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  • Comment on Campoli surprised by NHL decision (2011-10-04 08:12:24)
    I completely agree with you. The other thing is that if you look at the play Campoli had lost control of the puck and it was 3-4 feet in front of him at the time of the hit. Malone- in the offensive zone- skated right over the puck to make the hit. Malone had no interest in keeping the puck in or creating a scoring chance, plus there was no need to separate the defender from the puck. ________ JAS Go Habs!
  • Comment on Game 66: Canadiens win to grab East lead (2008-03-02 01:55:54)
    This is a great moment in the season. There have been a lot of comments from [impatient] fans that the rebuilding phase has been too slow and there were poor decisions made made by Gainey and Carbo. The melodramatic comments posted on Tues would have you thinking that the franchise might as well fold. I admit that I had doubts about Carbo early in the season (with specific regards to his line juggling) and I second-guessed Gainey's decisions, but I had an epiphany on Tues. Maybe, just maybe, they know what they're doing. Maybe the mistakes were made in the past [cough]Rejean Houle[cough] and couldn't be fixed overnight. Maybe we "trained" 3 rookie coaches in the last 10 years (Vigneault, Therrien & Julien) but just happened to get them before their prime. Maybe it's no fluke that teams like Detroit, NJ, Colorado and Dallas have all been perennial cup contenders for over a decade by building from within. Maybe these same teams stayed the course and didn't sell the farm every trade deadline. Maybe "collecting" every big name available (hello NY Rangers and Toronto) doesn't equal success. Just maybe... I have full confidence in Gainey, even if I don't know why. I questioned the Rivet trade- but, in my opinion, we won. Georges is playing fantastically and is young. I questioned letting Souray go and signing Hamrlik- we won that one big time. I questioned letting Bonk and Johnson go- they are slow and ineffectual compared to their replacements. I questioned the trade and the non-trade last Tues. Then I thought- maybe Gainey's right. Maybe Huet was holding Price back and was my favourite on emotion only (remember the OT softy vs. Carolina that eliminated us two years ago? Remember the final game last year vs TO?) Maybe the 2nd highest scoring team in the league doesn't need more scoring when, in the opinion of a lot of people, we have several underachievers (Ryder and Higgins come to mind). I no longer question. I think keeping our young talent was the right thing to do. It's what good teams do. I think that the elation we all feel right now- being a first place team- will be prolonged by the decisions Gainey (& Carbo) has made. It won't be fleeting due to irrational and short-sighted decisions. Sure, there will be ups and downs (Detroit has lost 10 of their last 11) but the payoff will be worth it (Detroit is still the best team overall and has won 3 cups in the last 10 years). In short- I Believe!!!!!! ________ JAS Go Habs!
  • Comment on Game 61: Habs win on miraculous comeback (2008-02-19 22:33:57)
    Unbelievable! I have a feeling this game will be mentioned many times over the next few months as the "moment" for multiple reasons (Ryder finally wakes up, the Habs 5-5 on scoring, the comeback and their resilience....) As a negative- it was quite obvious that the refs know their paychecks come from New York. They were brutally one-sided. The 2nd call on Komisarek was a joke, the double minor was a joke and the Rangers got away with two blatant obstruction-type holdings in OT. Malik's infraction in the first minute was so bad he used two hands and dropped his stick. Go Habs! What a finish!!!!! ________ JAS Go Habs!
  • Comment on Game 28: Canadiens snap losing streak (2007-12-06 20:55:43)
    I agree- Koivu has been MIA. He might as well sit on the bench and save oxygen. ________ JAS Go Habs!
  • Comment on Game 28: Canadiens snap losing streak (2007-12-06 20:44:57)
    Sorry to harp on the same subject (see my previous post) but 3 SOG in the 2nd!? Also, was Koivu benched? I only saw him twice, and the 2nd time was with 2 min left the period. ________ JAS Go Habs!
  • Comment on Game 28: Canadiens snap losing streak (2007-12-06 20:53:42)
    Watching the Habs lately, I have been concerned about their lack of shots on goal. I'm no hockey strategy expert, but I do know that in order to score- and therefore win games- you actually need to shoot the puck at the goalie. So, for the fun of it, I played with some numbers. Take what you want from this, but here it goes: -the Habs have played 27 games = 81 periods (I omitted OTs) -they have recorded 39 periods of single digit SOG (0-9) which is approx. 50% -of those, 27 (approx. 33%) are 7 SOG or less -6 SOG and 7 SOG are tied with highest frequency of occurrence (8 times each) -twice they have recorded periods with 2 SOG To me, this doesn't bode well for success in the "new" NHL. Interestingly, the Habs have had 4 games where all 3 periods they recorded single digit SOG. All of these games were home games (hmmm). Their record is 2-2-0: -a 6-1 win vs. BOS Oct 22 -a 2-0 win vs. BUF Nov 5 -a 3-0 loss vs. BUF Nov 24 -the most recent, a 4-1 loss vs. DET To add to this, if you consider that good starting goalies in the NHL have save % of .900 or higher, here's the math: -the Habs get less than 9 shots in 1/2 their periods played. Given the stat that goalies save 90% of them (or 8.1 shots per 9), the Habs can only score 0.9 goals in these periods. Statistically, they aren't shooting enough to score 1 goal in half their periods. I post this mostly as an FYI and to see what people think. ________ JAS Go Habs!
  • Comment on Lapierre, O’Byrne recalled; Grabovski sent down (2007-12-05 20:30:09)
    I agree with gumper- this move reeks of desperation on Carbo's part. While I don't agree with doing nothing when things are bad, I do think that Carbo never really gave things a chance to settle when we were winning. Now that we're losing, his shuffling has gone into overdrive. IMO- whatever has happened to the Habs to cause this slump happened in the loss to Ottawa on Nov.10. I thought they played fantastic that game but blew it late (go figure!) Since then, the Habs look like a team expecting to lose. Early in the season they were a team playing like they had a chance to win. The 3rd period against Det was painful to watch. They barely skated, let alone try to score to win. They had 2 powerplays while down by only 2. A goal on either and anything can happen- right down to the final seconds. As the announcers on VS. said it looked like Det was up by 5 or 6 goals. All the talk has been about Markov being off his game, but what about Koivu? and Higgins? Koivu looks like he's calling it in. There seems to be no passion in his play- cute passes to no one and plenty of turnovers. I remember a time not so long ago- Oct actually- where that line had extended pressure in the offensive zone and controlled the play. Ryder was blamed for lack of goals and was moved- no change. Now they have Streit (a horrible idea)- no change. Anyone notice a pattern? ________ JAS Go Habs!
  • Comment on Latendresse promoted to first line (2007-11-27 16:50:20)
    Hello all! This is my first post. Very excited to be part of this website. It's been my Habs lifeline since late last year. Anyway, I think this is a good move regardless of the player moved into Ryder's position. Koivu and Higgins have seemed lost the last 3-4 games. It looks like they're trying to help Ryder get out of his funk yet every time he gets the puck he bobbles it or skates around with it only to turn it over. He's trying really hard to find his groove but it's at the expense of two players who could do way more with the puck. At least on a less talented line it won't be such a waste. This should help Koivu and Higgins get going since they can just "go" knowing that Latendresse will eventually catch up with them in the offensive zone. I just hope that, short of a disaster, Carbo lets the lines gel for a bit before he panics and reverts them. I thought he made a good call switching Ryder and Kostopoulos two weeks ago but as soon as Ryder scored he "rewarded" him back to the first line. He didn't give Kostopolous a chance or let Ryder find any kind of groove. If he meant to punish Ryder he didn't give it time to sink in. JAS Go Habs!