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  • Comment on Liveblog: Game 61 – Desharnais wins insane game in Shootout (2014-02-27 23:04:33)
    I agree with that, Eller and the EGG line was playing great and everything was dumped to try and save DD, so MB wouldn't look bad giving him the extension. As a result Eller has been tossed around like musical chairs which has only hurt his confidence. Frankly, there are a lot of trade options on this team but DD is first on my list. Let his better numbers get us something better that we would have earlier this year now.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Game 61 – Desharnais wins insane game in Shootout (2014-02-27 23:01:39)
    I have to say Therrien's antics are getting old. I love PK, he made a mistake and got benched, fair enough, but an offensive defenseman has the risk/reward aspect to his game. Doughty, Karlsson, Pietrangelo, they all make these type of mistakes and they do not get benched. For me the problem is the singling out of PK. Not moments after PK, DD gave it up that led to a scoring chance for the Pens, no benching for him? It was not a good mistake either, only difference was pittsburgh scored on PK's mistake. While that is not the same, they are similar. DD went on to play every shift, PK rode the pine. I really have had enough of MT's mismanagement of PK and others. As I have said all along, at this point we are winning in spite of MT and he couldn't cut it with Pittsburgh, he surely can't cut it here. I had to vent, happy the boys came back and won a shootout in a very difficult place to play and win. Go Habs Go!!!
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-02-05 09:08:54)
    A win is a win is a win in my books, so I will take the two points and look for more confidence going forward. We can only hope. On the Diaz/Weise trade I think both teams will benefit and that's a good thing. Regarding all this talk on Vanek, I have always been a irm believer in never buying a player 30 or older for any reason and more so if they are going to cost you, your youth, picks and lots of money. I think those deals are made by teams who think they need one piece to win the cup and are willing to part with some quality for a rental to get to the promised land. We are not that team. I hope that sensibilities are maintained and the plan to go forward still involves dumping some older players for picks and building our future from the draft forward. We have about 7 guys that we can trade for picks right now and with free agency looming it's best to get something back for some of these players rather than resign them. I would however put DD at the top of list for trades as he is playing well and his value is rising and i really think he is not good enough to be a first line center and I think he does not fit in with long term plans of this team getting bigger. Let's hope a few small guys get moved before the deadline. I do think Markov can get a good value in a trade right now and with all the horses on D in Hamilton ready to make the next step, we have to go forward with them for the future. Players like Tinordi, Pateryn and lately Morgan Ellis is showing real potential. Let's win the last two before the Olympics and finish on a high note. On a personal note, I am looking forward to see how a real coach like Babcock uses PK. I think he will let him go unlike MT, but we shall see.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Game 52 – Canadiens plumb new depths of suckitude in 5-0 loss, fall behind Leafs in standings (2014-01-25 21:43:56)
    Well with the Habs getting pasted again and the Laffs forcing OT we are now in the 7th position in the east. Beauty!
  • Comment on Liveblog: Game 52 – Canadiens plumb new depths of suckitude in 5-0 loss, fall behind Leafs in standings (2014-01-25 21:02:49)
    26 goals against since we beat chicago. In the last 6 games including tonight. During that same time we have scored 11 goals and only 1 win! MT has got these guys playing his so called grinding style and it's working beautifully! Guys are scared to make mistakes and the team has absolutely no identity or care, pathetic!!!
  • Comment on Liveblog: Game 52 – Canadiens plumb new depths of suckitude in 5-0 loss, fall behind Leafs in standings (2014-01-25 20:57:21)
    Painful to watch! the fact that MB has said he will be patient is a joke. In Montreal you have to win games, the fans won't have it. Where is the pride? Where is the effort? disappointing to say the least.
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-01-19 08:22:13)
    I have to ask, am I the only one who notices that every team that calls up a guy from the minors plays them in the game they are called up for except MT? Isn't that why you call them up? Am I the only one who notices that Maclean uses Karlsson the way we would could only wish MT would use PK? Am I the only one who thinks this idea that we are a grinding team according to MT is NOT what we are? Am I the only one who thinks Tinordi, Pateryn and Beaulieu should be playing in Montreal and that Emelin should be playing LD on the third pairing? In his actual position? I could go on asking more questions, but it seems with MT all I do is ask questions. So here is a coach to me who seems completely lost out there. Finally am I the only one who is still wondering what kind of team we actually are????? I mean if MT knew what kind of team we are maybe then we could play to those strengths, but I ask any of you to tell me what kind of team we are???? Halfway through the season I have no idea at all!!! It seems MT doesn't either. Is that a recipe for success? I'll take any thoughts on this haha:)
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-12-11 08:43:58)
    Even the best teams lose games now and again. It's called parity in the NHL. I can say I'm hoping that all those goals we have not given up so far was spent last night with LA hehe. So we will call this 6 a one off and get back to the business of being a solid, reliable defensive and offensive team we have been all season. After all, what we did in November was really magical and I am sure one game won't have the boys falling apart. Philly will get us back to doing what we do. Go Habs Go!
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-12-08 09:49:03)
    All i can say is this, you can look at changing this a million different ways, but the fact remains, the fear of repercussions of actions taken on the ice by players was so powerful, it kept the nonsense in check for many years. We did not lose all of our best players in the 70's and 80's to ridiculous attacks by idiots or marginal players. Today they are dropping nightly so you tell me how suspensions can or are making a difference. You tell me why what worked for years cannot work today? Athletes for the most part know what they are doing when they swing a stick or punch a guy or dole out a headshot. I can tell you the fear alone of what could happen if they did back in the day made many players think twice!
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-12-08 09:25:04)
    Let's be clear on the details of the Bruins/Penguins fiasco last night 1. Orpik hit on Erikson - clean 2. Neal knee on Marchand - intentional, dirty and worthy of suspension 3. Thornton attack on Orpik - intentional, dirty and worthy of suspension I know some of you disagree and some of you like me will agree with what I have to say. Gretzky was successful obviously because of his talent, but also his protection allowed him to play the game and do what he does best. I have been saying that the instigator rule was and is the worst thing to happen to hockey. We have lost so many talented players for so many games over the years and many of these injuries due to concussions and blatent attacks on the talented players in the league. I for one have had enough of this crap. You want to head hunt guys, you should get your head taken off. The code can't survive if little twerps with a stick or an elbow can take out your best players with a few games consequence. I am sorry the fear of having to stand up and getting your face bashed in for going after another teams talent, is a great motivator for stopping guys going after the stars. If Wayne Gretzky or Mario Lemieux played in today's league, neither of them may set the records they had set as half their careers would be off ice fighting concussion effects, that's the reality. Who really is ok with that? The first time Mario quit, he came out and said he was tired of getting smashed up every night and no protection late in his career. It's a free for all out there and anyone can do anything. what should have happened last night? For one Thornton should have laid into Orpik and the ref should have given him two minutes for roughing after the initial hit on Ericson. Then Thornton is off the ice cooling off. As far as Neil goes the minute he got back on the ice another enforcer should have put the screws to him, so what he gets a game, the message needs to be sent you don't hit a downed player in the head with your knee. If these thing existed, Orpik isn't in the hospital and justice is served to 3 time offender Neil and maybe next time they think twice before getting stupid. I love hockey, I love the Habs and all the cups we won in the 70's we won because of talent and enforcers to protect our superstars like the flower. In today's game the flower would not have had and entire career, he would have had it cut short after numerous concussions. Could you imagine that scenario? Let's get the instigator rule gone and get the cheap shots out of the game. then maybe we can actually watch the most talented players in hockey actually PLAY their hockey we want to watch!