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  • Comment on About last night … (2011-01-13 12:21:46)

    Nice. As you know a classic car rebuild requires a complete dismantling of said vehicle. Just sayin'.

  • Comment on About last night … (2011-01-13 10:37:16)

    Tommy, you have indeed diagnosed the present day dilemma of the Montreal Canadiens. Mediocrity and parity are the bywords of today's NHL. Maybe it is the infernally long regular season but I find it hard to "get up" for a game on TV lately, watching more out of habit than anything I suppose. I even took a hiatus for the Christmas road trip to see if that would help (absence makes the heart grow fonder?). History is all they have now and the further away the glory years get the harder it will be for the organization to carry the aura of a "winning" franchise.

    I've tried to lower my expectations these days. As constructed this team will either win 2-1 or lose 3-2 depending on Price's performance or the hockey god's dictates for bounces on any given night.

    BTW, I've often wondered about your avatar. That your 'Stang? I have an '04 GT.

  • Comment on Canadiens recall David Desharnais (2010-12-31 12:09:48)

    Nothing against David Deharnais and I wish him good luck. I've watched him play live and if he's 5-7, then I'm Yao Ming!

  • Comment on About last night … (2010-12-29 09:04:27)

    There is no one on this team with enough talent and skill to lead them, or make them an upper echelon franchise. No Richard, Beliveau or Lafleur or even a modern day equivilent like Crosby. Those types of players/personalities can make the people around them better. They are pretty much a team of 'B' players. If they could ever acquire an 'A' type player things may change.

    Jarome Iginla was such a player but, at age 35 not now. Nor Lecavalier.

    The Canadiens won't tank nor would I advocate it. It may occur naturally though due to lack of talent or heart or injuries.

    I don't think Jacques Martin is going anywhere as yet. It's usually year 3 when the axe falls. 

  • Comment on Thank you, Santa (2010-12-23 18:49:25)

    An old saying: water seeks it's own level.

  • Comment on The West is the test (2010-12-21 14:44:26)

    The Saulniers? No way! Jonathan Huberdeau is way better than either of those two. If you want the double kill get Tomas Jurco as well.

  • Comment on No Habs hockey tonight (2010-12-09 09:02:48)

    24 Cups, nowadays teams consider cap space or in Dallas' case cost saving (salary dump) as valuable as a player in return. So, cap space plus a young prospect such as Pacioretty, who may have lobbied for a trade to an American team earlier, or Kristo, who is currently struggling with North Dakota in NCAA play, may be all that's required to acquire Brad Richards. Well, maybe a second round pick as well, PG doesn't mind parting with those lately. Leblanc isn't going aywhere, guaranteed.

    I was actually disappointed when Richards went to Dallas a few years ago. I would have preferred him over Lecavalier any day. Richards is nearly as good offensively, more durable and would have endured less scrutiny than Vinny.

  • Comment on Hello, Columbus (2010-11-02 11:27:49)

    Well said. Gomez is, unfortunately, paid like a 100 point player which he is not. When fans see a 7-8mil price tag, they expect Crosby or Thornton numbers. I guess Gomez is paid for both his offense AND defence.

  • Comment on Halpern returns vs Flyers (2011-01-24 18:31:47)

    I'm afraid the Habs will be coming home without their lunch money when the Bullies are done with them Ian.

    A point would be nice.

  • Comment on Too quiet (2010-07-10 09:48:02)

    Does anyone think the Ducks would trade for Hamrlik? They seem short of defencemen at the moment. They probably have lots of cap space available. Or should the Canadiens hang on to him for one more season or until Markov is healthy?