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  • Comment on Canadiens vs. Islanders preview (2014-12-22 13:08:26)
    How many have they played? 2 or 3? Halak was on St. Louis as well who "were" far better than the Habs. Habs are closing that gap now. You ask the 29 other general managers in the league who'd they'd rather on their team, Price or Halak, each one would vote twice for Price.
  • Comment on Canadiens vs. Islanders preview (2014-12-22 13:05:47)
    Hats off to Halak for sure! He deserves a lot of credit. Price is all world but Halak is making a case that he's not far off either! Should be a good game tomorrow.
  • Comment on Canadiens vs. Islanders preview (2014-12-22 12:08:26)
    Merry Christmas! Go Habs Go!
  • Comment on Habs’ Pacioretty growing into leadership role both on and off the ice (2014-12-22 11:59:16)
    Bill was a very nice guy. Too bad he isn't around any longer!
  • Comment on Habs’ Pacioretty growing into leadership role both on and off the ice (2014-12-22 09:34:15)
    That is a nasty hit. I can't see how that's not a suspension when we've seen tons of hits exactly like that warrant a suspension.
  • Comment on Habs’ Pacioretty growing into leadership role both on and off the ice (2014-12-22 08:21:25)
    Speaking of the Leafs and their fans... I know two ladies that attended Leafs games this weekend. I used to work with them and I'd say we're casual friends. We now only communicate through Facebook and that's where they constantly bad mouth me anytime I post something about the Habs, which isn't all that often. I do all my Habs talk here. So anyways, one went to the game in Toronto with her boyfriend on Saturday and sat in gold seats that were bought for them as a Christmas gift. The other drove to Chicago to watch the game there. Both were blabbing away about how amazing the Leafs were and blah, blah blah. So ya, it was bitter sweet to see $800 worth of tickets go to waste during the 7-4 slamming the Leafs suffered on Saturday. The Leafs were done after the 1st period. Then to see the other fan drive all the way to Chicago and see the Leafs lose 4-0. I should probably go on their Facebook pages and make fun of them but I won't stoop to their levels.
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-12-21 07:39:39)
    Boone is correct, we now have legitimate 1st line. We saw one for a few weeks last year when Vanek arrived but now that Desharnais has thankfully been removed from the 1st line and been replaced with Galchenyuk, we now have two stars on the top line again. If Pacioretty and Galchenyuk were together from game 1 they'd probably have more points than games played. With the rate they're going now they still might be able to get to the PPG average. I LOVE that Galchenyuk- Pacioretty combo and I'm happy Gallagher is along for the ride. Which leads me to my next point, HITS. Without losing focus by running around and getting themselves out of position, you'd really like to see that Habs dish out more hits. I don't have time to dig into the advanced stats and determine how hits relate to winning hockey games, I'm sure there tons of different variables someone could use, but from watching hockey since birth in the 70s, you don't want to be known as the softest team in the league. The 3rd line is often known for being a bit more rugged and dishing out some hits. Eller is a prototypical 3rd line player in today's game. Unfortunately he now has Desharnais on his wing, total buzz kill. Again, many times last night I saw Eller mucking and grinding in the corner, puck squirts over to Desharnais and he either can't reach it cuz his stick is 3 feet long or he gets out muscled and the puck is out of the zone. So ya, before the playoffs, I think the Habs need to make one of those trades where they bring in possibly up to two 3rd liners. A couple grinders, heart a soul guys, hitters. A classic example of a team doing that was the Rangers in 1994 when the trade Amonte for Noonan and Matteau. Both Noonan and Matteau were huge role players in the Rangers 1994 Cup run.
  • Comment on Habs send Tokarski to Hamilton for conditioning stint; Pacioretty listed as day-to-day (2014-12-20 07:47:58)
    Lol. I'm usually on here early Saturday and Sunday morning. 6:45 A.M. might be a tad early. And yes, baby had me up. :-)
  • Comment on Habs send Tokarski to Hamilton for conditioning stint; Pacioretty listed as day-to-day (2014-12-20 06:45:12)
    I'm not surprised Mike McCarron was cut from the US junior team. The brand of hockey played in the WJHC is just crazy. It's really nothing like the CHL or NHL. It's so fast paced and completely haywire that there's really no need for guys who can park themselves in front of the net and get in a goaltender's kitchen. It's basically a wild shooting gallery of ticktacktoe passing from the drop of the puck. It's guns blazing from start to finish. The WJHC is fantastic hockey but it's also a one game elimination style format once the round robin is over. If it were 7 game playoff series, NHL style style hockey, you'd probably see McCarron picked. And of all the players picked on the US team, I'd bet that McCarron would probably be chosen by an NHL team a head of many of them.
  • Comment on Habs send Tokarski to Hamilton for conditioning stint; Pacioretty listed as day-to-day (2014-12-19 17:05:22)
    Not sure who the toughest out of all of them is but I think a more appropriate question would be: which of these players will actually make the NHL one day? So they could provide the Habs with more toughness. The 4th line goon is all but dead. So I doubt we'll ever see Nevis or Imama. I think Lernout and Thrower are potential bottom paring guys one day? They'll have a tough battle to stick in the NHL. I think Lernout is a bit better than Thrower? There was considerable buzz about Crisp being a good 4th liner in the NHL or 3rd if we're lucky, I think he's having a terrible season in Hamilton? I think Dietz has a shot at one day being an NHL regular but I don't know a ton about him. Tinordi is pretty much the only guy on that list who's a safe bet to play big minutes in the NHL for an extended period of time. You don't have McCarron on your list, I'm guess cuz he's still in junior? Anyway, I'm guessing that Tinordi, McCarron and hopefully Crisp are the guys who will stick with the Habs and provide some serious toughness.