pleks/Cammy/AK46. Why not put Gionta back with Gomer when he comes back and put MaxPac with them....they would form an all US line

    We could call it the "Free-trade connection" :)


  • Comment on Game 22: Canadiens impress in crowning Kings (2010-11-25 09:18:37)

    Price -- he's my boy. I've supported and believed in him since day one. Now he's making me look good, and we all benefit!!!!!!!!



  • Comment on Game 22: Canadiens impress in crowning Kings (2010-11-25 08:57:48)

    I know, what is Hab Nation going to do when the team continues to do well. It has to criticize someone or something...well maybe that's what Kovalev is for :)

    Ultimately Gomez will put points up, but it's true, the fact the team is winning is what matters.


  • Comment on About last night … (2010-11-23 10:15:13)

    Totally agree with the statement that last night's game was a reality check for the Canadiens. Hey, they have a very good team on paper, and with Price playing like he wants to assume the throne of the top goalies in the NHL, they should place well. And considering the PP isn't where it should be, Markov is out and the top scorers aren't putting enough pucks into the net, they are doing darn well.

    However nobody is walking around thinking we're going to win the cup this year. May happen (I think the team is setting itself up as good as in any year of recent times to make a run) but they do need to address some things.

    I was hoping last night that the team would collectively pull around Price and try to win him a game, instead of the other way around. Especially after CP made a terrific save in tight on a 2-on-1 after the Flyers made it 3-2. Once again he gave the team a chance to win if not get a point. The team let him down...they should be reminded of this fact. Price had no chance on any of the goals.

    It might have been interesting ultimately to see how the game would have played out had the Canadiens not taken a 2-0 lead. They dominated the 1st period and should have scored a few more; but their top lines were not clicking last night and didn't take advantage of their opps (starting with Cammelari's partial breakaway after the opening faceoff). Great to get production from Lappy, but we really needed someone from the top lines to put in that 3rd goal. They were facing a shaky goaltender in Boucher and should have shelled him. As is the way it seems to usually go, the first team to get to 3 goals usually wins. Last night was no exception.


  • Comment on Game 21: Habs sit back on 2-0 lead, lose 3-2 (2010-11-22 15:37:06)

    This should be a great tilt tonight.

    From a fan's perspective, one of the best things of playoff success -- aside from the thrills, chills and heartpumping action -- is the formation of new rivalries. Is it just coincidence that the Habs haven't won a cup since the Nordiques went down south?

    So now we have two new rivalries in my books: Crosby's boobird Penguins; and Richards' flopping Flyers. So far we're 2-0 this year against these two teams and I hope it continues.

    What a difference a year makes huh? Last year both teams squeaked into the playoffs and met in the semis. This year they're two of the top teams in the conference and as things stand now, it wouldn't be a surprise to see a rematch this coming spring.

    I'm a bit surprised to hear Boucher will start in nets for the Flyers, but no problem. I think he's weak and gives Price another opportunity to show each and every goalie in the league that he's taking the helm as the leader of the top of NHL goalies (sorry Brodeur, outgoing head, and sorry Ryan Miller, your team ain't too good).


  • Comment on Game 18: Price, Habs blank Flyers (2010-11-17 09:39:35)

    Great game by the entire team, not just Price. "It's not just me" as we hope to keep hearing from him over and over and over. Btw, is anyone okay with him being left off of the All-Star ballot??? Remember the last time...didn't work out that great. Let him stay home and watch Ovechkin on tv.

    HABS are showing they are one of the league's top teams, especially when Price is playing this way. The only caveat, is that against the Bruins and last night's game against the Flyers, both teams were coming off games the night before. So let's see what the Habs do when those teams are fresh.

    Lapierre, for all his good intentions, isn't much of a fighter. I like the idea of bringing up Ian Schultz for the next tilt against the broad street bullies...why is it that anyone names Schultz is automatically a fighter? :)

    Man poor Markov. He's done like dinner for the year in my opinion...we'll be lucky to get him in before the playoffs. The only bright side is the team is at least used to playing without him.