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  • Comment on Leafs 2-Habs 1: Post-game reaction (2013-01-20 06:42:34)
    It is great to see hockey back and every team has to get the bugs out. Everyone cant win. But it seems that 90 percent of the posts are glad to see hockey back so they can get on here only to bitch and complain. I only want to read meaningful posts not BS. Like it or lump it. Glad hockey is back. Enjoy it. Cause your bitching wont change the game
  • Comment on Gorges, Cole not impressed with NHL’s latest tactic (2012-10-24 04:48:39)
    Why isnt there a proposal put on the table so the union membership could vote on it. I think if that happened then you would see hockey right away. look whos standing behind Fehr all the time, players that are high end and the trench players not.
  • Comment on Would you watch NHL replacement players? (2012-10-09 05:40:23)
    NO---- But has this drags on, one has to size up who has the biggest ego. I recently read a article about the situation on both parties wants. I looked at the players and then the owners, I cannot understand how a player cant play for a major salary in the NHL, but can go overseas and play for pennies, stay in cheap hotels compared to NHL hotels, something is going to give cause if you notice the players standing behind Fehr are major superstars that dont give a hoot. But the trench players are humming a different tune in the background. The owners pay the salaries and burden all other costs of the players, simple example; they have to a superstar an meal allowance while on the road, 90 bucks a day. how petty. The players want the whole shop. Lost all faith in players greed. cause we pay for it at the gate.
  • Comment on Gorges speaks out at NHLPA meeting (2012-08-22 16:55:59)
    Due to work committments, I have not seem much, but what I've seem and heard is that players are more unitified this time around, make no wonder, just notice whos behind Fehr its all the superstars who can miss a season and live alone from endorsments. Not a common player who depends on it for the biils to pay. And owners are like wolves, operate in packs, and would do the other in on a minute. BUT, the fans are the ones that pay for the GREED. The fans in each city should show their discust to the teams including players and owners---ENOUGH IS ENOUGH
  • Comment on About last night … (2012-03-24 11:10:53)
    I would like to see Randy Cunneyworth kept on for next season and be asked what players to stay and what ones to go. I know you would see a tough team like the Bruins, but with more talent. In my books with the sisuation he was put in, the hockey has been decent, but if he had full attention of players, things would be better.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Canadiens drop fifth in a row (2012-02-29 05:30:43)
    Team badly mismanaged, Time for upper management changes. What if the season ticket holders protested by not attending a game and instead showed there frustration by staying outside, or even done it for the first period to show owners. DO SOMETHING. Molson has to influenced, its the fans that keep hockey afloat.
  • Comment on About 2012 … with audio (2012-01-01 08:23:13)
    Its hard to figure out hockey. But,I overheard a conversation on hockey the other day, and when I come to size up what they were talking about,they were 110 percent right. Every player in the NHL should be on a TWO WAY CONTRACT. Therefore if a player is playing his all he has nothing to worry about, if a player is under preforming then the club has the right to make adjustments.The NHL operates on selling the game to the fans,and the end product is production to preform. But, clubs have their hands tied to one way contracts in some cases, not able to move, stuck with what they have.The NHL has to change.
  • Comment on Molson moves to clarify coaching move, quell language firestorm (2011-12-19 15:54:07)
    Is this team based on culture only or Hockey. Make no wonder the coaching always SUCKS.
  • Comment on About last night … (2011-12-16 05:01:43)
  • Comment on About last night … (2011-12-14 04:57:50)
    Same old, same old. another nail biter. Excellent group of players,the talent is there. But,the right leadership, meaning the coaching, is not there. It should be,late in the game the coach should instill the aggressive play to the other teams end, but he plays defensive to a dangerous game. This is not good coaching, and I wish for xmas is a coaching change. Merry Christmas to all the players and a lump of coal to Mr. Martiiin.