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  • Comment on Liveblog: Playoff Game 2 – Canadiens romp 4-1, lead series 2-0 coming home (2014-04-18 18:30:39)
    Sounds like someone is fishing for some Happy Bday wishes :-P Happy belated Bday HiS. - Honestly yours Twitter: @de_benny
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-04-06 11:34:39)
    A few other factors to remember: 1) He only had half of a productive season prior to his 2 year bridge deal due to the severe neck injury he sustained (14 goals in 37 games). Was it a one-half-season anomaly? Would the injury result in lowered future production? Important factors contributing to the 2 year, 1.625mil contract. 2) The lockout season saw him score 15 goals in 44 games. Good production, but extrapolates to only 28 goals in a full season. He did score 33 the previous season though. 3) His age and RFA status also equated to a slightly lower salary, especially for a longer term deal which gave the young man financial security over a long term. 4) He took a bit of a hometown discount at the time IMO, though not a huge one. At the end of the day, if he keeps producing then he will get a massive contract when his current deal is up. Incidentally, he will be the same age Vanek is now (30) when that happens. Estimating what salaries will be for top-tier players at that time, plus what the salary cap is likely to be, his next deal will be more than what Vanek will get this summer. Max is likely looking at 10mil+ per year if he continues to play well consistently. - Honestly yours Twitter: @de_benny
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    Did a similar exercise, though not as formally, and came to basically the same conclusion. If we keep Vanek then Gio and one of Bourque/Briere (and it would be RB) has to go. Or, Markov is out and we can keep everyone else. Looked at Gaborik and Hemsky too and came to these conclusions: Gaborik - would cost as much as Vanek but is 2 years older, more streaky, more injury prone, and doesn't have the proven chemistry Vanek does with DD and Max. Plays a different style than TV too. Hemsky - fairly big question mark on how he would produce, but the skill is there. Would be cheaper than TV. Could very well stay in Ottawa as he has done well there and may enjoy finally having that in his life after the rough ride he had in EDM - might be scared to lose it. Money talks but I wouldn't overpay on dollars or term for Hemsky if I was MB. - Honestly yours Twitter: @de_benny
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-04-06 10:57:58)
    Great question! Allow me to preface my answer with this: I'm not an expert nor do I claim/pretend to be. Lol Moulson could be available and is a natural winger. Would be cheaper than Vanek. That said, Minny has enough space to afford both of them quite easily if they so choose. I'd definitely consider Jagr too. Would only require a 1 year deal and wouldn't break the bank. Speed might be a problem though if he was to play with Max and DD. Vanek isn't a speedster but he's fast enough. Jagr, not so much. I also think some great younger guys could be available from certain under-performing teams who need to start getting their shite together. I'm looking specifically at Winnipeg and Edmonton, notably E. Kane, Eberle, Hall. Anything like that would involve trades and would not be cheap. I don't see EDM getting rid of Hall, but Eberle could be made available and I think Kane is a prime candidate for a trade if a decent offer is presented. - Honestly yours Twitter: @de_benny
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    I agree Jane. Just to show the flipside of the coin though, having Pleks with Chucky and Gally makes that line a lot less effective defensively than it was when Gio played on Pleky's right. I think that when playing TB, we need a forward line whose role will be to shut down the Stamkos line. Likely candidates would be Bourni/Moen/Prust-Pleks-Gio. That would allow for a 3rd line of Chucky-Briere-Gally which could offer secondary scoring, and a fourth line of White-Weise and one of the remaining Bourni/Moen/Prust to play the left. I'm certainly not qualified to be a coach, but I think that approach is worth considering at least. - Honestly yours Twitter: @de_benny
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-04-06 10:24:44)
    CJ brings up an excellent point below - and his timing was great too in that I just looked at Capgeek for the Habs' payroll next year and drew this same conclusion: It would be extremely difficult to sign Vanek in addition to the likely signings of Subban, Markov, Gio, Eller, Weise, White, and probably one of Weaver/Murray. Further to this, Galchenyuk, Gallagher, Beaulieu, and Tinordi are up the year after, as is Budaj. I think Gio would get about 3mil/year on a new 2 year deal. Based on expected production of 15 goals, excellent D skills and PK duty, and the 'C'/leadership factor. If he wasn't re-signed and MB could find a taker for Bourque without taking any salary back, that clears up 6.33mil which would account for most of what Vanek would get (7 - 7.5), and probably still leave around 3mil in cap cushion. - Honestly yours Twitter: @de_benny
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-04-06 09:59:33)
    I agree, though my opinion is admittedly less-than-informed when it comes to the job Lefebvre has done. - Honestly yours Twitter: @de_benny
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-04-06 08:04:41)
    Thank you very much for doing this, UCE. Greatly appreciated! - Honestly yours Twitter: @de_benny
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-04-02 00:20:41)
    Good call! Thanks 'Couver! - Honestly yours Twitter: @de_benny
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-04-02 00:16:11)
    Too bad it comes after a loss :-( - Honestly yours Twitter: @de_benny