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  • Comment on Liveblog: Game 23 – Canadiens notch big road win, 3-2 in Washington (2013-11-23 03:58:26)
    Thanks = Dakujem Thank you = Dakujem ti Thanks a lot = Dakujem velmi pekne by the way, budaj is so far not in spot for sochi, he missed the trainings camp during summer in high tatra, they focus on halak, the back up should be stana or laco (khl), the third one will be i guess janus (tampa history, now slovan bratislava in khl) so price will get his nomination for sure, budaj might get if they postpone the dead line to january and he keeps his winning ghost
  • Comment on No surprise (2011-09-07 10:53:55)
    r.i.p. demitra, rachunek, marek, vasicek and others bad hockey summer this year, still almost one month to due, enough is enough
  • Comment on About last night … (2011-04-27 09:19:50)
    two ppg for habs tonight, one goal during 5:5 play for boston .., i see your point and we better hope lucic will play and produce some penalty ... best wishes for spacek and happy birthday to your daughter anyway, go habs go