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  • Comment on Who were those guys in Devils unis? (2010-12-03 15:41:03)

    I admit it.  I like watching Subban, I like that he's cocky and plays with confidence.  I think he's a unique talent and reminds me of 80s hockey with guys like Paul Coffey rushing the puck instead of making boring, safe passes.  I wouldn't have benched him (for what that's worth).

    However, in the games since Cherry's rants started, he SEEMS to have stepped up his pushing and yapping after the play.  So, it might be time to remind a young player to play controlled.  Not "safe", but "controlled". 

    Ultimately, I fear that SF09's point about Babcock/ Leino Martin might be the long term result. JM and PK may not be sympatico.  Like Coffey and other high-skill, offensive defensemen, PK is HIGH risk/reward.  Martin could adapt Subban's to play a more subdued style.  But that might be waste.


  • Comment on O’B traded (2010-11-11 12:53:53)

    First Boyd, then O'Byrne. Are these moves just saving cap space for a trade deadline deal or do people think PG is trying to do something sooner? 

  • Comment on Game 14: Kovalev’s pair buries Canadiens (2010-11-07 19:27:23)

    and then tampa fired melrose and stamkos developed, hmmmm.....

  • Comment on About last night … (2010-11-07 19:03:22)

    Now, back to the discussion about our worthless management team, their qualifications, why we desperately hang on to crap, and why we dismiss qualified people who want the job... i guess the people on this board reflect the habs approach - stay insular and strive for mediocrity.  




  • Comment on About last night … (2010-11-07 18:59:20)

    Your decades of site membership make you a genius.  what glorious insights....

  • Comment on About last night … (2010-11-07 18:58:22)

    Read something other than this site and move beyond the group think:



    Yzerman, the Hall of Fame player turned manager, was also entering his first year as a general manager, deciding to take the job in Tampa Bay after it became clear that the job he was truly interested in, that of GM of the Montreal Canadiens, was clearly not up for grabs.



    The appointment of Pierre Gauthier as Canadiens general manager has done without President Pierre Boivin bothers to meet other potential candidates. This is surprising when you think since changes in this position are extremely sensitive and important does not happen often.


    The fact is that this approach was extremely disappointed Steve Yzerman, who told relatives that he would have loved such a challenge in Montreal. The Director General of the Canadian Olympic team holds the position of assistant general manager Ken Holland in Detroit Red Wings and he knows he must leave the city if the car wants to take the reins of training in the NHL.


    Montreal corresponded to the two criteria established by Yzerman, who wants to work in a Canadian city or in a wholesale market in the NHL. In my case, those who claim that the executive director of the Canadian could not be entrusted to a unilingual anglophone are totally in the field. Most of the 24 cups won by the organization were the work of English-speaking CEOs who had the genius to build on the huge bank of talent francophone offered to them.





  • Comment on About last night … (2010-11-07 12:25:40)

    So our choices are see-tone or these guys?  i don't like our chances.  :-(


    I would have liked to see what Boucher could do.  I would have liked Yzerman for GM, who shamelessly lobbied for the job.


    I'm not bashing the current group, but Martin wasn't lucky his pal Gauthier hired him after four challenges years in Florida.  Remember, nobody offered Gauthier a GM job when he was hanging out as player development guy for a bunch of years. 


  • Comment on Mathieu F. Garon (2010-11-02 21:00:31)

    I'm beginning to miss MAB and Glenn Metropolit