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  • Comment on Liveblog: Another W; Jets grounded 4-3 (2013-01-29 21:05:37)
    just lost my justin tv link. anyone have a functioning online connection?
  • Comment on Liveblog: Another W; Jets grounded 4-3 (2013-01-29 19:39:33)
    thank you!
  • Comment on Liveblog: Another W; Jets grounded 4-3 (2013-01-29 19:32:55)
    Apologies for asking, but does anyone have a link for the game?
  • Comment on Habs en vacances (2012-07-18 13:08:34)
    You may be right. Hard to say. But I'd take the gamble. The gamble being that Nino can become the big, tough, scoring LW that the Habs need behind Patches.
  • Comment on Habs en vacances (2012-07-18 12:55:54)
    Perhaps. I would say the biggest question it raised was why the Isles are playing an 18 year old not named Tavares in the NHL. He's probably not a future superstar, but he has a good shot at becoming a top six LW, something absent from the Habs system. With Gally, Pleks, Eller and DD the Habs have some depth at C and can afford to take a chance on scoring another top 5 pick in Niedderreiter, no? Do we really think Eller is going to blossom into a top line C? My bet is that Niederretter's value will never again be as low as it is right now. If you can get him for Lars, you do it. Not saying it's a guaranteed win, but a bold gamble worth taking. EDIT: he was 19 last season. my bad. makes it a bit more of a toss up.
  • Comment on Habs en vacances (2012-07-18 11:54:54)
    in a heartbear. lol beat
  • Comment on Habs en vacances (2012-07-18 10:49:51)
    this is crazy talk. Kabs, although a bit overpriced and soft, remains a top end offensive dman. he was 40th in the NHL for dmen in points last year, in a bad year where he started on two brand new teams. prior to that he was top 10 (or 13) in dman points for many seasons. we probably can't expect a return to that level of production, but 30+ points from him as a strong 5th dman/2nd string PP QB is totally realistic. Few teams can boast his offensive talent in their bottom pairing. He is a solid placeholder for Beaulieu.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Canadiens lose 3-2 to Panthers in shootout (2012-03-27 16:12:45)
    I hope so.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Canadiens lose 3-2 to Panthers in shootout (2012-03-27 16:08:21)
    Not worried about drafting a player who can make the jump next season. Hopefully the tank continues and we get one of the Gs and whichever it is plays junior again next season. In the meantime, we need a UFA winger - preferably PA Parenteau, which would give us: Cole-Pleks-Gio Patches-DD-Parenteau Bourque-Eller-Leblanc Moen-UFA C (tough vet)-White Darche, Geoffrion, Gallagher Gorges-PK Markov-Emelin Kaberle-UFA D (tough vet on a 1 year deal) Diaz, Weber (unless traded), St-Denis, Tinordi, Bealieu I think that team makes the playoffs easy and is maybe a contender. Much depends on Price and Markov.
  • Comment on Panthers visit Bell Centre (2012-03-27 12:13:21)
    Agreed re: Gio, but I think Pleks is more versitile than you give him credit for. I like: Cole-Pleks-Gio (fast, opportunistic, good shut down against top match ups) Patches-DD-UFA winger (Parenteau?) (scoring line, softer match ups) Leblanc-Eller-Bourque (secondary scoring line) Moen-UFA C (tough vet)-White (shutdown line) Darche, Geoffrion, Gallagher I doubt Staubitz will be back.